TRAVELER’S notebook 2024 DIARY and Original Leather Tag

On, pre-orders for 2024 DIARY items begin on October 2nd, 2023 at 9:00 AM PT, and will start shipping on October 10th.

We are happy to announce our TRAVELER’S notebook 2024 DAIRY theme is TRAVELER’S TOWN. The return of traveling has sparked a renewed interest in adventure and sightseeing around the globe. TRAVELER’S TOWN has become a bustling place; with travelers entering town through the busy train station and airport.

TRAVELER’S DINER, TRAVELER’S CAFE, and TRAVELER’S RECORDS are filled with eager travelers searching for local delicacies and records from local bands and artists. Once quiet hotels are now filled to the brim with travelers seeking refuge from a day of adventures.

Just like an old-fashioned shopping street you would find in any neighborhood; it has everything you need for locals and travelers. If you can travel, how about visiting TRAVELER’S TOWN? We are looking forward to welcoming you somewhere in the world.

The TRAVELER’S notebook 2024 DIARY collection comes with a special surprise! We’re introducing an exclusive leather tag that matches the 2024 DIARY theme, TRAVELER’S TOWN. These tags are made from the same high-quality leather as our TRAVELER’S notebooks and embody our intention to repurpose leftover leather to not leave any waste. The die-cut leather tags are embossed with “TRAVELER’S TOWN” to complement this year’s motif and are made with the special olive leather that we re-introduced earlier this year.

10/17/2023 Update: All Leather tags are distributed without restock

Starting on October 2nd, 2023, at 9:00 AM PT, any order over $75 (excluding shipping) will receive an original leather tag made of olive leather with special gold foil. Only 1 leather tag will be included in each order. Due to limited quantities, this special gift will be on a first-come, first-serve basis, while supplies last.

Please enjoy accessorizing your notebook in 2024 with this special TRAVELER’S TOWN leather tag!


TRAVELER’S notebook 2024 DIARY

The theme of the 2024 DIARY limited edition Plastic Sheet, Clear Folder, and Sticker Set is “TRAVELER’S TOWN”. We hope that TRAVELER’S TOWN can be a place we can all visit to remind us of the joys of travel. Read more about TRAVELER’S TOWN here.

On, pre-orders for 2024 DIARY items begin on October 2nd, 2023 at 9:00 AM PT, and will start shipping on October 10th. The official release for Partner Shops and retail stores (USA and Canada) and our online store is October 10th, 2023. Please check with your local store for their pre-order and shipping dates.

For customers pre-ordering 2024 DIARY items, any order containing 2024 DIARY items will be shipped on October 10th, 2023. If you want to receive other items earlier, please place a separate order.


2024 Clear Folder

The 2024 Clear Folder has the motif “TRAVELER’S TOWN” and is a great tool for holding tickets, postcards, and other paper pieces. The whimsical imagery of TRAVELER’S TOWN is printed on a semi-transparent window so you can easily see what items are within the folder. The Regular Size fits A4 paper folded in thirds, while the Passport Size can hold ticket stubs, receipts, and smaller items.


2024 Customized Sticker Set

The TRAVELER’S TOWN-themed sticker set offers stickers for decorating refill covers which feature different attractions that you can find at TRAVELER’S TOWN, like TRAVELER’S BUS, TRAVELER’S BAKERY, or TRAVELER’S TAILOR SHOP. Transfer stickers with alphabets and numbers add even more opportunities for customizing your refill covers. The pocket stickers can be added to your different refills for added storage. Icon and index stickers are especially handy tools to help you plan your different travels and adventures in 2024.


2024 Plastic Sheet

Plastic Sheets are designed to be placed underneath the pages you are writing on, even when your notebook is resting on an uneven surface. You can use the edge as a ruler or a tab to flip to the page you need in your notebook. The 2024 Plastic Sheet in Regular Size is designed to look like a guide map brochure that you can pick up when traveling to a new destination. The Plastic Sheet in Passport Size includes motifs of various shops you can find in TRAVELER’S TOWN.


The TRAVELER’S notebook 2024 DIARY collection includes dated refills that add greater functionality to your notebook. You can use DIARY 2024 refills to manage your plans and schedule in your TRAVELER’S notebook.


Guide 2024

Each 2024 DIARY Refill contains two custom stickers and a guidebook that introduces this collection. The tagline “THE TRAVELER’S ARE BACK IN TOWN” is a play on the title of a Thin Lizzy song “The Boys Are Back in Town”, which describes the excitement of old friends coming back to town and the anticipation of what is to come.


2024 Monthly Refill (Regular Size)

The Monthly Refill provides a comprehensive overview of the month over two pages, making it perfect for planning upcoming events or reflecting on past accomplishments. The monthly layout provides enough room to add any of your events, tasks, or reminders. The icon stickers from the 2024 Customized Sticker Set are a great way to add a visual reminder to your Monthly Refill.

There is also ample space along the bottom of the page for you to write down notes or reminders for the month. You can get creative and decorate this section or use it to track any of your longer-term projects.


2024 Weekly plus Memo Refill (Regular Size)

The TRAVELER’S notebook Weekly plus Memo Refill features a weekly dated section on the left and a grid memo section on the right, perfect for documenting projects or jotting down notes. It comes in a set of two books, each spanning six months, making it a useful diary for daily planning and documenting.

The grid lines are printed lightly to avoid interfering with your writing. The 2024 DIARY series refills are made with MD paper, which provides a smooth writing experience with all types of writing instruments.


2024 Weekly Vertical Refill (Regular Size)

The 2024 DIARY Weekly Vertical Regular Size is a dated refill with a vertical diary for keeping track of schedules. Each week is displayed across two pages with timelines from 8:00 to 22:00 in 30-minute increments. The vertical layout allows you to plan out your day in a streamlined way. You can use it for scheduling, time-blocking, or marking important dates.

The Weekly Vertical Refill includes a free note section at the bottom of each week and small monthly calendars on the rightmost side of the page. Two books are included in each set, with six months in each book.


2024 Monthly Refill (Passport Size)

The 2024 DIARY Monthly Refill for TRAVELER’S notebook is also available in Passport Size. The refill displays each month across two pages, providing sufficient space to note down your appointments and schedules.


2024 Weekly Refill (Passport Size)

The 2024 Weekly Diary Passport Size features a weekly dated writing section spread across two pages. It can be used as a mini diary for documenting daily plans and memories.

The convenient size allows you to jot down memories while on the go. It’s available in a set of two books, with each refill containing six months of dated pages.


With 2024 DIARY items in your TRAVELER’S notebook, we know you’ll have all the tools to plan your visit to TRAVELER’S TOWN. Wherever you are in the world, we look forward to welcoming you.


Have a nice trip!

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