TRC USA x Black Dog Coffee Roasters

Experience the comforting ritual of making a cup of coffee. As the aroma fills the room as you brew your beans, put away your devices, and play some soft music. Turn the pages of your novel or notebook and embark on a COFFEE TABLE TRIP.

COFFEE TABLE TRIP is an annual event by TRAVELER’S COMPANY that encourages you to indulge in the bittersweet taste of coffee or a warm drink while reconnecting with your analog tools. This is the opportunity to travel with your imagination all from the comfort of your coffee table and a cozy cup of joe.

TRC USA x Black Dog Coffee Roasters

In the spirit of COFFEE TABLE TRIP, TRAVELER’S COMPANY USA is collaborating with Black Dog Coffee Roasters, a coffee shop and coffee bean roastery based in Long Beach and Signal Hill, California. TRAVELER’S COMPANY USA’s history with Black Dog Coffee Roasters began when TRC USA moved its office from Long Beach to Signal Hill, California in June 2023. In search of caffeine from day one, we crossed the street to find Black Dog Coffee Roasters’ charming coffee cart. For the following months, we found strangers poking their heads into our warehouse operation, searching for coffee. We then found out that TRC USA’s new headquarters was the previous location of Black Dog Coffee Roaster’s first roastery.

The staff from both TRC USA and Black Dog Coffee Roasters have become good friends since, and the TRC USA staff are regular customers at Black Dog Coffee. After learning more about their stories and passion for coffee, it is inevitable that a partnership brews.

In this collaboration, TRC USA and Black Dog Coffee Roasters present three single-origin coffee beans from El Salvador, Mexico, and Tanzania. Each of these arabica single-origin coffee beans has its unique tasting notes that cater to different palates.

Each 12 oz bag of whole bean coffee is freshly roasted and packaged at the Signal Hill Roastery and will be available to purchase on from January 29th, 2024 alongside other exciting items we present for COFFEE TABLE TRIP. Let’s delve into the story behind these three single-origin coffee beans!

*Due to shipping limitations, we can only ship coffee beans within the US. 


Single Origin Beans by Black Dog Coffee Roasters

Black Dog Coffee Roasters takes pride in being a community-oriented coffee roaster. Francisco Portillo Toledo, the owner of Black Dog Coffee Roasters, started the business in 2018 and has since expanded it from roasting beans from his family’s farm in El Salvador to owning a large-scale coffee roaster with two locations. Francisco’s passion lies in enriching various communities, whether it’s educating the local coffee enthusiasts in Long Beach and Signal Hill about the origins of his coffee or supporting small coffee farmers in his hometown of El Salvador. His dedication and love for coffee comes from his advocacy for helping coffee farmers earn a sustainable living. Thanks to Francisco’s passion, many locals in Long Beach and Signal Hill can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee that holds deeper meaning.

In this collaboration, TRC USA and Black Dog Coffee Roasters present three single-origin coffee beans from El Salvador, Mexico, and Tanzania. Unlike typical blends, single-origin coffee allows roasters to highlight a distinct area or region where the coffee is grown, sometimes tracing to a single farm or producer. Coffee made with single-origin beans often has a unique and complex flavor profile – discovering their nuances is the appeal to coffee enthusiasts.


El Salvador

The single-origin coffee beans from El Salvador are sourced from Finca El Porvenir, a series of small Salvadoran coffee farms with family ties to Francisco himself. The farms at Finca El Porvenir emphasize social and environmental awareness throughout their all-natural coffee production process.

Finca El Porvenir is located at an elevation of 3051 feet above sea level in the Department of Santa Ana, which belongs to the Apaneca – Ilamatepec UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in El Salvador. The coffee farms of Finca El Porvenir serve as a small ecosystem providing oxygen, water, and habitat for wild flora and fauna.

At Finca El Porvenir, the coffee farms utilize an all-natural drying process for their bourbon and caruturra varieties of arabica coffee beans. This method not only conserves water but also involves a slow drying process using sunlight. The coffee cherries are dried until they reach the ideal point for roasting. Before roasting, the green beans undergo a meticulous sorting process to ensure that only premium beans are selected.

The medium roasting profile of the El Salvadorian coffee beans is suitable for most coffee connoisseurs. The tasting notes of pineapple, chocolate, and honey are familiar to coffee drinkers, but the pineapple adds a tropical and refreshing flavor to the familiar flavors of chocolate and honey.

The packaging for the single-origin El Salvador coffee beans features a striking blue motif that draws on El Salvador’s “Traje Tipico,” which is traditionally worn in blue and white.



The single-origin coffee beans from Mexico are sourced from Grupo Terruño Nayarita (GTNAY), an independent democratic coffee-producing cooperative that delivers high-quality, socially, and environmentally responsible coffee from Mexico.

GTNAY, a Mexican coffee collective, ensures that each farm develops its business infrastructure and leadership while maintaining equal participation in the GTNAY structure. This allows the farmers to work together to remain autonomous on their farms while promoting best practices to ensure the production of high-quality beans with delicious and unique notes.

The Mexican beans originate from Nayarit, Mexico, and undergo a natural drying process similar to our El Salvadorian coffee beans. The coffee farm at Nayarit produces arabica coffee beans in bourbon, caruturra, catuaí, and criollo varieties. The green beans from the Nayarit farm undergo a strict sorting process to ensure that only the best beans are selected for roasting.

The Mexican coffee beans, roasted to a medium profile, offer a cup of coffee that delights the palate with tasting notes of honey, citrus, and chocolate. This unique blend of flavors provides a comforting yet refreshing experience.

The packaging of the single-origin Mexican coffee beans showcases a vibrant pink color, inspired by the iconic shade known as “Rosa Mexicano” or Mexican Rose. This color has been historically used in Mexican textiles and continues to be present in various garments and linens, symbolizing Mexican creativity and culture.



The single-origin Peaberry coffee beans from Tanzania are sourced from a group of small farmholders in Kibwigwa Kigoma, Northern Tanzania. These farms cultivate arabica coffee beans of the bourbon and kent varieties and employ a wash processing method. This method involves removing the fruit portion of the coffee cherries and washing them within days of being plucked from the coffee tree. The coffee beans are then sun-dried, with only the best beans selected for this process.

What sets these Tanzanian coffee beans apart is that they are Peaberry coffee beans. Peaberry beans occur when only one seed (bean) develops inside the coffee cherry, rather than the usual two seeds. This natural occurrence happens in around 5% of coffee cherries, resulting in smaller, rounder beans with a unique shape. Peaberry coffee beans are known for their more concentrated flavor, bright acidity, and sometimes sweeter taste. The Tanzanian Peaberry coffee beans, in particular, have been medium-roasted to highlight their tangerine citrus notes. The freshness of the citrus flavor profile is complemented by creamy vanilla and brown sugar notes, resulting in a complex and flavorful cup of coffee.

The packaging of the single-origin Tanzanian coffee beans features a bright green color, inspired by one of the four colors of the Tanzanian flag. The green in the flag symbolizes the natural vegetation and rich agricultural resources of Tanzania.


TRC USA x Black Dog Coffee Roasters Single Origin Coffee Beans

USA Release *Due to shipping limitations, we can only ship coffee beans within the US. 

COFFEE TABLE TRIP Pop-Up at Black Dog Coffee Roasters – 26th – 27th January, 2024

TRAVELER’S COMPANY USA – 29th January, 2024  9:00 AM PT


COFFEE TABLE TRIP Pop-Up Event at Black Dog Coffee Roasters

To commemorate the collaboration between TRC USA and Black Dog Coffee Roasters, we will be holding a COFFEE TABLE TRIP Pop-Up Event at Black Dog Coffee Roasters Downtown Long Beach on 1/26 – 1/27.


Black Dog Coffee Roasters

1101 E 3rd St, Long Beach, CA 90802, United States

Friday, January 26th, 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Saturday, January 27th, 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

At the COFFEE TABLE TRIP Pop-Up Event, we will be debuting our new TRC USA traveling kiosk which will contain exclusive COFFEE TABLE TRIP products and our new collaborative line of single-origin coffee beans with Black Dog Coffee Roasters. There will be an opportunity to stamp your TRAVELER’S notebook with our TRC USA stamps, as well as Black Dog Coffee Roasters’ signature stamp.

If you are making your way to Long Beach for the event, be sure to check out TRC USA and Black Dog Coffee Roaster’s Map of Recommended Sites to make the most of your visit!

Recommended Sights and Stops in Long Beach

  • Twelves Record Shop
  • Roscoe’s House of Chicken N’ Waffles
  • Sura Korean BBQ & Tofu House
  • Seabirds Kitchen
  • Museum of Latin American Art
  • Relics Film Shop
  • La Taqueria Brand
  • Casita Bookstore

There will be an unofficial TRAVELER’S notebook user gathering at La Taqueria Brand’s (at Steel Craft) outdoor dining area (3768 Long Beach Blvd, Long Beach, CA 90807, United States) on Saturday, January 27th at 3 PM. Users are encouraged to socialize with other TRAVELER’S notebook users while enjoying some delicious street-style tacos.

Have a nice trip!

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