TRAVELER’S notebook adventures at St. Louis Pen Show 2024

TRAVELER'S COMPANY booth at St. Louis Pen Show.

With a blast of humid Midwest weather, gooey butter cake, and images of the Gateway Arch only seen at the airport, the TRAVELER’S COMPANY USA Staff returns from a fun weekend at the St. Louis Pen Show! From June 20th – 23rd, the team spent quality time with pen enthusiasts and stationery lovers at the Sheraton Westport Hotel. We were thrilled to meet TRAVELER’S notebook fans from around the country, as well as introduce our notebooks to new customers at the show.

Customers browsed the TRAVELER'S COMPANY table at St. Louis Pen Show.

An open TRAVELER'S notebook on the TRC table.

It was the first time the staff visited St. Louis, Missouri, and we were overwhelmed with the lovely hospitality the locals had shown us. We enjoyed the clear weather (although a bit too warm for our liking) and the friendly conversations with TRAVELER’S notebook users. We love looking through people’s TRAVELER’S notebooks, filled with their journal entries, doodles, writing, and more.

Customer look at a TRAVELER'S notebook at the TRC table.

TRC USA x Art Toolkit collaboration palettes displayed on the table.
TRAVELER'S COMPANY table displaying notebook refills and accessories.

At the St. Louis Pen Show, the TRC USA team shared the entire lineup of TRAVELER’S notebook items, TRC USA Limited items, BRASS PRODUCTS, and even new releases like the TOKYO EDITION and TRAVEL & SKETCH-related products.

TRC USA Let's Go on a Road Trip Refill Passport Size and TF Leather coasters.

It is the perfect season to TRAVEL & SKETCH, and many customers picked up the special TRC USA x Art Toolkit collaboration palettes to use during workshops and journal socials held at the venue.


TRC USA Staff showing off a watercolor palette to a customer.

Of course, we also brought a little COFFEE TABLE TRIP experience to users, featuring TRAVELER’S FACTORY Stainless Steel bottles (they were a huge hit!), leather coasters, and coffee-themed charms.

TRC USA Limited Refills next to a blue TF Stainless Steel bottle.

A set of hibi 10-Minutes Aroma displayed on the TRAVELER'S COMPANY table.

We love seeing fans’ TRAVELER’S notebooks and their customizations. We recommended the unique YOSEGI and MIZUHIKI charms to add to their decorations. It was especially rewarding to help a lot of new users set up their TRAVELER’S notebook for the very first time. We hope they will be great companions for your many adventures to come.

A stamp station with a map showcasing all the TRC Partner Shops around the world.

An opened TRAVELER'S notebook showing a spread with writing and scrapbooking.

Although the team didn’t get a chance to visit downtown St. Louis, we’re looking forward to a chance to return to this city. We hope you enjoyed visiting TRAVELER’S COMPANY at the St. Louis Pen Show!


Have a nice trip!

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