Spring Short Trip in the City with TRAVELER’S notebook

Spring is here, and sunny weather tempts us to more casual outings around our neighborhood or city. You don’t have to travel far away to have an adventure, sometimes a few hours around your block or downtown are all you need. As you venture out on your short trips, you can stay hydrated with your TF Original Stainless Steel Bottle as your trusted companion to your TRAVELER’S notebook.

In today’s TRC USA Staff’s Diaries, we would like to invite you on a city walk with Job during his time in Vancouver, British Columbia. From records stores to a relaxing afternoon coffee, let’s learn go on a short trip with us with our TRAVELER’S notebooks!

Spring in the City with my TF Original Stainless Steel Bottle 

Good morning! Today, my weekend adventures brought me to historic Gastown in Vancouver, Canada. I like to walk here in the mornings before the hordes of tourists visit the iconic sites so I can enjoy a casual stroll through the cobblestone streets. I happened to schedule my trip to Vancouver during the week when the spring sun appeared in this notoriously cloudy city. Let’s visit some of my favorite shops when I’m in this part of town!

My first stop brings me to Vinyl Records on Water Street. Their iconic A-frame sign can be spotted down the block and the cozy lived-in interior makes you feel like you are entering an older library or used book shop. At Vinyl Records, you can find a mix of new records and vintage records from all genres. If you are in search of a niche record, you will probably have some luck finding it here. I was lucky enough to find a record from one of my new favorite artists, Laufey, in the used section of the store. This record is quite difficult to find since there was a limited press for this album. Finding this record felt like finding a missing piece in a large puzzle. I made sure to stay hydrated during my search and I was grateful I had my TF Original Stainless Steel Bottle handy in my bag when I needed to take a break during my search.

I worked up an appetite while digging through the boxes of albums at Vinyl Records, so we walked to the end of Water Street where we met with one of my favorite buildings in Gastown, the Europe Hotel. Its thin and narrow design splits Water Street into two streets, Alexander Street on the left and Powell Street on the right. I always thought this building was like a shrunken-down version of the iconic Flatiron building in New York City.

The lunch spot I picked out for today was on the left side of the Europe Hotel on Alexander Street called Zoomak. The name “Zoomak” or 주막 translates to “traditional Korean tavern,” and Zoomak prides itself on serving contemporary Korean cuisine. I was lucky enough to score one of their lunch menu sets which are famous for selling out due to the limited numbers they prepare. I enjoyed the Beef Bulgogi set which came with Spicy Korean Miso Stew, and a variety of Korean Side Dishes. This lunch set was so filling and satisfied my craving for spicy food. My water bottle came to my rescue as I felt the fiery effects long after lunch.

My favorite thing about a sunny day in Vancouver is sitting down on a bench or any public seating space and just journaling in my TRAVELER’S notebook whilst watching people stroll down the sun-filled streets. You do not get too many sunny Spring days in Vancouver. Therefore, when the sun comes out, locals try to step out of their homes for a leisurely walk or hike. I parked myself at this little public table to update my Diary 2024 Vertical Weekly Insert which serves as a log of my week.

I enjoyed seeing various dogs soaking in the sun and people tying their bulky sweaters around their waists because of the surprising heat from the sun. It felt like the city was emerging from its winter hibernation today. Since it was warming up, I’m glad I had some chilled ice water in my bottle to cool me off while I sat and journaled in this early spring sunlight.

A mid-afternoon coffee and a sweet treat are always a good idea when you’re walking around the city. After journaling in my TRAVELER’S notebook, I made my way to one of my favorite coffee shops in the city, Nemesis Coffee. This coffee shop whips up my favorite pastries in the city and they are known for their laminated pastries like their croissants and kouign amann. On this visit, I ordered a Cinnamon Swirl Bun, a Chocolate Caramel Croissant, and their iconic Cashew Chocolate Chip cookies to share. To wash that all down, we got Iced Oat Milk Lattes to combat the sweetness of the pastries. I finished working on a journal entry in my TRAVELER’S notebook, took last sips of water in my bottle, and bid farewell to Gastown.

I had a wonderful day strolling around the city with my TRAVELER’S notebook and TF Original Stainless Steel Bottle. Enjoying the early spring weather has been a treat during this short trip to Vancouver and I hope you can take a break from the busyness of life to visit your favorite spots in the city with your TRAVELER’S notebook.

Have a nice trip!

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