TRAVELER’S notebook at The Golden City

The TRAVELER’S COMPANY USA team ventured to “The Golden City” of San Francisco for the SF International Pen Show 2023 which was held from August 25th-27th in Millbrae, CA. From viewing the Painted Ladies to the bookstores along the nooks and crannies of the Mission District, we soaked in the novel experience of exploring San Francisco.

This is the third consecutive year that TRAVELER’S COMPANY USA exhibited at the SF Pen Show, allowing analog and pen lovers from all over the USA to visit TRAVELER’S COMPANY. We are thrilled to connect with fans and to meet new customers and users of TRAVELER’S notebook.

This year, the TRAVELER’S COMPANY USA booth was situated in the main ballroom of the SF Pen Show. The energy in the building was evident from the first hour of the pen show as customers met us early Friday morning. Across the two tables at this year’s pen show, we carried a wide selection of TRAVELER’S COMPANY items, such as our BRASS PRODUCTS, popular TRAVELER’S notebook items, TRC USA Limited items, and special TF Original Items like the Luthier Yosegi House charms, Sacoche in four colors, and TF Leather Pen Cases.

Following our TRAVEL & SKETCH adventures this summer, we also presented our TRC USA x Art Toolkit TRAVEL & SKETCH collaboration palettes and our versatile US Limited TRAVEL & SKETCH SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOKS.

From the regular lineup, the TRAVELER’S notebook Olive Edition was a popular choice as well as the newly released 031 Sticker Release Paper and 032 Accordion Fold Paper. Our special The Golden Coast California Refill was a special item that allows fans to record this event and their trips around the city.


Throughout the show, we were delighted to see fans’ well-used TRAVELER’S notebooks. Not only were the pages filled with interesting stories, but the patina of the leather was well-marked and aged. We love hearing the stories of how they acquired their TRAVELER’S notebook, as well as the fun trips the notebooks have been on. Next time you visit a TRAVELER’S COMPANY pop-up, please show us your TRAVELER’S notebook.

A highlight of the pen show weekend was seeing our avid fans and TRAVELER’S notebook users using the special TRC original stamps to decorate their notebooks. This was one of the many ways our TRAVELER’S notebooks users commemorated their pen show experience. We loved seeing how unique each TRAVELER’S notebook looked from one user to another.

TRAVELER’S COMPANY USA was proud to sponsor two well-received workshops at the SF Pen Show.  “Enjoy Rubber Stamps with TRAVELER’S notebook with eric small things” was a workshop unlike no other at the SF Pen Show. Workshop students had access to the intricately hand-carved rubber stamps created by eric small things, which was a first for many TRAVELER’S notebook users in the USA. Eric demonstrated the process of how she carves the rubber stamps, and attendees can utilize the stamps to decorate their passport-size TRAVELER’S notebook refills.

Workshop teacher, Janet Takahashi returned to the SF Pen Show to teach another wonderful class “TRAVEL & SKETCH at TRAVELER’S CAFÉ with Janet Takahashi.” Janet demonstrated how she uses the TRC USA collaboration palettes as well as how to draw different types of coffee drinks. Many workshop students left Janet’s TRAVEL & SKETCH workshop with new sketching skills and a better grasp of how to use watercolor paints on the go. We loved seeing how students portrayed TRAVELER’S CAFÉ in their TRAVELER’S notebooks.

The TRAVELER’S COMPANY USA team hopes that everyone created special memories at the San Francisco Pen Show. What new memories have you recorded in your TRAVELER’S notebook? We hope to see you at the next TRAVELER’S COMPANY USA Pop-Up soon!


Have a nice trip!

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