TRAVELER’S COMPANY USA Partner Shop Artist Postcard Series

Meet fellow TRAVELER’S notebook enthusiasts at TRAVELER’S COMPANY Partner Shops around the world! TRC Partner Shops are hubs that embrace the TRAVELER’S notebook spirit and create a space for new and existing users’ stories to intersect. Not only do you get to touch and experience the entire TRAVELER’S COMPANY product line up in person, but you are also encouraged to explore how TRAVELER’S notebooks fit into the store’s charming neighborhood and their community. Just like serendipitous encounters during your travels, you may also even meet new friends who share your lifestyle and beliefs.

As of today, there are a total of five TRC Partner Shops in the United States: Oblation Paper and Press, Omoi Zakka Shop, Yoseka Stationery, The Paper Seahorse, and Two Hands Paperie. This spring, TRAVELER’S COMPANY USA reached out to each US Partner Shop to share with us such encounters – artists in their city that are also avid TRAVELER’S notebook users. We think it would be interesting to see each Partner Shop through the artists’ lens and share it with fans of TRAVELER’S notebook around the country!


TRC USA Partner Shop Artist Postcards

Sending postcards is a beautiful way to share a snippet of your travels with your loved ones. This is a collaboration between TRAVELER’S COMPANY USA and artists based in the cities that USA Partner Shops are based at. We think these special TRC USA Partner Shop Artist Postcards can help you capture your experience as you visit a Partner Shop during your travels.

We collaborated with five artists that are special to each Partner Shop that shares their perspectives through a postcard design. Their artwork represents their artistic style, as well as their love for the city in which the Partner Shops are based.

You can purchase these special TRC USA Partner Shop Artist Postcards at each respective Partner Shops as well as on, while supplies last.

TRC USA Partner Shop Artist Postcard Series – $2.80




Andrea Grillo and Oblation Papers and Press

Andrea Grillo (Andi for short) first discovered TRAVELER’S notebook when she started working at Oblation Papers and Press as a designer and artist. She immediately fell in love with the versatility of the inserts and the leather cover. Andi loves using her TRAVELER’S notebook for drawing and sketching out ideas in her head. The slim size allows her to easily pull it out at a coffee shop to draw quick doodles or start a new project.

Andi has been drawing as long as she’s had access to crayons – constantly getting into trouble for doodling or drawing in class. However, she pursued this hobby and turned it into her profession, majoring in Fine Arts with a focus in Printmaking and Graphic Design at Oregon State University. Her notebooks are filled with illustrations inspired by comic, cartoon, and manga styles.

In this postcard, she attempts to capture the energy of Portland surrounding Oblation as a piece out of a comic page. If you hone into every corner, you’ll see details of Pearl District and its captivating energy filling the entire composition. The color scheme is representational of her personal experience—the brilliant sunset she sees on the drive home every day.

Andi started working at Oblation in the summer of 2021 and was constantly inspired by the stories of other TRAVELER’S notebook users that come into the store. She describes TRAVELER’S notebook as “refreshing” because it’s very inspiring to peek in someone’s TRAVELER’S notebook and get a snippet of their day-to-day adventures. She enjoys sharing her own notebook pages when customers ask about TRAVELER’S notebook – showing users that they can do more than just journaling or collage in the notebook!


Lisa Jungmin Lee and Omoi Zakka Shop

Lisa Jungmin Lee is an artist and art educator based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She teaches printmaking, drawing, and painting at Moore College of Art & Design, Cairn University, and Fleisher Art Memorial. Lisa first found out about TRAVELER’S notebook when she noticed them displayed inside Omoi Zakka Shop in Philadelphia. When she first moved into the city, a friend recommended to her to visit this store. She loves the happy vibe that emits from Omoi, and she is constantly inspired by their selection of thoughtful and well-designed stationery and lifestyle items.

Lisa carries her TRAVELER’S notebook around with her everywhere. As a full-time artist and teacher, she uses TRAVELER’S notebook to organize her art practice and teaching plans. It also serves as a useful scheduler for different meetings and projects. She uses the 013 Lightweight paper notebook to jot down thoughts and ideas. She keeps her business cards, important letters, and notes in the 008 Zipper Case!

Lisa had been making art since she was 13 years old. In college, she became fascinated with printmaking techniques because of the way the activity leaves marks and impressions. Her studio art practice is composed of printmaking, drawing, photography, and collage in a mixed-media approach. She is particularly interested in the topic of architecture, interesting structures, and unique spaces. She expresses visual languages on paper through etching on copper plates and charcoal or ink drawings. When designing the postcard, she wanted to capture the classical structure of the old brick row houses in Philadelphia with a vivid background.

Lisa describes TRAVELER’S notebook as an “oasis”. She loves how a lot of creative individuals come together and express their art, ideas, and writings in inspiring ways. TRAVELER’S notebook keeps her motivated and moving forward with her own art practice!


Meagan Dew and Yoseka Stationery

Meagan Dew is an art educator in New York City and loves capturing the world around her through sketches and paintings. She first came across TRAVELER’S notebook in the summer of 2018 and was immediately enthralled by the customizability, the smooth leather, and the variety of inserts that can be used. She is also a stationery lover and naturally tried to use many kinds of refills in her Blue TRAVELER’S notebook in regular size.

Meagan first discovered Yoseka Stationery through Instagram as a pop-up store. When they opened the physical location, she knew it was a place for community and amazing encounters – she even met her boyfriend in the shop! In 2019, she joined a TRAVELER’S notebook meetup at Yoseka Stationery and was in awe with different users’ setup and customization. She also helped Yoseka Stationery create a neighborhood map to introduce the city!

Meagan describes the pace of New York City as busy with many pockets of waiting – waiting in line for an event, for the train, or waiting for a friend to show up. Her TRAVELER’S notebook becomes the perfect item to help pass the time. She grew up in a household of artists, but her hometown did not offer as much opportunity to become a full-time artist, even a teacher, as New York City does. Today she teaches art at an elementary school. In her spare time, she enjoys capturing little scenes around her. In the postcard, she wanted to share what New York City is most known for: the hustle and the bustle, pizza, bagels, coffee, and the juxtaposition of serene and calm that Yoseka Stationery offers.

Meagan describes TRAVELER’S notebook as a “companion”. It goes with you everywhere and is exactly what you need. She loves how the TRAVELER’S notebook community brings together people so quickly and easily. The instant connection over looking at each other’s notebooks is one of a kind.


Lynda Fishbourne and The Paper Seahorse

Lynda Fishbourne is an artist based in Tampa, Florida. She first knew about TRAVELER’S notebook when she joined a meetup at The Paper Seahorse, her local TRAVELER’S notebook Partner Shop in Tampa. She was hooked when she saw all the different ways people use the notebooks and introduced her to like-minded creative souls. Since then, she started teaching workshops on watercolor journaling using TRAVELER’S notebook inserts.

Lynda owns multiple TRAVELER’S notebooks, and her favorite refill is the 012 Sketch Paper notebook for daily sketching – 30 pages, one for each day of the month! Her regular size TRAVELER’S notebook was transformed into a portable sketching setup with a cloth zipper folder for drawing tools. She uses a passport size TRAVELER’S notebook for her daily art practice. A third TRAVELER’S notebook holds the vertical weekly calendar for daily appointments and tasks that sits on her kitchen desk!

Lynda works in different mediums throughout her career as an artist: pencil, ink, encaustic wax, collage, acrylics, and watercolors. She worked in the advertising and design industry for 35 years and does fine arts in her spare time. Today she teaches workshops, exhibit at art galleries, and sell her original work at art festivals. She is also an avid journaling and letter writer, for which TRAVELER’S notebook has been especially useful.

Lynda also helped The Paper Seahorse create the neighborhood recommendation map using the B-Sides and Rarities Accordion refill. When designing this postcard, she drew on her experiences from being a part of the local letter-writing community. She also recreated art stamps that she helped design for The Paper Seahorse! She describes TRAVELER’S notebook as “versatile”. The modularity and different choices of paper make every day an opportunity for creative ventures and experiments!


Grey Grimm and Two Hands Paperie

Grey Grimm is an artist based in Boulder, Colorado. As a local, she had known about Two Hands Paperie for a long time—a place that feels magical and new every time you walk in. As opportunity had it, Grey started working at Two Hands Paperie in March 2021 and encountered TRAVELER’S notebook through the display in the shop. It was a popular request among new customers and regulars alike, and she soon acquired one of her own to create her art with. Her TRAVELER’S notebook Camel regular size consisted of a Monthly Diary refill, 027 Watercolor Paper notebook, a 025 MD Paper Cream notebook, and a B-sides and rarities sticker release refill. Her guilty pleasure consisted of saving favorite stickers and small mementos. She loves the versatility of TRAVELER’S notebook to use as a scrapbook, a journal, or a diary!

Grey’s art style focuses on people and figurative topics. However, through the influence of her artistic family, she had the opportunity to learn and enjoy different mediums—honing her lettering skills for chalkboard art, creating commissions for landscape, and exploring still life. She particularly enjoys charcoal, pastel, oil painting, and watercolors. When designing the postcard, she decided to use digital art brushes as a contrast to the analog world of TRAVELER’S notebook—evoking the emotions around tactile texture, wanderlust, and nostalgia.

Grey describes TRAVELER’S notebook as “distinctive”. There is so much uniqueness within the TRAVELER’S notebook community. Everyone uses their notebook in different ways—seeking out new connections, breaking free from pre-determined structure, and creating something unique.


We hope you enjoy this special series created alongside TRC USA Partner Shops and their recommended artists! You can send these to friends to introduce them to your favorite local stores, or place them in your TRAVELER’S notebook in anticipation of the next trip!


Have a nice trip!

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