*TRAVELER’S FACTORY original items are normally only available at TRAVELER’S FACTORY stores in Japan and selected partner stores. Periodically, TRAVELER’S COMPANY USA will offer these exclusive items directly to your door in a limited fashion. The TF Original Items are only available from May 3rd through June 30th while supplies last.

The TRC SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOK collection features a variety of papers, such as white paper for comfortable writing, rough kraft paper, paper pockets, window envelopes, and even card files. These paper options are comfortably nestled inside a sturdy and simple resin cover. The SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOK can be used to draw pictures, scrap paper, or you can utilize the pockets to store paper items gathered during your travels. Depending on the characteristics of the paper, each variety can provide a special purpose.

To help familiarize yourself with the SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOK options, we will highlight several types of notebooks and introduce some examples of how to use them in this blog. Along with that information, we will also introduce TRAVELER’S FACTORY ORIGINAL items that you can pair with the SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOK for a limited time.


Each SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOK is handcrafted at the Designphil’s own factory in the city of Nagareyama, located about 40 kilometers from central Tokyo. After the paper is cut, folded, and pasted together by the factory’s machines, Japanese craftsmen then bind each notebook with spiral rings by hand. To preserve the unique taste and usability of the SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOK, Japanese craftsmen bind the notebook with rings one by one, with great care and precision. We hope you will carry them freely wherever you go and use them to write down ideas that come to you, draw scenes you encounter, store tickets or photos, and utilize them for other creative uses.



TF Original Items:

TF Mini Color Pencil
In a compact, playing card-sized case, this set contains 12 colored pencils, a pencil sharpener, and an eraser all in one. At first glance, the small pencils, 45mm long and 4mm in diameter, look like a toy, but they are created by a long-established Japanese pencil manufacturer and can be used for drawing and painting. This colored pencil set also comes with a special pencil sharpener and eraser and is produced with Japanese craftsmanship, combining precision in appearance and practicality.
It can fit into a TRAVELER’S notebook zipper case or a card file refill. You can also carry it along with your TRAVELER’S notebook or use it together with your SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOK.


TF Masking Tape
The design, inspired by baggage labels for airplane luggage or train tickets, makes you feel like traveling by simply sticking it on your notebook or envelop. This masking tape was crafted by Kamoi Kakoshi, a company with a reputation for quality products.   It works perfectly for attaching sticker refills for use in a hurry or customizing notebook covers and letters.



SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOK DW Kraft is a notebook made of DW Kraft paper, an original kraft paper with a rough texture that resembles a desert where the camels roam. We chose a kraft paper that is suitable for writing with a pencil or ballpoint pen. Please feel free to write as much as you want on this notebook or you may also utilize it for scrapping tickets and clippings collected during your travels. It is available in A5 Slim, A6 Slim, and B6 Size.


SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOK MD White is a notebook made of MD paper; our original writing paper designed for a comfortable writing experience. It has 200 pages of white paper that can be easily written on with a ballpoint pen, pencil, or fountain pen. Always carry it with you and write down anything you want. It is available in A5 Slim, A6 Slim, and B6 Size.


SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOK Paper Pocket is a notebook with paper pockets on every page. It is convenient to carry around maps, tickets, and other paper items that you collect on your daily journeys. It is made of our original writing paper, MD Paper Cream, so it makes for a very comfortable writing experience. The Paper Pocket is available in A5 Slim, A6 Slim, and B6 Size.


SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOK Window Envelope is a notebook that features a window envelope on every page. When you store postcards, photos, tickets, etc. in it, you can view the contents through the clear window, resembling somewhat of a photo album. It is also recommended to write comments and dates on the back of the envelopes and customize them to your own style.


SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOK Watercolor Paper is a notebook made of watercolor paper, which is resistant to water and enables the colors to radiate. Watercolor paper, which is commonly used for anime backgrounds, is recommended for watercolor, sketching with pencils and pens, and collages of photos and tickets. The lineup includes an A5 slim size that is perfect for traveling and a B6 size that looks like a small sketchbook. Feel free to draw the people and scenery you encounter on your daily journeys.


SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOK Card File and Photo File are all made of kraft paper with transparent sheets. The A5 slim size card file can hold 72 sheets of business cards, store cards, and instax mini photo prints. The B6 photo file can hold 24 postcards and photos. You can also use them as a notebook by writing the date in the margin of the Kraft paper mount or writing a comment on the transparent sheet with an oil-based marker.



In this blog, we are featuring the SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOK Paper Pocket that boasts pages that are pockets made of paper, and the SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOK Card and Photo File features pages with a convenient file. We will show you some creative examples of how to use them.

This is the TRC SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOK <A5 Slim> Paper Pocket. It can hold A4 size trifold, maps, tickets, and even small items such as store cards. It is also a good size for traveling.

In the pockets, you can gather maps, flyers, postcards, etc. that you collect on your journeys. If you carry TRAVELER’S notebook refills with film pocket stickers or double-sided stickers in the paper pockets, you can add additional pockets to store cards or scrap paper items on the spot. The paper is made of MD paper cream, which has excellent writing properties, so you can write down what happened on your trip, what you felt, or even date stamp it, just like a notebook!

This is the TRC SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOK <B6> Paper Pocket. The horizontal B6 is just the right size for storing postcards. It is also recommended for your collection of photos and greeting cards.

It can be used to store New Year’s cards, a custom in Japan that is equivalent to Christmas cards in the US. Why don’t you use one pocket for each greeting card you have received, and store 3 years’ worth in one pocket? There are 32 pockets, so you can fit 96 cards in total. On the front of the pocket, write the name of the sender and the year of the greeting card you received. You can also write down the sender’s recent activities and hobbies, which will be useful when you send the card to the recipient.

This is the TRC Spiral Ring Notebook <A6 Slim> Paper Pocket. The A6 Slim is just the right size to hold receipts and store cards. It also fits in your pocket, so you can easily carry it around.

It can be used as a household account book with one pocket per day. There are 32 pockets in total, so one booklet can log a whole month. You can put a lot of receipts and ticket stubs in the pockets and write the amount on the front of the pocket. You can also use TF Mini Color Pencils to draw pictures of things you bought, or you can even stamp them to make keeping a household account more enjoyable.

The A5 Slim can hold up to 72 business cards or store cards. Of course, it can also hold anything other than business cards and store cards, if it is card-sized and thin. Here are some fun things to collect.

It can be used not only for cards but also for small paper collections such as stamps and tickets. If you cut the colored paper into card size and use it as a base, you can store stamps neatly. This time, we collected stamps of airplanes, ferries, cars, and other vehicles.

We have a collection of IC cards for subways, trains, and other transportation systems that we have acquired on trips. Each card has its own unique design, so you can enjoy looking at them, but you can also take them out quickly when you go on a trip.

It can also be used as a perfect album for photos taken by “instax mini” that allows you to easily print on the spot. It can hold 72 prints of “instax mini” photos etc. You can create your own album according to your travel destination or theme.

You can also use them as a collection book for your friends who are celebrating a life event such as a wedding or a special birthday, where everyone can write messages and send those messages as a collection book. If you write on the mini cards and collect them, you can ask people in distant places to write messages and have them sent to you so that you can efficiently assemble the cards. The extra pockets are also great for storing photos of your memories.


The B6 size can hold 24 (4’ × 6’) photos or postcards. It can be used not only as an album but also as a convenient way to collect postcards from your travels or to organize your Christmas Greeting cards. It is recommended to use it as a notebook, writing comments on the transparent sheets with an oil-based pen, or drawing pictures in the blank space of the paper.

How about turning a notebook into a food diary? On the left page, we put the card that wrote about the restaurants we ate at and what we did there. On the right page, we put photos and clippings. Not only will you be able to look at it later and soak up the memories of the trip, but you can also use this photo file to recommend a restaurant to someone or to flashback the memories you enjoyed had at the restaurant.


The TRC SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOK is a notebook that can be used freely for a variety of creative purposes. We hope that these notebooks will not only serve as a tool for you to record and reflect on your daily journey but also as an inspiration for your next new journey.


Have a nice trip!

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