TRAVELER’S notebook DIARY 2024 Second Half

Available from May 22nd, 2024 on

The second half of the year 2024 is just a month away. If you are thinking about trying a new diary system, you can try out TRAVELER’S COMPANY DIARY 2024 Second Half notebooks. Available in Weekly layout with Memo, Weekly Vertical, and Weekly in Passport Size. It includes dated pages for the second half of 2024 (July – December 2024).

TRAVELER’S COMPANY DIARY 2024 Second Half notebooks are made with MD Paper, the perfect canvas for color pencils, fountain pen inks, and all kinds of writing and art medium. These dated notebooks are great for planning, schedule management, or a convenient diary to remind you of special days.


2024 Weekly and Memo (Regular Size) Second Half

2024 Weekly and Memo (Regular Size) Second Half

The weekly layout includes dated horizontal boxes on the left and a full page of the grid memo section on the right. You can use it for tracking daily to-do lists, journaling, taking notes, or drawing doodles or sketches. A Guide and customizing sticker will be included in each 2024 Diary refill.

2024 Weekly Vertical (Regular Size) Second Half

The vertical layout allows you to plan your day using the vertical hourly timeline. You can time-block or highlight important plans or schedules that occur throughout the day. A note section is available at the bottom for taking notes or tracking important tasks.

2024 Weekly (Passport Size) Second Half

2024 Weekly (Passport Size) Second Half

The Passport Size DIARY 2024 Weekly insert is perfect as a convenient mini scheduler or planner on the go. The portable size means you can take note of changes in your plans at any time. You can also use it to take notes on reminders, tasks, and daily observations throughout the day.

Close up of 2024 Weekly (Passport Size) Second Half

Document your daily adventures in your TRAVELER’S notebook with 2024 DIARY refills. You can further customize it with the 2024 DIARY Customized Sticker Set with the TRAVELER’S TOWN theme. The variety of index stickers and icon stickers is a great way to add color to your pages.

Find a comfortable time of the day, make a cup of tea or coffee, and light up a stick of hibi 10MINUTES AROMA to set the mood for a weekly review. Enjoy planning and documenting your days with TRAVELER’S notebook Second Half notebooks!

Enjoy hibi 10MINUTES AROMA with TRAVELER'S notebook

Have a nice trip!

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