TRC USA Pop-up Events at DC Fountain Pen Super Show and SF Pen Show 2022

TRAVELER’S COMPANY fans in DC, Washington, and San Francisco rejoice! We can’t wait to see you in person this year at two special TRC USA Pop-up events. In the United States, pen shows are special events where analog and pen lovers gather to enjoy good writing instruments, paper products, and quality stationery tools. Not only do attendees get to purchase new tools for their everyday use, but they can also meet people, share stories about their analog use and travels, and form long-lasting friendships. We hope that these Pop-up events will be an opportunity for you to meet like-minded TRAVELER’S notebook friends.

Last year, we joined the San Francisco Pen Show for the first time to meet TRAVELER’S notebook users from the area. This year, we will be expanding our footsteps to attend the DC Fountain Pen Super Show (August 4th – 7th, 2022) as well as the San Francisco Pen Show (August 26th – 28th, 2022).

We will be bringing a selection of TRAVELER’S COMPANY items including our BRASS PRODUCTS, 2022 Limited Sets, and popular TRAVELER’S notebook items to show and sell at the venue. We also expect to have fun experiences such as the stamp caravan and special workshops for users to participate in. Please come by to collect special stamps and show us your TRAVELER’S notebooks. We hope to see you there!

For more information about the pen shows and admission ticket, please visit here:

DC Fountain Pen Super Show 2022
August 4th – 7th , 2022
Fairview Park Marriott
3111 Fairview Park Drive
Falls Church, VA 22042

San Francisco Pen Show 2022
August 26th – 28th, 2022
Grand Bay San Francisco Hotel
223 Twin Dolphin Dr.
Redwood City, CA94065


BRASS BALLPOINT PEN Customization Event at TRC USA Pop-up

Unique BRASS BALLPOINT PENS that are customized by TRAVELER’S FACTORY KYOTO will be available exclusively for pen show participants!

If you travel to TRAVELER’S FACTORY KYOTO, you’ll find this customization service and five original colors for our beloved BRASS BALLPOINT PEN. Typically, customization service is available only at TRAVELER’S FACTORY KYOTO. However, we will be bringing this opportunity for pen show participants this year!

You can choose from original colors developed especially for TRAVELER’S FACTORY KYOTO and engrave them with an icon, your name, or any favorite phrases. This can be a great gift for yourself, loved ones, or anyone who is starting a new journey. Please enjoy this special opportunity to create something that is one-of-a-kind for you from TRAVELER’S FACTORY!

The body is available in four colors. (1) Sumi Black, a deep matte-like ink that is the color of blackened charcoal. (2) Ruri-iro blue, a deep blue that is both the color of the ocean and the color of a mineral that has been treasured since ancient times. (3) Green Tea, an olive color like the tea from a Kyoto tea shop. (4) Sakura, a pale pink like the petals of cherry blossoms in Somei Yoshino cherry trees. All are original colors painted for personalized order-made BRASS pens. You can engrave up to 15 characters and a special icon for each pen, limited to 5 pens per person.

Customized BRASS BALLPOINT PEN will be available to pre-order at the two pen shows (with exclusive colors for each show) and shipped to you later this year. Due to limited quantities available for attendees throughout the entire show, we will be reserving a maximum amount for each day; please refer to the specific sell times on each day of the pen show.

BRASS BALLPOINT PEN Customization Pre-order – $43 (plus $6 for shipping)

DC Fountain Pen Super Show schedule

8/5 – Customization pre-order starts at 11:00 AM

8/6, 8/7 – Customization pre-order starts at 10:00 AM

Available colors: Blue, Black

*Since each item is individually engraved at TRAVELER’S FACTORY Kyoto, it usually takes 3-4 months from order to delivery. The expected delivery date is November 2022.


San Francisco Pen Show Schedule

8/26 – Customization pre-order starts at 11:00 AM

8/27 – Customization pre-order starts at 10:00 AM

8/28– Customization pre-order starts at 9:00 AM

Available colors: Green Tea, Sakura

*Since each item is individually engraved at TRAVELER’S FACTORY Kyoto, it usually takes 3-4 months from order to delivery. The expected delivery date is December 2022.


TRAVEL & SKETCH in TRAVELER’S notebook with Janet Takahashi

This summer we introduced the TRAVEL & SKETCH event throughout June and July, and we enjoyed sketching and creating art alongside our TRAVELER’S notebook in fun adventures. For the San Francisco Pen Show, we will be hosting a special workshop led by artist Janet Takahashi to take you through an artistic trip of downtown San Francisco in your TRAVELER’S notebook.

We met Janet Takahashi last year during the SF Pen Show and were blown away by her artistry and creative use of her TRAVELER’S notebook. Janet easily combines planning functionality and lively drawings on her pages. Today, she leads interactive classes, art retreats at Yosemite National Park, and online workshops on how to create effortlessly with watercolor and a sketchbook.

In this two-and-a-half-hour workshop, add colors to your next trip by learning how to document them in your TRAVELER’S notebook. Aside from taking photos with your phone, capture highlights through doodles, sketches, and words on paper. Each time you open your TRAVELER’S notebook and see those memories, it’s as if you’re traveling all over again.

TRAVEL & SKETCH in TRAVELER’S notebook with Janet Takahashi – $65

Time: 8/28th, Sunday 11:30 AM – 2:00 PM PT
Location: San Francisco Pen Show 2022 (more information here). Open to all levels and comes with a complimentary tool set. The workshop require additional admission ticket purchase separately at San Francisco Pen Show website.


Are you still curious about what a TRC USA Pop-up event looks like at a pen show? Read the recap by TRAVELER’S COMPANY USA staff about last year’s event here:

TRAVELER’S notebook at San Francisco Pen Show 2021


Have a nice trip!

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