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TRAVELER’S TIMES is a free magazine published only once a year by TRAVELER’S COMPANY. It has been published every year since the release of TRAVELER’S notebook. The theme of the 15th issue is “Trip with Your Imagination and TRAVELER’S notebook”. As people around the world do not feel safe traveling, we propose a way to experience travel with the TRAVELER’S notebook at home. It also introduces the “Kyoto’s Favorite Spots in TRAVELER’S notebook,” a user contest that was held on the official website in May 2020.

We interviewed photographer Harvey Yamaguchi in the “How do you use TRAVELER’S notebook” section. Harvey previously held a photo exhibition at TRAVELER’S FACTORY Nakameguro and he explained to us about his TRAVELER’S notebook from a photographer’s point of view and some of the encounters he enjoyed while living in London.

Hope you will find some inspiration to turn every day into a journey.


Have a nice trip!

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