TRAVELER’S notebook at Sketcher Fest Edmonds 2023

The briny smell of the ocean, clear blue sky, and a cool breeze was the perfect recipe to enjoy art and sketching with fellow artists. This summer, TRAVELER’S COMPANY USA was part of the inaugural event of Sketcher Fest Edmonds – a celebration of travel sketchbooks and artists over the weekend of July 14th – 16th. The festival was held in Edmonds, Washington, a town known to celebrate the arts through local and municipal efforts. The event draws art enthusiasts throughout the Pacific Northwest to enjoy a weekend of sketch crawl, workshops, and an art market on the last day.

TRAVELER’S COMPANY USA hosted a Pop-up at the Sketchbook and Art Market on Sunday, located in Edmonds Waterfront Center. The venue overlooks the scene waterfront of Puget Sound, with the iconic ferry coming in and out of the harbor at 20-minute intervals.

Inside the art market, over 20 artists showcased their sketchbooks filled with paintings or sketches from their travels. Each table was filled with inspiration on how these artists capture daily moments and ordinary sights into profound memories through their drawings.

Some artists utilized the TRAVELER’S COMPANY SPRIAL RING NOTEBOOK as their travel sketchbook.

In the same spirit, the TRC USA pop-up table also showcased examples of how one can document daily adventures inside TRAVELER’S notebook through photos and doodles. The pop-up also featured the special TRAVEL & SKETCH collaboration palettes with Art Toolkit, as well as TRC USA Limited A5 Slim TRAVEL & SKETCH SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOK. You can use it together with the TRAVELER’S COMPANY BRASS Clips to assemble a convenient on-the-go sketching setup.

TRAVELER’S fans enjoyed coming to the booth to collect the special TRAVEL & SKETCH event stamp, as well as pick up watercolor and sketchbook refills to add to their TRAVELER’S notebook.

Throughout the day, featured artists take the stage to share why they document their travels through drawing and how the habit shaped their creative journey. We hope TRAVELER’S notebook fans are equally inspired by their stories.

The best part of this event is seeing all the artists and fans create art in their notebooks right outside the show venue. Along Edmonds Waterfront Center, visitors young and old all took advantage of the good weather to capture the beautiful scenery in their notebooks. We hope everyone enjoyed TRAVEL & SKETCH this summer.


Have a nice trip!

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