Write Your Life’s Journey – Starting with the TRAVELER’S notebook

The TRAVELER’S notebook was created in 2006 with one thing in mind: a notebook that inspires you to embrace your everyday moments like you would when you are on a trip, a journey, or an adventure. The notebook itself is not a complicated design: handmade genuine leather that holds several paper refills and enclosed with an elastic band across the midsection. It is, in fact, the journey you embark on with the TRAVELER’S notebook and the story you tell that makes the notebook shine. No matter your profession or your hobby, the TRAVELER’S notebook has enough space for all kinds of stories.

In this blog series about the TRAVELER’S notebook, we will dive into the layers of surprise and joy that comes from using this notebook and how it’ll encourage you to embrace the “Free Spirit” it evokes through daily use. First, we want to show you the functionalities of the TRAVELER’S notebook and how it can serve you in the journey of life.

TRAVELER'S notebook Brown



TRAVELER’S notebook has a leather cover that ages and evolves with use. Each leather cover is made by hand in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The simplicity of the roughly cut leather with the attached rubber band and clasp made of tin is not only appealing but very functional and customizable. It securely protects the refills and accessories for your notebook, and at the same time acquiring marks that you picked up along the way. We encourage and celebrate users who take their TRAVELER’S notebook on adventures, whether it is the closest coffee shop or a longer trip—the longer you use the leather, the more flexible it becomes and the more character it acquires.

TRAVELER'S notebook leather



The TRAVELER’S notebook comes in two practical sizes: Regular Size and the Passport Size. There is no specific way to use or choose which size you want—it only depends on what you would like to do with it!

The TRAVELER’S notebook Regular Size measures H9”x W5.7”, roughly the height of an A5 notebook but slimmer. The slim profile means you can easily hold it one hand as you go about your day, whilst the dimension is convenient for inserting tickets, maps, or three-folded A4-size papers inside. You can easily fit 2-3 refills inside TRAVELER’S notebook (and we won’t judge you if you attempt more.)

The TRAVELER’S notebook Passport Size measures H5.2”x W3.8” and fits comfortably on one palm or the back pocket of your pants. If you are traveling light or out on a small errand, the Passport Size is ideal for a smaller purse or backpack. It’s the perfect companion to jot down thoughts or inspiration whenever it may arise. You can further customize the TRAVELER’S notebook Passport Size with pockets and a zipper case to transform it into a wallet too!



Customize your own TRAVELER’S notebook experience by choosing the refill that serves your writing purpose. Each TRAVELER’S notebook comes with a rubber band attached to the spine to hold one refill. However, you can creatively insert more refills to meet your needs. You can find our standard 001 Lined Notebook, 002 Grid Notebook, 003 Blank Notebook, and 026 Dot Grid as the staples for your preferred writing style. You can keep several projects or topics all in one notebook by mixing and matching different refills!

For users who would like to plan out their weeks or months, you can utilize the 005 Free Diary (Daily), 017 Free Monthly Diary, 018 Free Diary (Weekly Vertical), and 019 Free Diary (Weekly + Memo). There are endless ways to combine your schedule and free note space with multiple refills in your TRAVELER’S notebook.

usage examples of planner refillsIn addition, you don’t have to compromise your favorite writing instruments and stationery accessories with the TRAVELER’S notebook refills—each is made with high quality MD paper from Japan that are bleed-resistant, feather-resistant, and fountain pen friendly!

If your notebook serves more purpose than a journal or a planner, you might want to consider some other creative refills that we offer: 012 Sketch Paper, 013 Lightweight Paper, 014 Kraft Paper, 025 MD Paper Cream, or 027 Watercolor Paper. The TRAVELER’S notebook is popular among artists and designers because of its flexibility to become a multi-purpose canvas for their creative projects. The notebook is also a great place for your doodles and sketches to take off into the next big idea!

Usage examples of refills



The TRAVELER’S notebook is more than just a writing tool, it is also a vehicle for tools and accessories that help you create with ease during your journey. You can customize your TRAVELER’S notebook with pockets and folder refills such as 006 Pocket Sticker, 007 Card File, or the 020 Kraft Paper Folder to hold essential train tickets, business cards, receipts, and ephemera you encounter on the trip. You can check out the full list of TRAVELER’S notebook refills here.

Whether you are a light traveler or a back-country adventurer, we also have sturdier options for Zipper Case accessories such as the brightly colored B-Sides & Rarities Cotton Zipper Cases, or the TRAVELER’S FACTORY original Leather Zipper Case, which comes in both Regular Size and Passport Size. The high-quality zipper pouches ensure a secure closure so you can store keys, coins, or essential tools you want to always carry with you.

You can choose from a variety of accessories and storage style to customize your TRAVELER’S notebook. Bring your favorite tool along for the ride, such as the conveniently sized TRAVELER’S FACTORY Mini Colored Pencil that slides into the card-sized pocket of the Zipper Cases. Add color to your drawings or sketches as you document memorable moments during your trip!



The TRAVELER’S notebook is not a notebook exclusively for travel. In fact, most of the TRAVELER’S notebook users use it at home, at work, or on the walk to the grocery store. However, we hope that as you use the notebook, it will evoke the sense of wonder and delight that you typically experience when traveling. Just like when you visit a new country, will you be able to see your local neighborhood café with a fresh perspective? Will you document meaningful conversations with your friends like you would when you chat with strangers in a new city? Just like a traveler needs a sturdy suitcase—we hope the TRAVELER’S notebook serve as a durable tool to hold your thoughts and creativity throughout your life, and have a nice trip!


Continuing this series of learning about TRAVELER’S notebook, read more about how to show your personality with TRAVELER’S notebook and what to write in TRAVELER’S notebook.



TRAVELER’S FACTORY original item Leather Zipper Case

TRAVELER'S FACTORY original item Leather Zipper Case

The TRAVELER’S FACTORY original Leather Zipper Case for the TRAVELER’S notebook is made with Japanese domestic tanned leather, utilizing a special tanning oil called “Oil Nume” that originated from Himeji (known for superior quality genuine leather) and sewn together with utmost care. The case is designed for a seamless fit in your TRAVELER’S notebook. Immaculate Japanese craftsmanship ensured the leather was adjusted to be thin and light enough to not bulk up your notebook, yet stylish and durable. Just like the TRAVELER’S notebook, the leather will evolve with use and accompany your journey for a long time.

*TRAVELER’S FACTORY original items are normally only available at TRAVELER’S FACTORY stores in Japan and selected partner stores. Periodically, TRAVELER’S COMPANY USA will offer these exclusive items directly to your door in a limited fashion. The TF Leather Zipper Case is only available from 6/1/21 – 7/30/21 while supplies last. Other selected items from TRAVELER’S FACTORY will be released as they become available. 

The Regular Size Leather Zipper Case includes one zipper pouch, and the other side is a card case with six pockets. The Passport Size contains one zipper pouch, and a card case with two pockets. The zipper closure allows you to use this case as a wallet or a pen case! The leather material is characterized by its moist and supple texture—the more you use it, the more it ages over time. The Zipper Cases go perfectly with your TRAVELER’S notebook and will age with character over time with gradual use.

The Leather Zipper Case is also available in Blue, one of the new leather color choices in the TRAVELER’S notebook lineup.

Each Leather Zipper Case comes securely packed in a Kraft Envelope Package.


We hope you enjoy the TRAVELER’S FACTORY Leather Zipper Case. It will be a reliable companion to your TRAVELER’S notebook journey for years to come.

Have a nice trip!

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