TRAVELER’S notebook at San Francisco Pen Show 2021

There’s nothing better than coming together with TRAVELER’S notebook enthusiasts in person and sharing the stories between each other’s notebook pages. Since 2020, a lot of us have been in isolation in our community, and it is a breath of fresh air to be able to gather like this at an event and talk about the things we enjoy. Not only did we meet new friends, but we also reunited with old acquaintances with our TRAVELER’S notebook.

From August 27th to August 29th, TRAVELER’S COMPANY USA is honored to attend such a gathering: San Francisco Pen Show 2021, an event where analog enthusiasts and fountain pen lovers get together in a joyous event for three days. Although you may have shopped from the online website sometimes, this is the first time our staff behind the team get to meet customers and fans alike, in person.

After paying for the ticket at the front door, you will enter an airy foyer space. In the bright space of the venue, we were very excited to showcase the entire lineup of TRAVELER’S notebook collection and see the joy light up in our fans’ eyes as they pick up and experience each item!

It is a pen show, after all, so we brought our BRASS FOUNTAIN PEN, BRASS BALLPOINT PEN, BRASS ROLLERBALL PEN, and BRASS PENCIL collection. In a previous blog post, we introduced the special TF Limited BRASS CARTRIDGE CASE in Medium and Small size, and we’re glad that it is well received by ink lovers at the show.

In celebration of TRAVELER’S COMPANY 15th Anniversary, we have launched the special B-Sides & Rarities collection. It was great to show people how thin the Super Lightweight Paper is, as well as the durability of the Washable Paper Refill. A lot of people that came to the show made new friends during the event, and they used our Letter Pad to write heart-warming notes to each other.

Did you stop by our booth to collect some stamps? TRAVELER’S FACTORY custom stamps are a special way to commemorate the experience by making a mark in your TRAVELER’S notebook. Although the space is a little limited, we’re happy to see a lot of people stop by to add a few stamps to their TRAVELER’S notebook refills.

Some people even stamped a few extra prints on spare pages to share with their friends. At the end of the first day, a customer rushed to our booth as we were cleaning up. He drove three hours to the venue just to make it to our table to collect the stamps as a gift to his friend who just started using TRAVELER’S notebook. We stayed a bit longer so he can stamp all he wants!

New customers may not know what TRAVELER’S notebook is, and we’re happy to show them how we use our TRAVELER’S notebooks. Our staff displayed their own personal TRAVELER’S notebook on the shelf for fans to hold and flip through. You can see which color is our favorite!

Our staff uses his TRAVELER’S notebook Passport Size as a pocket wallet. The leather is already soft and supple from his daily use. We love seeing everyone’s worn and well-used TRAVELER’S notebooks that took on the mark of time and adventure.

We’re happy to see that fans of all ages and countries visit our TRAVELER’S COMPANY booth. A little girl, only 8 years old, proudly showed us her beautiful collages in her TRAVELER’S notebook Passport Size in brown. She writes about her day and uses fun stickers to decorate the page.

A fan came to the show with his entire collection of TRAVELER’S notebooks, from limited-edition collaboration pieces to TFA Location-specific covers, he’s got them all! Usually, at meetups with TRAVELER’S notebook fans, we make a TRAVELER’S notebook tower by stacking them on top of each other. His collection already makes for an impressive stack!

We also met TRAVELER’S notebook fans that utilize their refills in amazing ways. Janet is a watercolor artist and documents her trips and journey through illustration and writing. She showed us how she draws her own planner template on a blank refill and utilizes it to plan her busy schedule!

Throughout the three-day event, we felt so much love from our fans. We’re happy to see people enjoy using TRAVELER’S notebook refills, pick out new charms to personalize the covers, and try out our BRASS pen collection for other writing purposes. As the world recovers slowly from the current events, we hope to see you at another TRAVELER’S COMPANY Pop-Up soon!


Have a nice trip!

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