TRAVELER’S FACTORY Original Stainless Steel Bottle

An originally designed stainless steel bottle created in collaboration with Rivers, a company that develops products focused on drinkware, is now available. We first introduced these special TF Original Stainless Steel Bottles during the COFFEE TABLE TRIP this year on TRAVELER’S COMPANY USA. We would like to introduce its functionality and charm again.


TF Original Stainless Steel Bottle

TF Original Stainless Steel bottles come in three natural-inspired colors: black, blue-grey, and olive tan. The “COFFEE TABLE TRIP” logo is printed on a stainless-steel bottle that can be used not only for traveling, walking around town, and daily use but also in harsh environments such as snowy mountains. The silk print goes perfectly with the matte-textured paint.

The thickness of the stainless steel is made as thin as possible, and the inside has a double-layer vacuum structure to retain the temperature of the drink inside. By making it thin, an ultra-light weight of 7oz (200g) is achieved despite its capacity of 500 ml at the same time.

It is a weight that can be easily carried around for both travel and daily use. In addition, the inside of the bottle is electrolytically polished to a shiny surface, making it resistant to stains and preventing the transfer of odors from drinks after use. This makes it possible to use the bottle repeatedly without worrying about coffee or salty sports drinks, which tend to leave odors behind.

The mouth of the Stainless Steel bottle can be detached in two parts. The main body, lid, and inner stopper can all be separated and removed for easy maintenance. The drinking spout makes it easy to drink without fear of spilling from all angles.

We hope you can enjoy this lightweight bottle as you travel around town or go on special trips.

TF Original Stainless Steel Bottle – $38


Short Trip Around the Neighborhood with TF Original Stainless Steel Bottle

TF Original Stainless Steel Bottles are ideal companions when you go for a walk in your neighborhood or go on special trips. As the weather turned warmer, staff from the TRAVELER’S COMPANY USA Team were able to take the Stainless Steel Bottles on her weekly walks around the city.

As spring shows signs of blossoming in the city of Seattle, TRC USA staff enjoyed bringing her TRAVELER’S notebook alongside the bottle to capture the beautiful blooms during her walks. Because the water bottle is so lightweight, it could be carried in a small shoulder bag or held in your hand when going on a walk.

When you are out and about, it is important to stay hydrated with water or any drink of your choice. As she takes a break by the scenic overlook in the neighborhood, each gulp of water is refreshing.

At the top of the hill, she enjoys the scenic view of the Puget Sound. The bottle color matches the stainless-steel guard rails at the edge of the park! She made sure to note down that observation in her TRAVELER’S notebook.

On a different occasion, TRC USA Staff took the TF Original Stainless Steel bottle on a quick errand to the grocery market.

The Stainless Steel bottle holds a much-needed serving of cold brew to start the morning as she runs errands around town. From grocery shopping to picking up prescriptions at the local pharmacy, the bottle is a great companion for energizing sips.

In the late afternoon, she finds a moment to take a break at the local park by the waters. Although we are consumed by daily routines and busy schedules, it is nice to sit down for a short while with your TRAVELER’S notebook and people-watch. The double-layered vacuum structure kept the last of the cold brew just as cool and refreshing.

The staff at TRC USA hope that you can find moments during your day to take care of yourself, hydrate, and enjoy a short break. We recommend the TF Original Stainless Steel bottle to help remind you of those moments.


Have a nice trip!

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