The latest issue of TRAVELER’S TIMES Vol. 17 is now available in English on the TRAVELER’S COMPANY USA online store for any customer’s first order starting January 1st, 2023. Regardless of the product or amount purchased, it will be shipped with the product. These are limited in quantity, and we’ll continue to provide them until we run out.

TRAVELER’S TIMES is a free magazine published once a year by TRAVELER’S COMPANY. It has been published every year since the release of TRAVELER’S notebook.

The theme of Issue No.17 is “TRIP Presented by TRAVELER’S AGENCY”. It features imaginary trips to TRAVELER’S HOTEL via TRAVELER’S TRAIN. In “How Do You Use TRAVELER’S notebook,” TRAVELER’S notebook professional user @mini_minor, who has appeared in “TRAVELER’S notebook Official Guide,” writes about her encounter with TRAVELER’S notebook and how she uses it.

(Pictured above is the Japanese version. TRAVELER’S TIME Vol 17 from TRC USA will be in English)

The TRAVELER’S TIMES shares fun stories, the director’s thoughts for the future, and usage examples of TRAVELER’S notebook that can hopefully inspire you to start writing in your notebook. Enjoy reading about TRAVELER’S AGENCY and the wonders of TRAVELER’S HOTEL and TRAVELER’S TRAIN. We hope that you will feel a sense of travel when you pick up a copy of TIMES.


Have a nice trip!

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