Designphil Nagareyama Factory was opened in 1964 to act as a base for Designphil’s manufacturing. It has a wide range of machinery, including large printing presses, presses for letterpress printing, hot stamping machines, binding machines, which all produce a variety of paper products. The factory’s employees work with passion every day and are constantly overcoming new challenges and striving to further improve the quality of the products we produce. 

Nagareyama Factory has four main roles: printing, processing and binding, quality control, and logistics. Its strength is the capacity to work in cooperation with various departments from head office in Tokyo to implement an integrated system from planning to production and distribution. 

SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOKs are produced at Nagareyama FactoryAdding the ring binding is meticulously carried out by hand, one notebook at a time. Even the cutting, hole-punching and stamping are all carried out by skilled artisans. 

At Nagareyama Factory, we created the Paper Pocket, where every page is folded and turned into a pocket, just as its name suggests. Such innovative new notebooks are created through staff ingenuity using our folding machines at the Nagareyama Factory. 

The logo for the cover, kangaroos, honeybees and other images are stamped onto each cover by hand at the factory. The covers are set into the machines with great care to ensure they never slip while being stamped. 

When you decide to take a journey with our notebooks, you will sense the immense care and attention from our crafts people. Your journey with our notebooks is just starting but each one of these notebooks has their own stories of travel from Japan to tell.


Have a nice trip!

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