The room fills with the aroma of coffee as you slowly grind coffee beans in a mill to prepare for a pour-over. The soothing ritual of making a cup of coffee calms you whether you are preparing for the day to start or winding down in the early afternoon. Put down your digital devices and play your favorite music at a low volume. Slowly turn the pages of your book or notebook and take an imaginary trip. This is a Coffee Table Trip.

The COFFEE TABLE TRIP is an annual event started at TRAVELER’S FACTORY, a chance for you to reconnect your love for analog with the bittersweet taste of a cup of warm drink, may it be coffee or tea. Following this year’s DIARY 2023 theme “TRAVELER’S CAFÉ”, we invite you to imagine and create a warm third place wherever you are. Take a sip of your coffee before picking up a pen to write, draw, or sketch out your day’s adventure in your TRAVELER’S notebook. Perhaps the invigorating scent of coffee might inspire you to create something unexpected.

To celebrate a COFFEE TABLE TRIP with your TRAVELER’S notebook, we selected a variety of coffee-related goods for you. Spend some quality time traveling with your imagination with good coffee, music, and your TRAVELER’S notebook. For this occasion, we will also be giving away a free TRAVELER’S CAFÉ sticker for orders that contains any of the COFFEE TABLE TRIP items shared below, while supplies last.

*Update 2/3/2023 – TRAVELER’S CAFE stickers are out of stock. 

*COFFEE TABLE TRIP items refers to any item on the COFFEE TABLE TRIP Campaign Page. The sticker is limited in quantity and will be subjected to one pc per order, while supplies last.



W/R/F Lab Thrown Cups

TRAVELER’S COMPANY USA collaborated again with W/R/F Lab, a pottery studio in Los Angeles that hand throws and bakes a unique line of Japanese ceramic ware with a simple and clean aesthetic. Each piece is created by Japanese artist Nobuhito Nishigawara whose creations are inspired by traditional techniques and modern designs. He believes that his ceramic wares serve the purpose of elevating ten minutes of the customer’s day as they drink from the cup.

The new series of W/R/F Lab drinkware are cups without handles, the shape designed for you to feel the warmth of the drink as you hold the cup with both hands. This reverent action pays respect to the craftsmanship and the special time you carved for yourself to enjoy the moment. Use it to hold warm tea, coffee, matcha latte, or any of your favorite drinks.

Two limited colors inspired by the California coast: Calming Waves and Low Tide.

The light blue hue of Calming Waves mimics the gentle waves lapping onto the sandy beach.

Low Tide is a new color developed by Nobu to represent the lively surprises you find in tide pools when the tide recedes. From mossy green to sparkling brown features, the organic drip forms around the edges make each cup unique.

Each cup is hand-thrown and hand-dipped, the process taking over 10 days from start to finish. These limited-edition cups hold 9 oz and are dishwasher and microwave safe. This series is also a complement to the TRC USA Limited releases from previous years.


TF Original Leather Coasters and Coffee Bags

When it comes to the COFFEE TABLE TRIP, a reliable coaster that protects your surface from water and heat stain is essential. TRAVELER’S FACTORY Original Leather Coasters are cut from the same leather as TRAVELER’S notebook (Black, Brown, and Camel) and engraved with TRAVELER’S COMPANY’s logo. Created with the intention that leaves no material to waste, you can enjoy the natural aging of leather as it bears your daily wear alongside TRAVELER’S notebook.

TRAVELER’S FACTORY Original Coffee Bags mimics coffee bean jute bags that you see at your local roastery. It can be used to hold your TRAVELER’S notebook in passport size, daily accessories, candies, or even coffee beans (approximately 100g). The two original coffee bags are available in Dark Brown and Light Brown, the different colors of roasted coffee.


Recommended tools for COFFEE TABLE TRIP

A cup of coffee can be enjoyed further if you prepare it yourself. We recommend various tools that can elevate the experience of COFFEE TABLE TRIP. The simple design of PORLEX Grinder Tall II and PORLEX Mini Grinder II makes them easy to use on the go. Whether you are out camping or want to brew a cup outside the house, this tool makes traveling more interesting. Pair it with our special TRAVELER’S FACTORY original Leather Mill Belt to secure your grip.

ORIGAMI drippers are designed to extract the most flavor out of the ground beans when you prepare a pour-over. The origami-inspired groups allow for optimal airflow and drainage when you pour the hot water. The ORIGAMI wooden holder is made of Acacia wood and provides a stable surface to hold the dripper as you prepare the coffee.

Falcon Enamelware creates the classic camp-style mug that holds your favorite drink. Available in Coal Black and a Pillarbox Red that will brighten up your station. It is built from heavyweight steel and thicker enamel for extra durability. Each mug holds around 12 oz.


TF Original Charms

Customize your TRAVELER’S notebook with TF Original Charms to recreate your own TRAVELER’S CAFÉ. These tin charms come in the shape of Mug and Coffee Bean. Secure it to the elastic band that holds the notebook close or fasten it to your bookmark as a feature charm.


Please enjoy all the recommended items alongside this year’s TRAVELER’S CAFÉ theme.



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