TRAVELER’S DINER Tour at TRC US Partner Shops

At the beginning of the year, we introduced the special TRAVELER’S DINER which features iconic and nostalgic dining cars and comfort food alongside a special TRAVELER’S notebook set. To celebrate this special American theme, we invited all six US Partner Shops to join us to host a Diner Event at their store. If you had the chance to visit, you might find the glowing Diner Sign to be one of the main features of the event. Fans can visit each Partner Shop to collect special event stamps, receive event coasters, and meet other TRAVELER’S notebook users!

Now that the events have come to an end, let’s take you through the tour of all six Partner Shops to see what it was like!


Retro glow and diner vibes at Omoi Zakka Shop

Omoi Zakka Shop was the first stop of the TRAVELER’S DINER Event, set in the historic neighborhood of Philadelphia. Through the glass windows, you can see the telltale glow of the diner neon sign from morning to evening. Throughout the event, you can collect special Partner Shop and diner stamps at a diner-themed station underneath the sign.

Along the windows, the owners proudly displayed their vintage collection of diner models. The store also sells housewares such as cups and coffee that go along the diner ambiance. We hope you were able to enjoy a nice pick-me-up while you were at the shop!

In our previous article, Omoi Zakka Shop recommended a diner inside the famous Reading Terminal for an authentic breakfast experience. Did you stop by to grab a plate of homey meal?


Jukebox and TRAVELER’S DINER at The Paper Seahorse

Next stop, we went a bit south to sunny Tampa, Florida to visit The Paper Seahorse. As you enter, you’ll immediately find the TRAVELER’S DINER stationer with a freshly unboxed TRAVELER’S notebook nestled inside a basket with green checkered paper, diner-style.

The team at The Paper Seahorse embraced their love for music with a special decoration. On the wall, under the bright neon sign, is a large decorative jukebox with old-school records spinning around it. It’s a retro diner party for anyone who is visiting the store.

Visitors enjoy customizing their TRAVELER’S notebook with special stamps and a fun receipt pad. The event is followed by an in-person TRAVELER’S notebook meetup with fans who enjoyed collaging and being creative in their notebooks!


Creative collaging with Two Hands Paperie

In Boulder, Colorado, you can visit Two Hands Paperie, a stationery store filled with colorful paper materials and art supplies to create to your heart’s content. A special diner corner is set up by the glowing neon sign with the diner-themed poster framed in a heavy gold frame. The worn but sturdy chair and table setup gives the corner a nostalgic look.

Alongside the special coaster, you can also pick up an original custom coloring postcard design to color in. Burgers and shakes with Two Hands Diner ketchup and mustard illustration among the checkered background is a whimsical touch.

Customers can pick up their TRAVELER’S DINER set, postcards, and stamps, and move to a giant table filled with creative supplies to enjoy customizing their TRAVELER’S notebook.


Burgers and screen printing at Good Postage

In Charlotte, North Carolina, the crowd bustled at Good Postage, a stationery store that carries cards, paper products, and writing instruments. They not only had the neon sign on full display on the top shelf of the TRAVELER’S COMPANY corner, but the owners also engage the customer’s sense of taste with a collaboration with a local burger joint to do a pop-up by the store.

The TRAVELER’S DINER party at Good Postage was in full swing over the weekend when you hear the sizzle of patties on hot griddles, as well as enjoy the special experience of screen printing inside the store.


Love is in the air in NYC at Yoseka Stationery

Yoseka Stationery is located in Brooklyn, New York, and held the TRAVELER’S DINER Event over the weekend right before Valentine’s Day. Visitors from out of town enjoyed the diner event alongside local TRAVELER’S notebook fans. The diner neon sign is displayed above a cabinet filled with Yoseka Stationery’s personal collection of special stationery items. Right next to the sign is a tall apothecary chest filled with TRAVELER’S COMPANY products for you to shop from.

As soon as you entered the door, you can find a diner section to enjoy the special stamp and take polaroid photos with the neon sign! Each polaroid photo documents the fun stories of each visitor in the big city.

The sign quietly illuminates each patron as they enjoy picking and testing different writing tools and paper in the center island of the store. What special stationery did you enjoy seeing at the store?


Coffee and donuts at Oblation Papers and Press

The traveling diner neon sign came to its last stop in Portland, Oregon at Oblation Papers and Press. The rustic kiosk that typically carries TRAVELER’S notebook items was adorned with the bright sign, welcoming patrons that came in.

In the back room, a cozy table and diner section are set up to serve coffee (unlimited refills) and delicious donuts. A lot of TRAVELER’S notebook fans in the region are also here for a meetup. The tower of TRAVELER’S notebook is stacked against vintage salt and pepper shake décor and is the point of highlight for fans that morning.

A take-and-make crafting table supplies masking tapes, stamps, wax seals, and handmade paper from Oblation’s own press and is available for anyone to enjoy decorating their TRAVELER’S notebook. Although it is the last stop on the diner neon sign tour, fans and new customers alike are still enthusiastic about the TRAVELER’S DINER Limited Sets and the festivities around this theme.

And there you have it! A whirlwind tour of TRAVELER’S DINER this winter around the United States at six TRAVELER’S COMPANY Partner Shops. We hope that those who made it to the events enjoyed it and have made new friends and connections over TRAVELER’S notebook!


Have a nice trip!

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