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TRAVELER’S COMPANY Partner Shops are stores around the world that embody and share the spirit of TRAVELER’S notebook with fans and users. Not only can you browse the whole TRAVELER’S COMPANY product lineup, but you can also share your enthusiasm with the store owners who are also TRAVELER’S notebook users. In this series, we will take you on a virtual trip to visit Partner Shops around the US. Learn about their charm, the experience, and the neighborhood that brings the TRAVELER’S notebook experience together.


Penny Post – Alexandria, Virginia

Just south of the nation’s capital lies the charming city of Alexandria, Virginia. Alexandria is a city steeped in rich history, and it is famously known as George Washington’s hometown. Amidst the brick-clad buildings and sidewalks of Alexandria lies Penny Post, a paper goods store tucked into King Street.

Walking down the streets of Alexandria’s Old Town feels like stepping into a time machine. The brick sidewalks and historic townhouses are hundreds of years old and exude an old-world charm and nostalgia. However, don’t let Penny Post’s idyllic and historic backdrop fool you, Penny Post proudly carries contemporary paper goods and stationery that are innovative and well-designed. This juxtaposition of both the old and new world is what makes Penny Post unique.

“Alexandria, VA is a darling city with proximity to Washington, DC and the Pentagon. Most of the people who live here aren’t originally from the area.  That means we have a global community in a small town.  It’s a wonderful mix. They are worldly, sophisticated, well-educated, and thoughtful.”

Penny Post began as a creative experiment from their sister store, Red Barn Mercantile. What began with a modest introduction of some cards and notepads quickly evolved into a passion for paper shared by both the store and its loyal patrons. Like its namesake, Penny Post believes in the power of handwritten letters that connect the community in the digital age.

Penny Post offers a wide range of stationery, greeting cards, and gifts for the community. They manage to combine the charm and pulse of Alexandria with local brands and contemporary Asian stationery.

Many members of the Penny Post staff are not only avid users of TRAVELER’S notebook but also love sharing their love for the notebooks with customers. The store also rallies its local community of TRAVELER’S notebook users to discover new accessories and stationery to enrich their notebook pages.

“Many of our staff are themselves TRAVELER’S notebook users and our connections to the TRAVELER’S notebook brand vary. A couple of our staff members have visited Japan and for them, TRAVELER’S notebook hold fond memories of their travels. The entire Penny Post team is passionate about TRAVELER’S COMPANY thanks to our love of high-quality paper products and journaling daily ventures in our everyday lives.”

Penny Post was one of the USA Stamp Caravan stops in 2023, and one of the stand-out moments for the Penny Post team was meeting a customer and TRAVELER’S notebook user who drove to Alexandria from Virginia Beach, VA to participate in the stamp caravan. The Penny Post team was amazed to see this user’s illustrations in their TRAVELER’S notebook, and they particularly enjoyed seeing this user stamping in their 10th Anniversary mini TRAVELER’S notebook.

Amongst the Penny Post team, the most popular TRAVELER’S COMPANY item is the TRAVELER’S notebook 031 Sticker Release Paper. For stationery lovers, this insert allows you to carry your favorite stickers from different sticker sets and sheets in one convenient insert. As for utility and versatility, the Penny Post team recommends the TRAVELER’S notebook 008 Zipper Case. The clear pockets allow TRAVELER’S notebook users to store their essential tools and items in one convenient case.

Old Town Alexandria has a lot to offer for visitors. After stopping by Penny Post, you can take a stroll to the waterfront and get some ice cream. The riverside promenade is also a relaxing experience for a nice afternoon. Enjoy your time in this neighborhood with TRAVELER’S notebook, and don’t forget to collect the special Partner Shop stamp from Penny Post to commemorate this trip.

Penny Post

1201 King St

Alexandria, VA 22314


Have a nice trip!

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