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TRAVELER’S COMPANY Partner Shops are stores around the world that embody and share the spirit of TRAVELER’S notebook with fans and users. Not only can you browse the whole TRAVELER’S COMPANY product line up, but you can also share your enthusiasm with the store owners who are also TRAVELER’S notebook users. In this series, we will take you on a virtual trip to visit Partner Shops around the US. Learn about their charm, the experience, and the neighborhood that brings the TRAVELER’S notebook experience together.


Omoi Zakka Shop – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Whether you are a local or a tourist, you would know that Old City Philadelphia is a neighborhood known as America’s most historical square mile. Against brick-stone facades are colorful storefronts that welcome newcomers and locals alike. Not only is the area filled with historic sites, but it is also brimming with charming stores, restaurants, and galleries that bring a sense of fusion between history and the future. As you walk down the cobblestone streets, you will not miss the vibrant red storefront of Omoi Zakka Shop, a place that offers a selection of stationery and lifestyle goods.

Liz is the founder and owner of Omoi Zakka Shop, and she opened this store inspired by the boutique shops she’s visited and seen during her years of studying in Kobe, Japan. They first opened in 2006, in a small 450+ square feet homey location on Pine Street, filled with apparel, gifts, and imported Japanese lifestyle goods. Through years of experiments and growth, they have now expanded to a more spacious storefront, determined to share their love for “thoughtful items for everyday life” for customers, old and new.

Liz loves using the TRAVELER’S notebook, her first one is the Blue Edition, where she uses to keep ephemera and small items like a scrapbook. Her whole team also uses the TRAVELER’S notebook, some for personal journaling, some for planning, and some even share theirs at the store counter if you are interested in flipping through. Her team went around the neighborhood with the TRAVELER’S notebook Accordion Refill to share snippets of the liveliness from other stores and cafes. The pages are filled with shop business cards, brochures, and colorful ephemera that Liz collected through this trip.

The staff from Omoi Zakka describes Philly as a very walkable city. It is busy but relaxed at the same time. The town is filled with locals and tourists alike. Most visitors are well-traveled and come to Omoi Zakka with an open mind and curiosity to discover lifestyle goods that are new and unique.

“Philadelphia is great because it’s a big, historic city, but also has clear neighborhoods where people know their neighbors and support their favorite local shops and restaurants. Philadelphia is also home to over 50 colleges within the city limits, so there’s a big population of students, academics, and travelers as well. We adjusted the shop’s focus to respond to the changing economic climate in the late 2010s and took the opportunity to focus on a shared love of stationery, particularly the type of tools and paper that we’d purchase from the Kansai Gaidai campus store.”


You’ll see pops of color throughout the spreads as well when you step into Omoi Zakka Shop. The vibrant liveliness is a fun contrast to the historical background of the neighborhood and the city. The store is also a hub for TRAVELER’S notebook users in the city to come together and share their notebooks. Omoi Zakka had hosted several meetups where TN fans drove over an hour into town to attend. Not only do people enjoy looking into each other’s TRAVELER’S notebook, but there is also even an ongoing competition to see how much one can stuff into their TRAVELER’s notebook.

Next time you’re in town, in Philadelphia, make sure to stop by Omoi Zakka Shop. You can browse the entire lineup of TRAVELER’S COMPANY products, as well as selected TRAVELER’S FACTORY Limited items. Most importantly, strike up a conversation with the owner and staff, and they’ll have their own stories of Japan to share. They might even invite you to look through their TRAVELER’S notebooks!


Omoi Zakka Shop

41 S 3rd St

Philadelphia, PA 19106


Have a nice trip!

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