TRAVELER’S COMPANY USA Limited Edition Refill – Let’s Go on a Road Trip!

TRAVELER’S COMPANY USA began its stride in the USA at Long Beach, California in June 2020. Throughout the turbulent times of the pandemic when people are forced to put their travel plans on hold, our online shop strives to be a reliable source for users interested in learning about TRAVELER’S COMPANY and its products and philosophy. We are grateful for the support and inspired by the versatility of how TRAVELER’S notebook users utilize the notebooks to make their life exciting and special.

As the year draws to a close in 2021, we are gradually feeling more comfortable getting together with loved ones and enjoying each other’s company. This past summer, we saw families and friends take on exciting road trips locally across the nation—camping, hiking, or a simple car ride road trip. Every day, we look out at the beautiful sunny view of California in Long Beach, we can’t help but imagine the longing for adventure that TRAVELER’S notebook users are envisioning in the future. This is what inspires us to create this special collection “Let’s Go on a Road Trip“, starting from where we began—the Golden Coast California.

The spectacular Highway 1 route is on many people’s bucket lists when you think about a road trip. It runs along the Pacific coastline of California and takes you through the most scenic route you can imagine for a drive. Also known as the “All-American Road”, you can drive through Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay Area, and other urban coastal cities. Throughout the route, you can stop among the tall trees of Redwood National Park, the bustling Santa Cruz Beach boardwalk, and the arid but characteristic Joshua Tree National Park.

These limited-edition refills are carefully printed on a letterpress machine in Nagareyama Factory. Letterpress printing is a unique printing method where the direct impression of an inked metal plate against paper creates a distinctive look. Each design is comprised of three core colors printed through separate layers. Enjoy the warmth and characteristic of letterpress printing that gives each refill its unique touch. We can’t wait to see what you make with these special refills.

TRAVELER’S COMPANY USA Limited Edition Refills are only available on TRC USA online store (

TRAVELER’S notebook Refill The Golden Coast California (Regular Size)

The blue background is inspired by the mesmerizing blue of the ocean. In this original illustration of the California State map, we highlighted iconic landmarks and sights that one shouldn’t miss.

This refill uses MD Cream paper with a dot grid layout. You can easily write to document your journey or draw sketches of your favorite sights. If you happen to be taking this specific road trip down the Golden Coast of California, you can customize the cover of the refill to match your trip.


TRAVELER’S notebook Refill Let’s Go on a Road Trip (Passport Size)

What do you bring on a road trip? The minivan design is a nostalgic reference to a fully packed bus when one goes on an extended road trip cross-country. Since establishing in the US, it is our dream to bring the TRAVELER’S COMPANY experience across the nation, and this van represents our vision for that in the future.

This passport-size refill uses MD Cream paper and can be used to write down quick notes, journal, and doodle on your journey. Are you inspired to take a drive today?

(The backside continues the design of the TRC van)

What’s even better, put on the radio and sing along to your favorite tune. Perhaps it’s one that reminded you of a special memory from years back…the mixing of experience is what makes each trip special. When you make a pit stop to take a break, take out your TRAVELER’S notebook and write down your thoughts.

Why not look forward to 2022 with some grand adventure like a road trip. Perhaps you’re even thinking about a trip soon that starts with exploring your city. We are excited to share these special refills that will inspire your next adventure.


Have a nice trip!

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