TF Original Leather Tag

*UPDATE 1/13/2021 –  We have officially ran out of stock on the TF Original Leather Tag. Thank you everyone for participating in this gift with purchase. 

The year 2020 is almost over and the holiday season is just around the corner. This is our first holiday season here at TRAVELER’S COMPANY USA and we are very excited to welcome the year 2021. To show our gratitude to the people who love TRAVELER’S notebook, from November 11 while supplies last, you will receive one complimentary TF Original Brown Leather Tag for every order that includes TRAVELER’S notebook (s).

The products that are eligible for the complementary leather tag are listed below. ONE complimentary leather tag for every order that includes TRAVELER’S notebook (s).
TRAVELER’S notebook Regular Size (Black / Brown / Camel / Blue)
TRAVELER’S notebook Passport Size (Black / Brown / Camel / Blue)
*The complementary leather tag is available for orders placed on November 11, 2020 and will be discontinued when it is out of stock.

This originally designed leather tag can be easily attached to your TRAVELER’S notebook by threading it through the rubber band. The leather of your TRAVELER’S notebook is cut out in the shape of a tag, and the icon of the book is foiled with the theme of 2021 diary, “Books and TRAVELER’S notebook”.

By attaching it to the rubber of your TRAVELER’S notebook, the leather tag becomes like a knob, making it easier to open your notebook, and you can also use it as a pen holder by hooking your pen on it.

The leather of the TRAVELER’S notebook is made in Chiang Mai, Thailand and sent to Designphil’s Nagareyama Factory. At the Nagareyama Factory, each piece of leather is inspected and set into the notebook refill. Some of the leather is soiled or scratched and cannot be used as a cover for our TRAVELER’S notebook. We initially came up with this idea because we were thinking of a way we can utilize these excess pieces of leather from our existing notebook process. That is how TRAVELER’S FACTORY Original Brown Leather Tag was born. This allows us to take advantage of every part of the leather, and in that process, we are able to create limited leather tags that our users can enjoy.


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