Road Trip to the California Pen Show 2024

Buckle your seat belts, let’s go on a road trip! From February 16th to 18th, the TRC USA team made an exciting return to the California Pen Show. This second appearance was even more thrilling, thanks to our powerhouse teams flying in from Seattle, Washington, and Tokyo, Japan, ensuring an unforgettable event for TRAVELER’S notebook fans.

The TRC USA team was especially excited to exhibit at the California Pen Show because it was happening on our home turf. We packed up our new company van in Signal Hill and cruised up to the Torrance Marriott located near Redondo Beach for the 3-day pen show. The pen show was a great chance to meet our dedicated fans, as well as potential new TRAVELER’S notebook users. It was especially thrilling to meet diverse TRAVELER’S notebook users who were also interested in fountain pens and paper.

At the pen show, we had a chance to bring the COFFEE TABLE TRIP experience to TRAVELER’S notebook users at the pen show. This COFFEE TABLE TRIP experience was especially noteworthy as this year we introduced an exclusive line of collaborative single-origin coffee beans with Black Dog Coffee Roasters. Sharing this collaborative line of coffee with TRAVELER’S notebook users felt even more special since we were able to reconnect with users and fans who came to our previous COFFEE TABLE TRIP Pop-Up Event at Black Dog Coffee Roasters earlier in January. It was amazing to see familiar faces from our January Pop-Up! The sense of community at the California Pen Show was palpable and that was all due to the dedication and love from TRAVELER’S notebook fans.

We also brought some other COFFEE TABLE TRIP favorites, like our hand-thrown mugs by W/R/F lab and Porlex coffee grinders. We introduced TRAVELER’S FACTORY Original items such as coffee bags, tin charms, leather coasters, and stainless steel bottles. The act of making and enjoying coffee is an experience, so we also brought our favorite P. F. Candle Co. candles and our new collaborative incense from HIBI for users who want to enrich their coffee experience with comforting scents. If the daily grind is getting to you, why not kick back and relax and take your TRAVELER’S notebook on a COFFEE TABLE TRIP?

We also brought along a limited run of TRAVELER’S DINER sets for fans who were hoping to score the last few remaining sets. Despite the limited quantity, we were happy to see the looks of joy and surprise on our fans’ faces to see the TRAVELER’S DINER sets still in stock. We hope you enjoy taking a trip to TRAVELER’S DINER!

One of the highlights of attending the California Pen Show is connecting with TRAVELER’S notebook users and seeing how everyone uses their notebooks. One fan used her TRAVELER’S notebook Passport Size to chronicle her visit to our Long Beach Pop-Up at Black Dog Coffee Roasters. Despite our smaller stamping station at the California Pen Show, fans still made the effort to stamp their TRAVELER’S notebooks, further personalizing their notebooks with stamps that resonated with their travels.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the pen show, the TRC USA team and our Japan team members made time to enjoy a meal together. Torrance, California is a hub for excellent Japanese and Korean food, so we couldn’t pass up a warm and comforting meal of spicy rice cakes and L. A. galbi. It’s moments like this where the team can share our fun stories from the pen show and highlight TN users who went above and beyond to make our experience at the pen show enjoyable and inspiring. We are excited to meet more users at future events and road trips!

Have a nice trip!

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