TRC Holiday Omiyage Gift Guide Recommendations

The last two months of the year always bring a bit of nostalgia for the year the flew by, as well as some excitement from the anticipation of meeting up with family and friends for the holidays. No matter what custom you celebrate, there is much joy in seeing your loved one’s eyes glow when you gift them a thoughtful present.

In Japan, people always bring “omiyage” when they travel to visit friends and family. The word “omiyage” roughly translates to “souvenir” but can also mean “gift”. This is a custom developed from when people visited shrines in the old days and would bring back charms or other objects for family members. Today, this extends to the idea of discovering delights in where you are traveling to and wanting to bring back and share that feeling with people you care about.

It’s a meaningful process for the gift-giver. When you pick out the perfect “omiyage”, you would put care and thoughts into choosing the right thing for the recipient: Would they enjoy this? Why is this item a great match for him/her?

As you experience the appeal of TRAVELER’S notebook, we wonder if you think your friend would also enjoy this analog adventure? Whether you are traveling to your hometown or greeting loved ones who came to visit, we want to share some recommendations on what you can bring as “omiyage” to share your love for TRAVELER’S notebook. We hope that what you select here will bring smiles for years to come.


Gift Idea 1: Begin Your TRAVELER’S notebook Journey

A TRAVELER’S notebook makes for a great gift. If a friend is curious about how you’ve been using TRAVELER’S notebook, it’s very easy to recommend them starting with TRAVELER’S notebook and a few refills. TRAVELER’S notebook comes in four colors (black, brown, camel, and blue) and comes in two portable sizes: Regular and Passport Size. They can take it with them everywhere they go, and there’s a certain charm about TRAVELER’S notebook that makes people feel special, the more they use it.

Add refills and some other extra items to create a basic TRAVELER notebook set up that’s good to go. We recommend choosing two refills to start: Dot Grid refills (Regular and Passport Size) and our iconic MD Paper Cream refills (Regular and Passport Size) are great ways to experience the versatility of our notebooks and experience the paper quality we are proud of.

This year, we launched the B-Sides &Rarities special items, and you might want to choose a Cotton Zipper Case (Orange Regular Size, or Blue Passport Size) to add pockets and cardholders for your notebook. Finally, a special TRC BRASS BALLPOINT in Factory Green ensures that you can start writing in your notebook, wherever you bring it.


Gift Idea 2: Journaling in Your TRAVELER’S notebook

Not sure what to use your TRAVELER’S notebook for? The different refills and paper types mean you can use it as a spare notebook, a travel log, or even a planner for scheduling or journaling! If you want a dated refill, please consider our 2022 DIARY lineup. However, if you are extra creative, you can also start with a simple Dot Grid insert and create your templates and layout.

We recommend getting our TRC BRASS RULER and BRASS TEMPLATE BOOKMARK Number or Alphabet to draw grids and boxes for your unique journaling style. You can create horizontal layouts one week and change them up to vertical the next. Instead of sticking with a single notebook for the entire year, you can switch out the refills freely to meet your moods and needs.

This holiday, we also recommend colorful fine line markers to make your pages more exciting. We selected Emott 5-Color fineliner market sets from Uni-ball because the colorful and water-based ink won’t bleed through the pages, and you can create a wonderful variety from page to page with different colors. Lastly, spice up your one-of-a-kind notebook with the 2022 DIARY Customized Sticker Set.


Gift Idea 3: A Collection for the Everyday Artist

This is a collection of items we recommend to both current TRAVELER’S notebook fans or loved ones who you think enjoy creating art, music, or any creative endeavors. In our existing refill lineup, we have a dedicated Sketch Paper Notebook for drawing and mixed media (Regular and Passport Size), as well as Watercolor Paper (Regular and Passport Size) for wet mediums. If you like to collage together bits and pieces during your travels, our Double-Sided Stickers come in handy for such scrapbooking projects.

To make your pages more colorful, we recommend our TRAVELER’S FACTORY Mini Colored Pencil that can be stored in the pockets of TRAVELER’S notebook Zipper Cases. In this collection, we would like to recommend a brand we enjoy using with TRAVELER’S notebook: Blackwing. Blackwing pencils are known to inspire celebrated musicians, artists, and writers. We selected the Blackwing Matte for its soft-lead and dark lines, loved by musicians and woodworkers when making marks on their crafts. We hope you enjoy this addition to your TRAVELER’S notebook toolbox.


Gift Idea 4: Let’s Go on an Adventure Today  

Finally, we would like to recommend reliable tools for travelers, whether you are going on a cross-country trip or an ordinary visit, each could be an adventure. Because each trip is special, we know that TRAVELER’S notebook likes to chronicle about their everyday. Our 005 Free Diary features a grid layout and has a header space to add the title of the day and date. This un-dated layout helps you organize your trip’s schedule and provides a free canvas for all kinds of documentation.

Add a Three-fold File to the setup and you can fold large brochure or paper items neatly into your TRAVELER’S notebook. You can use the TRAVELER’S notebook BRASS CLIP Airplane to clip memo notes or loose sheets to your refill, and our original leather penholder allows you to secure your favorite pen to the notebook. If you are the kind to collect more bits and pieces during your travels, why not use TRC SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOK Paper Pocket to organize them? Not only you can group memorabilia by theme, but it is also easier to organize shop cards and receipts you collected along the way.


Did you like our recommendations? You can also check out special holiday items we have for the season:


Take your time selecting an omiyage

Please take your time selecting and curating the items that you think make for a great gift. Take a moment to think about the recipient and what you think they will enjoy. We think there’s something special about sharing tools that you enjoy with people you care about. Perhaps you can even take the time to find something new to gift to yourself for the hard work you’ve done throughout the year.

Just as you enjoy the moments throughout life’s journey, we hope that TRAVELER’S notebook is something you can share with friends, lovers, and family.


Have a nice trip!

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