The room fills with the aroma of coffee as you slowly grind coffee beans in a mill to prepare for a pour-over. The soothing ritual of making a cup of coffee calms you whether you are preparing for the day to start or winding down in the early afternoon. Put down your digital devices and play your favorite music at a low volume. Slowly turn the pages of your book or notebook and take an imaginary trip. This is a COFFEE TABLE TRIP

To celebrate COFFEE TABLE TRIP with your TRAVELER’S notebook, we selected a variety of coffee-related goods to share. We would like to recommend a selection of TRAVELER’S FACTORY Original items such as leather coasters for your mag, coffee bean bag for your accessories, and mill belts for your favorite handheld grinder.

This year, we also collaborated with our local neighbor, Black Dog Coffee Roasters to present to you three different types of single-origin coffee beans you can add to your morning. To complete the ritual of making an enjoyable cup of coffee, we would like to recommend mugs from WRF Lab and colorful ceramic drippers from ORIGAMI. Finally, to end this special occasion on an exciting note, we would also like to introduce the special TRAVELER’S FACTORY Original Stainless-Steel bottles if you’d like to bring your favorite drink on the go.

COFFEE TABLE TRIP will begin on on January 29th, 2024 at 9:00 AM PT. Visitors to the Black Dog Coffee Roasters Pop-Up event on 1/26 – 27 will be able to purchase these new items in person.

We also prepared a COFFEE TABLE TRIP music playlist to help you set the tone for the experience. Have a nice COFFEE TABLE TRIP!





TRC USA x Black Dog Coffee Roasters

TRC USA and Black Dog Coffee Roasters present three single-origin coffee beans from El Salvador, Mexico, and Tanzania. Each of these arabica single-origin coffee beans has its unique tasting notes that cater to different palates. Each 12 oz bag of whole bean coffee is freshly roasted and packaged at the Signal Hill Roastery and will be available to purchase on TRAVELER’S COMPANY USA online shop from January 29th, 2024. They will be restocked each week as we prepare freshly roasted batches for you.

Learn more about the collaboration and the stories of the beans here.

TRC USA x Black Dog Coffee Roasters single-origin El Salvador 12 oz – $19.50

The medium roasting profile of the El Salvadorian coffee beans is suitable for most coffee connoisseurs. The tasting notes of pineapple, chocolate, and honey are familiar to coffee drinkers, but the pineapple adds a tropical and refreshing flavor to the familiar flavors of chocolate and honey.

TRC USA x Black Dog Coffee Roasters single-origin Mexico 12 oz – $19.50

The Mexican coffee beans, roasted to a medium profile, offer a cup of coffee that delights the palate with tasting notes of honey, citrus, and chocolate. This unique blend of flavors provides a comforting yet refreshing experience.

TRC USA x Black Dog Coffee Roasters single-origin Tanzania 12 oz – $19.50

The Tanzanian Peaberry coffee beans, in particular, have been medium roasted to highlight their tangerine citrus notes. The freshness of the citrus flavor profile is complemented by creamy vanilla and brown sugar notes, resulting in a complex and flavorful cup of coffee.

*Due to shipping limitations, we can only ship coffee beans within the US. 


TRAVELER’S FACTORY Coffee Bag <S> Dark Brown, Light Brown

TRAVELER’S FACTORY Original Coffee Bags mimic coffee bean jute bags that you see at your local roastery. It can be used to hold your TRAVELER’S notebook in passport size, daily accessories, candies, or even coffee beans (approximately 100g). The two original coffee bags are available in Dark Brown and Light Brown, the different colors of roasted coffee beans.


TRAVELER’S FACTORY Original Leather Coasters

When it comes to the COFFEE TABLE TRIP, a reliable coaster that protects your surface from water and heat stain is essential. TRAVELER’S FACTORY Original Leather Coasters are cut from the same leather as TRAVELER’S notebook (Black, Brown, and Camel) and engraved with TRAVELER’S COMPANY’s logo. Created with the intention that leaves no material to waste, you can enjoy the natural aging of leather as it bears your daily wear alongside TRAVELER’S notebook.


TRAVELER’S FACTORY Original Stainless Steel Bottle

We are also excited to introduce the TF Original stainless steel bottles created in collaboration with RIVERS, a company that develops high quality drinkware. The thickness of the stainless steel is made as thin as possible, and the inside has a double-layer vacuum structure to retain the temperature of the drink inside. By making it thin, an ultra-light weight of 7oz (200g) is achieved despite its capacity of 500 ml at the same time. It is a weight that can be easily carried around for both travel and daily use.

In addition, the inside of the bottle is electrolytically polished to a shiny surface, making it resistant to stains and preventing the transfer of odors from drinks after use. This makes it possible to use the bottle repeatedly without worrying about coffee or salty sports drinks, which tend to leave odors behind.

The “COFFEE TABLE TRIP” logo is printed on a stainless-steel bottle that can be used not only for traveling, walking around town, and daily use, but also in harsh environments such as snowy mountains. The silk print goes perfectly with the matte-textured paint. We hope you can enjoy this lightweight bottle as you travel around town or go on special trips. Available in black, blue grey, and olive tan colors.

TF Original Stainless Steel Bottle – $38


PORLEX Grinder and TF Leather Mill Belt

A cup of coffee can be enjoyed further if you prepare it yourself. We recommend various tools that can elevate the experience of COFFEE TABLE TRIP. The simple design of PORLEX Grinder Tall II and PORLEX Mini Grinder II makes them easy to use on the go. The ceramic blade eliminates the risk of rust, and it is easy to disassemble and wash with water. You can also adjust the degree of grind from coarse to fine grind.

Whether you are out camping or want to brew a cup outside the house, this tool makes traveling more interesting. Pair it with our special TRAVELER’S FACTORY original Leather Mill Belt to secure your grip.


ORIGAMI Dripper <M>

ORIGAMI drippers are designed to extract the most flavor out of the ground beans when you prepare a pour-over. The origami-inspired groups allow for optimal airflow and drainage when you pour the hot water. The ORIGAMI wooden holder is made of Acacia wood and provides a stable surface to hold the dripper as you prepare the coffee.

We would like to recommend a few soft spring colors of ORIGAMI Dripper to lighten up your kitchen this spring. They are available in white, matte beige, matte blue, matte green, and matte grey.


W/R/F Lab Hand Thrown Mugs

We’ve introduced W/R/F Lab previously as a special pottery studio based in Los Angeles that hand throws and bakes a unique line of Japanese ceramic ware with a simple and clean aesthetic. Each piece is created by Japanese artist Nobuhito Nishigawara whose creations are inspired by traditional techniques and modern designs. He believes that his ceramic wares serve the purpose of elevating ten minutes of the customer’s day as they drink from the cup.

We recommend the W/R/F iconic original large mug which is shaped wider at the bottom so it wouldn’t tip over easily. It is available in Mustard, Mist, and Ash. These colors are reminiscent of a road trip with lots of miles traveled and fun memories.


COFFEE TABLE TRIP Pop-Up Event at Black Dog Coffee Roasters

To commemorate the collaboration between TRC USA and Black Dog Coffee Roasters, we will be holding a COFFEE TABLE TRIP Pop-Up Event at Black Dog Coffee Roasters Downtown Long Beach on 1/26 – 1/27. All of our recommended COFFEE TABLE TRIP items will be available to purchase first at the physical event.

Come visit the TRAVELER’S COMPANY USA Kiosk and collect some stamps in your notebooks to commemorate the day. We will be recommending neighborhood places for you to visit on this special trip. Enjoy the taste of single-origin coffee and the camaraderie with fellow TRAVELER’S notebook users at this event. We look forward to sharing more COFFEE TABLE TRIP stories with you.


Black Dog Coffee Roasters
1101 E 3rd St, Long Beach, CA 90802, United States

Friday, January 26th, 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Saturday, January 27th, 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM


Have a nice trip!


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