TRAVELER’S FACTORY Original Canvas Shoulder Bag and Pouch

What kind of bags do you use to store your TRAVELER’S notebook and take them on outings? Bags and pouches made of durable, natural textured canvas and TRAVELER’S notebook leathers are now available! These canvas bags and pouches are made with solid and thick fabric that is durable. The belt, pocket flaps, and zipper pulls are made of TRAVELER’S notebook leather, made in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This summer, we would like to introduce these original bags and pouches from TRAVELER’S FACTORY that will help you make a splash in future adventures.

TF Original Canvas Bags and Pouches will be available through 8/31/2022, while supplies last.


TF Canvas Pouch M Size

The TRAVELER’S FACTORY Original Canvas Pouch is made of canvas fabric and evokes the natural feeling of handmade craft in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The pouch comes with two pockets – one with a front leather flap and a zippered pocket in the back for valuables. The medium size fits a TRAVELER’S notebook regular size perfectly, as well as any additional A5 size notebooks, a 9.7” device, cables, or accessories.

The Canvas Pouches are available in four colors: black, olive, beige, and blue. The leather portion utilizes TRAVELER’S notebook black, olive, camel, and blue leather. You can mix and match the color with your favorite TRAVELER’S notebook anywhere you go.

The slim profile allows the pouch to become a convenient bag-in-bag, or you can hold it independently like a purse. Enjoy bringing your favorite tools with you to a coffee shop, meeting, or short errand with the TF Canvas Pouch.


TF Canvas Shoulder Bag S Size

The TRAVELER’S FACTORY Original Canvas Shoulder Bag is designed for travel, short trips, or everyday use. Made with durable canvas material from Chiang Mai, Thailand, the belt strap is also made using the same leather as TRAVELER’S notebooks.

The S-size shoulder bag comfortably fits a TRAVELER’S notebook in Regular Size, a paperback book, or your frequently used accessories. The bag can be secured with a button flap across the opening, and it also includes a small back pocket for a Passport Size notebook or your phone for quick access.

You can easily adjust the length of the shoulder bag belt strap, so it hangs comfortably alongside your body. Wear it short when you are riding a bicycle and lengthen it to fit when you have a long coat on. Because the strap is also made with the leather used in TRAVELER’S notebook, the material becomes softer and supple the longer it is used. Enjoy the aging characteristics of your canvas bag as you take them on many adventures.


What items do you put in your TRAVELER’S notebook tool kit?

It doesn’t take much to get started in your TRAVELER’S notebook – a pen and the notebook is all you need. However, if you meet a fellow TRAVELER’S notebook enthusiasts, their tool kit always reveals fun discoveries and useful tools for documenting their travels.

The TF Canvas Pouch in M size not only holds a TRAVELER’S notebook, but the SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOKS also fit into its front pocket. We recommend using Uni-ball’s Pin Fineliners for doodles and sketching. Because the pens are waterproof, they go well with the Watercolor Paper used by TRAVELER’S notebook refills and SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOKS.

The TF Shoulder Bag in S Size is the perfect size for carrying your TRAVELER’S notebook around. The back pocket is great for holding pens you reach for frequently. Aside from the iconic BRASS pens from TRAVELER’S COMPANY, we also recommend Uni-ball One gel pen for everyday writing. We have chosen practical colors that pair with your TRAVELER’S notebook: black, brown, blue, orange, and red. Their vibrant pigment ink delivers bold writing without smearing and bleeding.

Enjoy using these TRAVELER’S FACTORY Original canvas bags and pouches on your trips. As they go with you on a variety of adventures, they will gain more marks and characteristics from each experience.


Have a nice trip!

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