Coffee and Company at Black Dog Coffee Roasters Pop-up

It was another sunny weekend in Long Beach, California. From 1/26 – 1/27, the TRAVELER’S COMPANY USA team set up a kiosk bright and early outside Black Dog Coffee Roasters in downtown Long Beach, filled to the brim with exciting coffee-related items and TRAVELER’S notebooks. With the fresh aroma of coffee floating out the front door, let’s start the COFFEE TABLE TRIP!

From the get-go, fans are already lining up by the bustling kiosk, iced and hot coffee in hand. Although the kiosk is not very big, we were hopeful that it would bring a lot of delight to fans who visit. The custom-built wood kiosk showcases TRAVELER’S FACTORY items like coffee bags, Stainless Steel Bottles, leather coasters, and more. On the sideboard, fans and new users can collect special stamps inside their TRAVELER’S notebook. Where would you like to see the TRAVELER’S COMPANY USA Kiosk next?

The COFFEE TABLE TRIP is well underway currently on the TRC USA Online Shop. However, we were pleased to share the lovely characteristics of our recommended W/R/F Lab mugs in person. A lot of fans picked up one or more of the Black Dog Coffee Roasters collaboration coffee beans. We hope you will enjoy the enticing taste of coffee alongside your analog tools.

As always, we were inspired by all kinds of travelers who made their way out to visit us. When the team holds pop-ups, we are always curious to see how TRAVELER’S notebook users enjoy using their books. From meticulously created artwork to detailed documentation of an adventure, we were blown away at the creativity of TRAVELER’S notebook users.

Over this sunny weekend, we encouraged fans to enjoy the special trip by spending time inside the coffee shop or surrounding neighborhoods with new friends they meet at the event.

We were excited to see fans explore the Long Beach neighborhood and our recommended stores and restaurants to visit. TRAVELER’S notebook user Stephanie (Instagram: @mental_plan) documented her adventure to the nearby TWELVES Record Shop, Relics Film Shop, and Casita Bookstore. Talk about a fruitful stroll in TRAVELER’S TOWN.

Finally, the fans and the team spent a lovely Saturday afternoon at an informal meetup at La Tacqueria Brand Steel Craft. Over tacos and birria, the stack of TRAVELER’S notebook is the most eye-catching moment of the day. This was a wonderful event, and we hope to meet more fans in the future.

Where can you see us next? The team will be hosting another pop-up at California Pen Show 2024, from 2/16 – 18, We hope you will meet us with your TRAVELER’S notebook!


Have a nice trip!

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