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TRAVELER’S COMPANY Partner Shops are stores around the world that embody and share the spirit of TRAVELER’S notebook with fans and users. Not only can you browse the whole TRAVELER’S COMPANY product line up, but you can also share your enthusiasm with the store owners who are also TRAVELER’S notebook users. In this series, we will take you on a virtual trip to visit Partner Shops around the US. Learn about their charm, the experience, and the neighborhood that brings the TRAVELER’S notebook experience together.


Yoseka Stationery – Brooklyn, New York

Today, you’ll find Yoseka Stationery as you walk through the industrial-looking but relaxing neighborhood of Greenpoint in Brooklyn, New York. It’s an inviting store where you can find high-quality, reliable, and fun stationery goods from around the world.

As the name might hint, Yoseka has its roots in Taiwan. Yoseka Stationery was started in 2017 by owners Daisy and Neil, who both grew up heavily influenced by the abundance of stationery goods from their home country. Neil’s father owns the original Yoseka Stationery in Taoyuan, Taiwan, and he wanted to bring the innovative energy of Asian stationery to the US. Daisy, on the other hand, who grew up in Queens, loves stationery and had always enjoyed the humble but diverse vibe that New York City offers. This results in a tiny stationery shop in Sunnyside, Queens originally, but now grew into its newer and bigger space in Greenpoint.

Yoseka Stationery is built on the idea that people should be able to try out the varied selection of stationery available, so the experience is very open and friendly. There are stations where you can try out different kinds of pens, see ink swatches, and flip through planners and journals.

It’d be hard to miss the full selection of TRAVELER’S notebook products artfully arranged apothecary’s chest. They also continuously find and import interesting stationery from different countries, so you’ll always find something new on your next visit. This is just like the vibe of New York where you can explore different areas of the city and find something new and interesting with each store.


“New York City is amazing, filled with energy and the most eclectic and diverse group of people anyone has ever met since there are so many things to do here– you can walk everywhere, which is one of my favorite parts of the city and I think it’s a big part of why New York is so special. Walking places is just by definition more interactive, you can stop into any small shop, deli, park, gallery, or whatever you see along your journey and find something truly unique–that’s why there are so many one-of-a-kind small shops here, and growing up, I never imagined I’d have one of those shops, but I’m grateful we do get to be part of the landscape of New York City that makes it unique. “


We asked Yoseka Stationery to put together a neighborhood introduction using the B-Sides and Rarities Accordion Refill. After all, the locals know best what not to miss when you are visiting this part of town. The team at Yoseka illustrated and narrated what it’s like to visit their store and neighboring cafes and stores!


“Greenpoint is a really cute and chill neighborhood in Brooklyn. It is filled with little shops and right on our block, you’ll find many other local businesses–a ceramics studio, perfumery, apothecary and plant shop, so we can always recommend a cafe, restaurant or other small shops if you are visiting from another area and want to get to know Greenpoint.”


One of the first things that Yoseka Stationery carried when they opened a brick-and-mortar shop in 2018 was the collection of TRAVELER’S COMPANY products. The team at Yoseka are also enthusiastic TRAVELER’S notebook users. Daisy enjoys using 013 Lightweight Paper Notebook in her Blue TRAVELER’S notebook for notetaking and using a variety of fountain pen inks! If you are visiting for the first time and want to pick up a TRAVELER’S notebook, Daisy or Neil won’t hesitate to recommend how to set up and put together your brand-new TRAVELER’S notebook! If you are a local, this is also a great hub to meet friends and other TRAVELER’S notebook users.

“Our favorite memory with TRAVELER’S COMPANY has to be from when we hosted the TN meetup! It was one of our favorite nights at Yoseka and not only did Neil and I meet forever friends of Yoseka on that night, but we know that some TN users met that night at the event to become very close friends as well. And that has been one of the most rewarding experiences for us as shop owners–when people meet each other through our shop and build a relationship through a love of stationery and beyond that.”


Yoseka Stationery also offers tutorials and interesting stories about various stationery items through their Instagram and Youtube channel. You’ll also find a video on how they set up their TRAVELER’S notebook! Next time you’re in New York City, hop on over to Brooklyn to discover the charms of Yoseka Stationery.


Yoseka Stationery

63 West St

Brooklyn, NY 11222


Have a nice trip!

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