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What does your TRAVELER’S notebook say about you? What stories does the charm or the fabric patch on your cover tell as you take it with you to all the exciting places? For many people, TRAVELER’S notebook is an inseparable part of their lifestyle, as it is not only a carrier of important notes, but also a vehicle to hold memories and write down special moments they observe as they go about their day. There are over 7.9 billion people across the whole globe, and everyone is different in their unique ways. In the same sense, each TRAVELER’S notebook reflects your unique identity, and we love seeing how our simple TRAVELER’S notebook system can take on so many different looks as we all use it differently.

Continuing our series of learning more about TRAVELER’S notebook, we last talked about how to customize and put together a notebook that works for you. In this piece, we would like to look at the different ways you can decorate and embellish your TRAVELER’S notebook to represent your style, your humor, your personality. We will also introduce the TF Original Item YOSEGI and MIZUHIKI Charms that will be available only for a limited time.

*TRAVELER’S FACTORY original items are normally only available at TRAVELER’S FACTORY stores in Japan and selected partner stores. Periodically, TRAVELER’S COMPANY USA will offer these exclusive items in a limited fashion. The TF Original Charms are only available from July 1st until Aug 31st while supplies last. Other selected items from TRAVELER’S FACTORY will be released as they become available. 




Your first step in the TRAVELER’S notebook journey starts with picking a color that speaks to you. TRAVELER’S notebook leather covers come in four standard colors: Black, brown, camel, and blue. Some people like the rustic and natural look of a black or brown leather because of its solid and lasting shade. If you’re trying to match your TRAVELER’S notebook to your outfit, these colors will never go out of style.

Over the past years, TRAVELER’S COMPANY had released several editions that left an impression. In 2011 TRAVELER’S COMPANY celebrated its 5th anniversary by introducing a special, rich, caramel-like color: Camel, alongside many accessories that a user can use to customize the covers. And In 2015, inspired by the depth of the blue sky just before dawn, the Blue Edition was released. The deep, indigo blue had gained much popularity among TRAVELER’S notebook lovers. These special colors have led to interesting collaborations as well. The Camel color officially became part of the regular line up in 2016, and the Blue color also made its way into the selection in 2018. Which color would you choose?

Now that you’ve selected the blank canvas that is your TRAVELER’S notebook, the fun begins with customization that defines your style. Add a pop of color with the elastic rubber band or choose a shade that matches the cover. The 009 TRAVELER’S notebook Repair Kit has 8 colors to complement your notebook color of choice!



TRAVELER’S notebook refills are made with paper from cover to cover. Just like a traveler’s suitcase that is plastered with custom stamps and stickers from its voyages, the plain refill covers are blank playgrounds for you to customize with stamps, stickers, masking tape, drawings, and ephemera. TRAVELER’S notebook users also enjoy collecting collaboration refills like the Ace Hotel x TRAVELER’S COMPANY refill and the Nigel Cabourn x TRAVELER’S COMPANY refill. If you have the chance to travel to Japan, you must visit one of the TRAVELER’S FACTORY locations to find special editions. As TRAVELER’S notebook users travel around the world, we hope that you will find interesting stories and marks to add to your refills.

For the more adventurous, you can also customize the leather cover itself! When you are traveling, you might encounter someone else’s TRAVELER’S notebook that had ink stamped marks, rivets, embossing, patches, and foiled designs!

User Patrick Ng (@patrickng) customized his covers with stamps and ink


One of the main features of TRAVELER’S notebook is the elastic rubber band that holds the notebook close. The single rope is another starting point of customization—you can thread it through charms, brass plates, or special trinkets that are dear to your heart. There are endless ways to attach ephemera important to you to hang on that elastic rubber band. This way you can carry it with you as you take your TRAVELER’S notebook on your next journey.

One of our special TRAVELER’S FACTORY original items is the craftsmen-made TF original YOSEGI Charm that utilizes different wood materials to piece together a delicate and understated accent to the natural leather. You can also add a Japanese charm to your notebook with the TF original MIZUHIKI Charm, which features a traditional “plum knot” that symbolizes good fortune and longevity.



They say you should not judge a book by its cover, but sometimes these cover designs can speak for themselves! We think customization is one of the most important part of the TRAVELER’S notebook experience. Let’s take a look at the multitude of ways users design their TRAVELER’S notebooks


Decorate your refills

As you fill up and go through different refills throughout the seasons of life, you can decorate the refill covers with photos and patterned paper. Each customized cover can help give character and premise the stories you write in each refill. If you’re feeling adventurous, string up a needle and embroider unique designs on the cover!

User (left) @journalingseal embroidered the refill cover with unique designs. User (right) Kate (@redharparts) decorates the refills with photos of her city.


Paint your leather covers

Make interesting marks on your TRAVELER’S notebook not just with stamps or inks, but with acrylic paint or leather paint. Some users painted diagonal stripes to create interesting focal points on their TRAVELER’S notebook leather covers. You can even try orienting the elastic band vertically instead of the standard way.

User (left) @lifeoflilikoi and user (right) @misslingbloom painted stripes across their TRAVELER'S notebooks with leather paint.


Add patches and brass plates

You can add interesting elements to the leather cover of TRAVELER’S notebook such as brass plates or creative patches that speaks to you. Some users do this to cover up marks and stains that they are not happy with. We think these are creative additions to the simple leather cover design that is unique to the users only.

User (left) @ameruu and user (right) @twocupstravels add brass plates, patches, and handmade ceramic charms to their TRAVELER'S notebook covers.


Your Unique charms, logos, and mottos

TRAVELER’S notebook not only carries your notes but can also be part of your personal style and identity. Therefore, you can customize the covers and the refills with your own logo, unique charms you own, and ephemera that tell your life’s stories.

User (left) @storiedpages and user (right) @twocupstravels embellished their TNs with unique charms and designs.


One of the joys when TRAVELER’S notebook users meet, is to marvel and admire each other’s TRAVELER’S notebook. Despite the notebook starting out with the same leather color, they all evolve in a personal way unique to the user. Then you start flipping through the refills where the pages contain stories and thoughts behind the person’s demeanor. Next time you see someone holding a TRAVELER’S notebook on the train or in a café, even if you do not get to talk to the person, you can still get a glimpse of the owner’s personality—through a customized TRAVELER’S notebook.

To learn more about TRAVELER’S notebook, you can read the other two articles in this series: Write Your Life’s Journey – Starting with the TRAVELER’S notebook and The Story Between the Pages of TRAVELER’S notebook




TRAVELER’S FACTORY YOSGEI Charms are made by Mr. Yuta Shimizu of Luthier, a studio based in Hakone that specializes in the craft of Yosegi-zaiku, a traditional Japanese marquetry technique. A combination of walnut, birch, and other wood materials is used to form a seamless checkered pattern. The dark brown color interlaced with light-colored wood creates a calming tone to the finished piece of art.

The natural finish of the wood goes well with the leather of TRAVELER’S notebook. You can insert the elastic rubber band through holes on both sides of the charm to accent your notebook. Experience the charm of the wood piece aging gracefully along with the natural leather with use.



Mizuhiki is a traditional Japanese art of utilizing paper cords to create intricate designs and three-dimensional sculptures and models. These MIZUHIKI charms are made in Ehime Prefecture in Shikoku, a region known for this craftsmanship since ancient times.

The design of the TRAVELER’S FACTORY MIZUHIKI charm showcases the traditional “ume (plum)” knot. The plum tree has long been considered a good omen in Japanese culture. For this reason, it is often used as a wrapping on wedding gift and more. The “ume” knot has three meanings: “tightly bound,” “protection against evil,” and “good fortune.”


We hope you enjoy accessorizing your TRAVELER’S notebook with the TRAVELER’S FACTORY YOSEGI and MIZUHIKI charms. The craftsmanship and care that goes into creating these analog items will ensure that they age naturally along with your TRAVELER’S notebook.


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