The Natural Beauty of TF YOSEGI & MIZUHIKI Charms

Person holding up a TRAVELER'S notebook with YOSEGI charm against a garden.

In the spirit of creating memorable travel experiences, we would like to introduce two unique charms for a limited time – YOSEGI and MIZUHIKI. These charms are steeped in traditional Japanese craftsmanship and aesthetics and are sure to become an important part of the story of your TRAVELER’S notebook. Explore the natural beauty of these special TRAVELER’S FACTORY charms.

TRAVELER'S notebooks Regular and Passport Size with YOSEGI Charm.


YOSEGI – Celebrating the Art of Japanese Marquetry

The YOSEGI charm is an embodiment of traditional Japanese marquetry, or Yosegi, a craft that flourished during the Edo period in the town of Hakone, Japan. Each wooden charm is expertly handcrafted by Mr. Yuta Shimizu, the artisan behind the studio Luthier.

YOSEGI CHARM in original and Dark Brown color.

YOSEGI Charms on TRAVELER'S notebook passport size.

The craft of Yosegi is a meticulous process of creating intricate patterns using fine wooden rods of varying wood types. The resulting checkerboard mosaic of walnut, birch, and other wood types is then cut into thin layers to create the charms. TRAVELER’S FACTORY special item YOSEGI charm is cut into a charming round circle, a welcoming balance to the leather cover.

YOSEGI Charm on TRAVELER'S notebook Passport Size in brown.

We also want to introduce the special house shaped Yosegi Charm from Luthier Studio. The warmth of the wooden charms conveys a sense of home and comfort.

YOSEGI Luthier charms in original and Dark Brown.

The final step is drilling the holes in the charm for the elastic of the TRAVELER’S notebook to pass through. Although it may seem like a simple task, drilling a hole through the delicate checkerboard pattern is difficult as the wood may crack if the hole is not drilled through the center of the charm. Mr. Shimizu puts a lot of care and effort into this final step, and his years of experience and wisdom yield beautiful works of Japanese marquetry.

The TRAVELER’S FACTORY YOSEGI charms come in two color variations: original and dark brown.

YOSEGI Luthier charms in original and Dark Brown.

TRAVELER'S notebook with YOSEGI Charms against green leaves.

TF YOSEGI Charm – $19.20

TF YOSEGI Charm Dark Brown – $19.20

Luthier YOSEGI Charm House – $22

Luthier YOSEGI Charm House Dark Brown – $22


MIZUHIKI – A Testament to Traditional Paper Cord Design

Hailing from Ehime Prefecture in Shikoku, the MIZUHIKI charm captures the essence of the age-old Japanese art of creating intricate designs using paper cords. The TRAVELER’S FACTORY MIZUHIKI charm features the symbolic “ume” or plum knot, which is a significant symbol in Japanese culture. The plum tree, often associated with positive omens, is commonly used as gift wrapping for wedding presents and other special occasions. The “ume” knot carries three profound meanings: it signifies a strong bond, offers protection against evil, and brings good fortune.

MIZUHIKI Charms in red and navy colors.

The TRAVELER’S FACTORY Original MIZUHIKI Charm comes in two colors, red and navy. The charms can be used as a decorative element on your TRAVELER’S notebook elastic or used as an accessory charm for your everyday tools like your keys, pouches, and bags.

MIZUHIKI Charms on TRAVELER'S notebook Regular Size.

MIZUHIKI Charms on TRAVELER'S notebook Passport Size.

The MIZUHIKI charm stands as a symbol of unity, bringing people together and forging meaningful connections.


TF MIZUHIKI Charm Red – $9.80

TF MIZUHIKI Charm Navy – $9.80


*TF YOSEGI and MIZUHIKI charms are only available on for a limited time from April 15th until June 30th, while supplies last. 


Capturing the Beauty of Nature and Tradition with YOSEGI and MIZUHIKI

The concept of interconnectedness forms the heart and soul of the TRAVELER’S FACTORY YOSEGI and MIZUHIKI charms. Yosegi, an age-old marquetry art form, harmoniously marries different types of wood to create intricate patterns, echoing the interconnectedness of human skill, craftsmanship, and the beauty of nature.

TRAVELER'S notebook Regular Size and Passport Size leaning against the rail.

TRAVELER'S notebook Passport Size with YOSEGI Luthier House against a tree branch.

In parallel, Mizuhiki elevates the humble paper cord to a symbol of unity through literal knots, representing enduring bonds and the promise of forging new connections, much like the knots that bind us in the fabric of life.

TRAVELER'S notebook Olive in Regular Size positioned against a railing.

Person holding up a TRAVELER'S notebook in Regular and Passport Size.

To truly immerse ourselves in this concept,  we ventured to the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden in Vancouver’s Chinatown. This garden oasis, nestled within the heart of a bustling city, embodied the harmonious marriage of the serenity of nature and the dynamic energy of the city.

Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden in Vancouver’s Chinatown.

Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden and view of the pool.

One of the interesting parallels we saw in the garden was the use of decorative woodwork. Many of the structures in the garden employ an ancient woodworking technique known as “Mortise and Tenon.” This method intertwines posts and beams to create a cohesive structure, similar to a puzzle coming together to form a beautiful picture. This resonates deeply with the TF YOSEGI charms, which also rely on the harmonious assembly of different wood types to create a unique art piece. Just like the YOSEGI Charm, there is beauty and artistry lying in every detail.

TRAVELER'S notebook Passport Size leaning against the railing.

Person holding up a TRAVELER'S notebook passport size with YOSEGI Luthier House charm.

The garden’s design also reflected the essence of our MIZUHIKI charms. The mosaic stone floors, with their intricate patterns, beautifully mirrored the “ume” knots, a significant symbol in the TF MIZUHIKI charms. This seamless blend of nature and craftsmanship can be observed all around the garden.

TRAVELER'S notebook Passport Size with red MIZUHIKI Charm on the ground.

TRAVELER'S notebook Passport Size with Luthier House Charm on the ground.

We encourage you to take your TRAVELER’S notebook out to nature or a unique part of your neighborhood. With the TRAVELER’S FACTORY charms as an accent piece, you can enjoy spending time with new scenery and experiences. Take a moment to observe the environment around you, and you might find small intricate details designed by nature on your trip!

TRAVELER'S notebook with Luthier House Charm against the moss.

TRAVELER'S notebook Passport Size with MIZUHIKI Charm positioned with magnolia flowers.

Have a nice trip!

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