TRAVEL & SKETCH with TRAVELER’S notebook Volume 2

Summer has always been the time of the year when we are filled with nostalgia for field trips and outings when the weather is nice. As you spend more time outdoors or traveling this year, why not document your observations through drawing and painting? With the trusty TRAVELER’S notebook by your side, sketch or doodle what catches your eye. When you flip through the pages in the future, your drawings will bring back vivid memories of that encounter. That’s what’s special about TRAVEL & SKETCH.


TRC USA x Art Toolkit Limited Edition Palettes

Your TRAVELER’S notebook can carry the marks and scuffs of your journey through many years. We wanted to introduce other sturdy tools that will withstand frequent use and the passage of time. Last summer, TRAVELER’S COMPANY USA collaborated with Art Toolkit, an art supply company based in Port Townsend, WA, to introduce a special watercolor paint palette. Art Toolkit is known for its expertise in field-tested palettes and tools for sketching on the go. We are pleased to announce that we are continuing the collaboration for a second release. We would like to introduce our special collaboration Pocket Palette and a new size, Folio Palette!

TRC USA x Art Toolkit TRAVEL & SKETCH palettes are made with rust-proof and lightweight anodized aluminum, with the TRAVEL & SKETCH logo engraving that encourages you to create art in your TRAVELER’S notebook. The special edition color Bronze is inspired by TRAVELER’S COMPANY BRASS PRODUCTS. The slim form factor makes it a convenient and portable palette that you can carry around with your TRAVELER’S notebook. It holds just enough paint for urban sketching, plein air, or a quick doodle while sitting down at a café.

The modular mixing pan and paint pan also allow you to customize your favorite color palette, however you like. Each comes with a custom canvas pouch with the special TRAVEL & SKETCH logo in copper screen printing to store the palette or hold other small accessories.

The TRC USA Art Toolkit TRAVEL & SKETCH Collaboration items will be available on June 6th, 2023 9:00 AM PT on and US TRC Partner Shops.


TRC USA x Art Toolkit TRAVEL & SKETCH Pocket Palette

TRC USA Art Toolkit TRAVEL & SKETCH Pocket Palette is a card-size palette that contains two mixing surfaces and 15 empty paint pans for you to customize and create your favorite watercolor palette. The pans are magnetic so you can re-arrange the pans further to your preference. Fill each pan with your favorite watercolor tube of choice and they are ready to go. Once the paints are dried in the pan, they can be re-activated with a wet brush whenever you want to start painting.

The Pocket Palette easily fits into the card-size pockets of a TRAVELER’S notebook zipper pouch (Regular and Passport Size)

TRC USA x Art Toolkit TRAVEL & SKETCH Pocket Palette – $48 USD


TRC USA x Art Toolkit TRAVEL & SKETCH Folio Palette

TRC USA Art Toolkit TRAVEL & SKETCH Folio Palette fits seamlessly in TRAVELER’S COMPANY Zipper Case (Regular Size). It is twice the size of the standard Pocket Palette. Designed for watercolor enthusiasts who want to carry more colors in their palettes, while retaining the ease of portability and painting in any environment. The Folio Palette includes two mixing surfaces and 21 pans for you to customize your favorite watercolor palette.


TRC USA x Art Toolkit TRAVEL & SKETCH Folio Palette – $55 USD


Art Toolkit Explore Palette Plus

For watercolor beginners who would like a preset color palette to start, we prepared the TRC USA Art Toolkit TRAVEL & SKETCH Pocket Explore Palette Plus and Folio Explore Palette Plus. These palettes are prefilled with 12 curated colors from Van Gogh® watercolors by Royal Talens.

The “Explore Palette Plus” is a special color palette curated by Art Toolkit that offers an introductory set of 12 colors that is great for color mixing. It includes Transparent Yellow Medium, Permanent Red Light, Turquoise Blue, Pthalo Blue, Sap Green, Payne’s Grey, Yellow Ochre, Quinacridone Rose, Ultramarine, Permanent Blue Violet, Burnt Sienna, and Burnt Umber.

The color palette includes warm and cool colors for each primary color, as well as premixed purple, green, and two browns. The pre-filled watercolor palettes are hand-poured and can be re-activated by a wet brush. Enjoy creating a wide range of bright and muted colors with this palette.

For the initial release, TRC USA TRAVEL & SKETCH Pocket Explore Palette Plus will come as a set with a mini water brush. The water brush is designed to hold a reservoir of water in its barrel so you can paint anywhere without needing a fresh cup of water. The tip is self-cleaning; you can flush out unused color by squeezing the barrel of the brush. We also recommend Pocket TRAVEL Brush by Rosemary & Co from the UK, who produce high-quality brushes for artists. The handle of the brush is reversible for convenient storage and portability.

With the TRC USA TRAVEL & SKETCH collaboration palettes, you can re-create fun memories on your travel. Whether you are resting at a coffee shop or taking a break at the park, you can take out the palette easily to start making art.


TRC USA x Art Toolkit TRAVEL & SKETCH Pocket Explore Palette Plus with Water Brush – $66 USD

TRC USA x Art Toolkit TRAVEL & SKETCH Folio Explore Palette Plus – $72 USD

Rosemary & Co Pocket Travel Brush Size 8 – $19 USD


The TRC USA Art Toolkit TRAVEL & SKETCH Collaboration will be available on June 6th, 2023 9:00 AM PT on and US TRC Partner Shops. Related items will be available on only. 

*Due to the interest of this launch, we will be limiting purchase quantities per item per customer. Shipping time for orders containing new items is also extended to 5-7 business days due to demand. Multiple orders from the same address, forwarding services, and other suspicious purchase behavior will be automatically canceled due to the increased vigilance for resellers.


TRAVEL & SKETCH with Partner Shops – June 10th, 2023

TRAVEL & SKETCH Sketch Crawl is a TRAVELER’S COMPANY USA Partner Shop collaboration event to invite users to meet up and enjoy creating art in their TRAVELER’S notebook together. Participating Partner Shops include Oblation Paper and Press (Portland, OR), Omoi Zakka Shop (Philadelphia, PA), Yoseka Stationery (Brooklyn, NY), Paper Seahorse (Tampa, FL), Good Postage (Charlotte, NC), and Two Hands Paperie (Boulder, CO).

On June 10th, visit TRAVELERS’ COMPANY US Partner Shops to enjoy meeting fellow TRAVELER’S notebook enthusiasts, exploring neighborhood recommendations, and making drawings and sketches in your TRAVELER’S notebook. The Partner Shops may also have their own special events to add to the meetups!

Bring your favorite drawing supplies, some refreshment, and most importantly your TRAVELER’S notebook. Exchange TRAVELER’S notebook stories and document delightful findings in the neighborhood through doodles and sketches!


[Special Partner Shop Events]

Yoseka Stationery Urban Sketching with Meagan – June 10th
1:30 PM – 3:30 PM ET
Meet at Yoseka Stationery, 63 West Street, Brooklyn NY11222
Price to Attend: $15 (register here)

Meagan is a NYC elementary art teacher and illustrator, mostly as an urban sketcher. She loves nothing more than going out and exploring new places and documenting them. Meagan will be leading an urban sketching sketch crawl with TRAVELER’S notebook while exploring the neighborhood surrounding Yoseka Stationery! Bring your TRAVELER’s notebook or other favorite sketchbook and favorite sketching tools. We also recommended bringing some refreshment and a portable/foldable stool

The Paper Seahorse TRAVEL & SKETCH workshop – June 10th
10:00 AM – noon ET
The Paper Seahorse 211 S Howard Ave, Tampa, FL 33606
Price to Attend: Free

Don Dellow from Tampa Urban Sketcher Chapter will be leading a free sketch workshop at The Paper Seahorse. This gathering will be an opportunity to bring together people who want to learn about sketching and those who are now sketching but would like “talk” and “do” some sketching. You will discuss some basics of sketching, followed by a brief sketching demo, and finally time to sketch and share the results. ⁠All materials will be supplied for the class. Registration required due to limited space. Save your seat at:

Oblation Sketch Crawl in Pearl District- June 10th
11:00 AM – 1:00 PM PT
Meet at Oblation Paper and Press 516 NW 12th Ave, Portland, OR 97209
Price to Attend: Free

Oblation Paper and Press in-house artist and designer Andi and Lexie will be leading a fun sketch crawl in the Pearl District at Tanner Springs Park. Enjoy the company of fellow TRAVELER’S notebook enthusiasts and urban sketchers to explore the neighborhood with a fresh perspective. You can also enjoy a nice refreshment and Portland summer with a nearby cafe!


TRAVEL & SKETCH with Art Toolkit – June 14th, 2023

Art Toolkit is an adventure art company based in Port Townsend. They create watercolor and sketching supplies for urban and wilderness adventures and support a passionate community of artists—beginners and professionals alike.

On June 14th, 2023 at noon PT. TRAVELER’S COMPANY USA will be doing a live stream demo with Art Toolkit through a Youtube Livestream. Maria Coryell-Martin, founder of Art Toolkit, will discuss the collaboration with our team and share favorite sketching techniques and color-mixing tips with Explore Palette Plus.

Visit Art Toolkit to learn more about watercolor techniques and art supplies.


Have a nice trip!

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