Handmade—the fruit of a craftsman’s experience and wisdom as well as his unique thoughts and ideas, give us a sense of comfort and a little excitement every time we hold them in our hands. We are pleased to introduce some special TRAVELER’S FACTORY original charms that are handmade by artisans in Japan for a limited time. These handmade charms in two distinct styles: Mizuhiki and Yosegi, pair perfectly with all five colors of the TRAVELER’S notebook lineup. Mix and match them with your favorite elastic band color to show off your uniquely accessorized notebook!

Having carefully crafted, handmade accessories in our daily lives makes each day richer and more enjoyable. Not only does it age alongside your TRAVELER’S notebook, but you’ll also find yourself being attached to its warmth the longer you use it.

*TRAVELER’S FACTORY original items are normally only available at TRAVELER’S FACTORY stores in Japan and selected partner stores. Periodically, TRAVELER’S COMPANY USA will offer these exclusive items in a limited fashion. The TF Original Charms are only available from May 16th until June 30th, while supplies last.


TF Original MIZUHIKI Charms

Mizuhiki is a traditional Japanese art of utilizing paper cords to create intricate designs and three-dimensional sculptures and models. These MIZUHIKI charms are made in Ehime Prefecture in Shikoku, a region known for this craftsmanship since ancient times.

The design of the TRAVELER’S FACTORY MIZUHIKI charm showcases the traditional “ume (plum)” knot. The plum tree has long been considered a good omen in Japanese culture. For this reason, it is often used as wrapping for wedding gifts and more. The “ume” knot has three meanings: “tightly bound,” “protection against evil,” and “good fortune.”

TRAVELER’S FACTORY Original MIZUHIKI Charm is available in red and navy colors. Pair it with your favorite TRAVELER’S notebook for a unique traditional look. You can also use it as an accessory charm for keys, pouches, or daily backpack.

TF Original MIZUHIKI Charm Navy – $9.80
TF Original MIZUHIKI Charm Red – $9.80


TF Original YOSEGI Charms

TRAVELER’S FACTORY YOSGEI Charms are made by Mr. Yuta Shimizu of Luthier, a studio based in Hakone that specializes in the craft of Yosegi-zaiku, a traditional Japanese marquetry technique. A combination of walnut, birch, and other wood materials is used to form a seamless checkered pattern. The dark brown color interlaced with light-colored wood creates a calming tone to the finished piece of art.

First, various types of wood are combined into square sticks. The beauty of Yosegi can be expressed by matching the dimensions of each piece of wood exactly so that the wood lines up beautifully and evenly. Next, it is carefully shaved into a cylindrical shape, and further cut into even thicknesses.

Finally, drilling holes from the sides for the elastic to pass through is a very delicate process. If the hole is not drilled straight through from the center, the wood may break. A lot of craftsmen’s wisdom and skill goes into the making of these marquetry charms.

TF Original YOSEGI Charms are available in natural and dark brown colors. The natural finish of the wood goes well with the leather of TRAVELER’S notebook. You can insert the elastic rubber band through holes on both sides of the charm to accent your notebook. Experience the charm of the wood piece aging gracefully along with the natural leather with use.

TF Original YOSEGI Charm – $17.20
TF Original YOSEGI Charm Dark Brown – $17.20


Recommended Tool – Toyo Steel Toolboxes

We would also like to introduce a new recommended tool to use alongside your TRAVELER’S notebook: Toyo Steel Toolboxes. Toyo Steel has been known for making high-quality metal toolboxes for more than 50 years. They manufacture toolboxes of various sizes at its factory in Osaka, Japan. They are also pioneers in developing deep drawing technology to make a seamless steel toolbox from a single sheet of steel.

With the concept of a simple, durable, and rugged yet beautifully designed toolbox, Toyo Steel Toolboxes are great containers to store and display your favorite analog tools such as TRAVELER’S notebook and BRASS items.

Toyo Steel Toolbox T-320 is a trunk-shaped toolbox with handles so you can carry it for camping or other outdoor activities. The box is pressed from a single steel plate with seamless corners. The round handle has no sharp edges and is a practical toolbox for your everyday analog tools. To commemorate the TRAVELER’S notebook Olive release, we chose the color military green to match.

A smaller alternative to organize your tool is the T-190 Trunk-shaped toolbox without handles. It is lightweight and can hold small items like BRASS pens, erasers, and masking tapes. Toyo Steel Toolbox T-190 is stackable, so you can arrange more than one box together to organize your favorite accessories and tools. Because the toolbox is made of steel, you can even further customize your toolbox with decorative magnets and more!It is available in beige and military green.

Toyo Steel T190 Stackable Storage Box Beige – $32
Toyo Steel T190 Stackable Storage Box Military Green – $32
Toyo Steel Toyo Steel T320 Toolbox Military Green – $38

This summer, enjoy organizing your favorite TRAVELER’S notebook tools with Toyo Steel toolboxes!


Have a nice trip!

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