Unleash your creativity with TRAVELER’S notebook by documenting your observations through drawing and painting. Whether you are visiting somewhere new or frequenting your favorite neighborhood spot, why not make the memory more special by capturing the scenes in your notebook? You can sketch on location or record the memories while relaxing at a café during a break in your trip.

As you embark on outdoor activities this summer, take your TRAVELER’S notebook on creative adventures. Sketch and draw what catches your eye so that when you flip back to these memories in the future, the stories jump out vividly from your pages. Find your favorite drawing tools and let’s TRAVEL & SKETCH with TRAVELER’S notebook!

This summer, TRAVELER’S COMPANY USA has arranged for three exciting installments to the “TRAVEL &SKETCH with TRAVELER’S notebook” event. Please enjoy each of them with your TRAVELER’S notebook!


TRC USA x Art Toolkit Limited Edition Pocket Palette

In a new collaboration, TRAVELER’S COMPANY USA meets Art Toolkit, a company based in Port Townsend, WA that makes tools for sketching and painting for urban and wilderness adventures. We have created a special edition of the iconic Pocket Palette, a portable watercolor palette for creating art anywhere at any time. These are field-tested by artists and are designed to accompany you through any sketching adventures.

The TRC USA x Art Toolkit Limited Edition Pocket Palette is made of rust-proof aluminum, in special edition green, with TRAVELER’S COMPANY engraving that encourages you to seize the moment and create art in your TRAVELER’S notebook.

The Pocket Palette includes 2 mixing surfaces and 11 empty pans for you to customize your favorite watercolor palette. The pans are magnetic so you can re-arrange or customize the pans further to your preference. Pick and choose your favorite watercolor paints and fill the pans from the tubes. Watercolor can be reactivated with a wet brush, so these are easy to carry on-the-go.

The lightweight anodized aluminum material is rust-proof and scratch resistant. The palette also includes a reusable cloth drawstring logo pouch to store your palette and other accessories securely in your bag.

The slim pans hold just enough paint for urban sketching, plein air, or a quick doodle while sitting down at a cafe. Simply fill the pans with your favorite watercolor, wait for it to dry, and you are ready to paint on the go. Use the 030 BRASS Clip to secure the palette to your notebook for a compact sketching experience!


TRC USA x Art Toolkit Limited Edition Pocket Palette (Prefilled Set with Water Brush)

Are you trying watercolor for the first time? We also prepared a limited quantity of pre-filled Pocket Palette sets that include 6 curated colors from Van Gogh® watercolors by Royal Talens and a mini water brush.

A water brush is designed to hold a reservoir of water in its body so you can paint conveniently without needing to prepare a cup of water to clean your brush. The tip of the water brush is self-cleaning – simply squeeze the body to flush the tip if you want to change colors.

Art Toolkit meticulously selected six colors called “The Explore Palette” which include: Payne’s Grey, Permanent Red Light, Phthalo Blue, Quinacridone Rose, Transparent Yellow Medium, and Yellow Ochre. These are core colors that can be easily mixed to create a wide arrange of greens, purples, browns, and more! The prefilled watercolors are hand-poured and can be re-activated by wetting your brush. Enjoy painting the hues of the rainbow with these six colors.

The Pocket Palette is the size of a business card, and it fits seamlessly in TRAVELER’S COMPANY Zipper Case pockets (regular and passport size) to complete your travel and sketch set up!

For people looking for a traditional watercolor experience, we would like to recommend the Pocket Travel Brush by Rosemary & Co, a brand based in the UK that produces high-quality brushes for artists. The handle of the brush is reversible for convenient storage and prevents damage to the brush hair.

Whether you are having a good cup of coffee at a café or enjoying good weather outdoors, this Pocket Palette will be the perfect companion for your creative ideas. Create a selection of your favorite colors and paint on the go. Enjoy a good day, good music, good coffee, and a good notebook!

TRC USA Art Toolkit Limited Edition Pocket Palette – $48

TRC USA Art Toolkit Limited Edition Pocket Palette (Prefilled Set with Water Brush) – $64

Rosemary & Co Pocket Travel Brush Size 8 – $19

*TRC USA Art Toolkit Limited Edition Pocket Palettes will be available at select US Partner Shops and Please call ahead to inquire about availability. Prefilled sets are only available on the TRC USA website.


The second and third installment of the TRAVEL & SKETCH series is an invitation for TRAVELER’S notebook users around the US to participate in these creative outings, physical and virtual!

TRAVLE & SKETCH Sketch Crawl and Virtual Trips



About Art Toolkit

In 2004 Maria Coryell-Martin, founder of Art Toolkit, embarked on a year-long Watson Fellowship to explore remote landscapes through art. This experience inspired a resolve to continue working as an expeditionary artist with a focus on polar and glacier science and to inspire environmental awareness in audiences of all ages. She was inspired to create a compact sketching and painting kit after a memorable experience juggling clumsy sketching tools while crawling in the sand for hours to monitor walruses on a small island in eastern Greenland. To this day, she continues to document her daily adventures through art with her all-in-one field art and watercolor kit.

Art Toolkit is currently based out of Port Townsend, a seaside arts and boat-building community in Washington State. They create and curate tools for artists who are interested in urban city exploration or more reclusive adventures. With Art Toolkit, you can have everything you need to create art wherever your settings may be.

Visit Art Toolkit to learn more about watercolor techniques and useful art supplies.


Have a nice trip!

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