TRAVELER’S notebook 2023 DIARY and Original Leather Tag

“Sometimes life is just a matter of intimacy with a cup of coffee”, writes Richard Brautigan, a novelist, poet, and short story writer. If you are feeling overwhelmed by sadness or anger or needing a break during the journey of life, please stop by TRAVELER’S CAFE. From soft and refreshing to bitter and astringent, we have a variety of coffees to suit your tastes. 

In today’s climate where conflict, the pandemic, and other worldly turmoil exist around the planet, we introduce the 2023 DIARY theme as TRAVELER’S CAFE, a place where you can sit down and find calm and peace for a moment away from the noise. If you are drinking a cup of coffee while facing your TRAVELER’S notebook, you are already at TRAVELER’S CAFE. Please enjoy a wonderful time with a good cup of coffee and notebooks.

This year, along with the release of TRAVELER’S notebook 2023 DIARY collection, there is an exclusive leather tag to go with the theme! These leather tags are made out of the same leather that is used in our TRAVELER’S notebook. We made the best use of every little piece that is left behind during the process. In its new form, these camel leather die-cut tags are embossed with the coffee theme to go with this year’s motif – “TRAVELER’S CAFE”

Starting on September 26th, 2022, 9:00 AM PT, orders over $75 (excluding shipping) will all receive an original leather tag made of camel leather with the embossing (only 1 pcs per order). Because of limited quantities, this special gift will be on a first come first serve basis, while supplies last.

10/5 update: The original leather tags are no longer available.

Please enjoy accessorizing your notebook for the year 2023 with this special TRAVELER’S CAFE leather tag!


TRAVELER’S notebook 2023 DIARY

Pre-order starts on September 26th, 2022 (USA and Canada) for all Partner Shops, other retail stores, and our online store. On the pre-order time starts at 9:00 AM PT on 9/26. The items will start shipping on October 11th, 2022 (please check with your local stores as the shipping date may vary beyond October 11th for different stores).

For customers pre-ordering 2023 DIARY items, any order containing 2023 DIARY items will be shipped on October 11th, 2023. If you have other items that you want to receive earlier, please place the order separately.

The theme of the 2023 DIARY limited edition Plastic Sheet, Clear Folder, and Sticker Set is “TRAVELER’S CAFE”. This place relieves fatigue, calms anger and sadness, and reminds us of the importance of peace and love.


2023 Clear Folder

The 2023 Clear Folder features the design of “TRAVELER’S CAFE”, perfect for taking along with your TRAVELER’S notebook. The Regular Size fits A4 paper folded in thirds, postcards, and other documents. The Passport Size can be used to hold receipts, small memo notes, and small ephemera.


2023 Customized Sticker Set

The TRAVELER’S CAFE-themed sticker set includes stickers to decorate your refill covers, transfer stickers with alphabets and numbers, index tabs for dated refills, pocket stickers to add functionality to your pages, and icon stickers to help with scheduling.


2023 Plastic Sheet

Plastic Sheets are designed to be placed underneath the pages you are writing on, even when your notebook is resting on an uneven surface. You can use the edge as a ruler or use it as a tab to flip to the page you need in your notebook! For the 2023 DIARY theme, you’ll see motifs of popular food and drink items found at TRAVELER’S CAFE.

TRAVELER’S notebook 2023 DIARY collection includes dated refills, which add a greater degree of functionality to your TRAVELER’S notebook. You can use it to supplement your notebook and manage plans and scheduling.


Guide 2023

Each 2023 DIARY Refill contains two custom stickers and a guidebook that introduces this collection.


2023 Monthly Refill (Regular Size)

The Monthly Refill includes the view of an entire month over two pages, which is great for planning events in the future, or documenting accomplishments in the past.

There is also ample space along the bottom of the page for you to write down notes or reminders for the month.


2023 Weekly plus Memo Refill (Regular Size)

TRAVELER’S notebook Weekly plus Memo Refill features a weekly diary with a page worth of memo space. On the left side, a weekly dated section allows you to write your plans for 2023. On the right side, a grid memo section is a free space for you to document whatever you like, through drawings or writing or any creative projects.

The grid lines are printed lightly to not interfere with your writing. 2022 DIARY series refills are made with MD paper, which gives a smooth writing experience with all kinds of writing instruments. The Weekly plus Memo Refill comes in a set of two books, with six months in each book.


2023 Weekly Vertical Refill (Regular Size)

2023 DIARY Weekly Vertical Regular Size is a dated refill that features a vertical diary that is useful for keeping track of schedules on a timely basis. Each week is displayed across two pages with vertical timelines from 8:00 to 22:00 in 30 minutes increments. You can utilize the vertical timeline for scheduling and time-blocking or use it to mark dates and event details.

There is a free note section at the bottom of each week, as well as small monthly calendars to reference on the rightmost side of the page. The Weekly Vertical Refill comes in a set of two books, with six months in each book.


2023 Monthly Refill (Passport Size)

The 2023 Diary Monthly Refill for TRAVELER’S notebook also comes in Passport Size. It is convenient to carry around with your TRAVELER’S notebook Passport Size and you can use it to take quick notes of appointments and schedules.


2023 Weekly Refill (Passport Size)

The 2023 Weekly Diary Passport Size includes a weekly dated writing section across two pages. It is suitable as a mini diary where you can document things that happen every day. The convenient size allows you to jot down memories while on the go. It is available in a set of two books, each refill contains 6 months of dated pages.


We hope you can enjoy the peace and calm of TRAVELER’S CAFE by using the 2023 DIARY items in your TRAVELER’S notebook.

Have a nice trip!

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