TRAVEL & SKETCH Days with TRAVELER’S notebook

It is another beautiful summer day to TRAVEL & SKETCH. Since the beginning of June, we invited TRAVELER’S notebook users to enjoy sketching and documenting their surroundings and special moments. Whether it is with watercolor or a simple pencil and a notebook, you can capture your memories in your unique ways.

Alongside Partner Shops and our collaboration partner Art Toolkit, TRAVELER’S notebook fans have gathered in different locations to draw and write in their notebooks and sketchbooks. On June 10th, US Partner Shops hosted a TRAVEL & SKETCH event that invited fans and customers to share their drawings or go on a sketch crawl near their stores. On July 1st, Art Toolkit and TRAVELER’S COMPANY USA came together to host a sketch crawl at scenic Kerry Park in Seattle. Are you excited to start documenting your summer memories with TRAVEL & SKETCH?


TRAVEL & SKETCH with Partner Shops

Despite the warmer weather in Portland, Oregon, Oblation Papers and Press hosted a sketch crawl that took TRAVELER’S notebook fans to Tanner Springs Park in the Pearl District. The party of sketchers first met at the storefront of Oblation Papers and Press, then picked up coffee from Barista on the way to the scenic destination.

Their topic of interest is the calming pond with flourishing lotus flowers. TRAVELER’S notebook Regular Size was the preferred medium of choice, while some users also made beautiful drawings inside their SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOKS.

Everyone chose different locations to sketch – some folks paired off with people they just met, some with friends they already knew, and some solo. Most had the Toolkit from this year or last. It was a perfect sunny day, and we enjoyed seeing everyone’s setups and different styles – such skill from all who attended!”


Across the country in Brooklyn, New York, Yoseka Stationery hosted a sketch crawl led by Meagan who is the illustrator and artist that illustrated the Partner Shop Postcard for Yoseka Stationery. She led new customers and loyal fans alike on an urban sketching tour around the Greenpoint neighborhood.

“It was wonderful to see artists with so many different experiences come out for urban sketching. We had artists who were urban sketchers with all their portable watercolor tools, ready to set up their new art toolkit palettes with pre-panned paints, we had people who were a little nervous about trying it for the first time, and we even had one young sketcher showing up with their parents to TRAVEL & SKETCH as a family.”


Head south towards Tampa, Florida, and we found Paper Seahorse beating the shade by hosting an indoor TRAVEL & SKETCH session led by a local urban sketcher Don. Don is an avid sketcher and gave the community an introductory session on how to approach sketching on location. The group followed a reference photo of The Paper Seahorse charming bungalow storefront and tried sketching for the first time.

Fans were also able to purchase and pick up the new TRAVEL & SKETCH collaboration palettes to add to their on-the-go sketching setup!


In Charlotte, North Carolina, Good Postage also hosted a TRAVEL & SKETCH event. TRAVELER’S notebook fans came together across their bright yellow picnic table to create all kinds of drawings and sketches in their notebooks.

TRAVEL & SKETCH Sketch Crawl at Kerry Park with Art Toolkit

Ahead of the Fourth of July, TRAVELER’S notebook users and Seattle urban sketchers came together on a sunny morning at Kerry Park to participate in a TRAVEL & SKETCH sketch crawl. Maria, founder of Art Toolkit, and TRAVELER’S COMPANY USA set up a pop-up table to encourage fans and new users to try sketching on location.

Kerry Park in Seattle, Washington, boasts an iconic view of downtown Seattle and the harbor that borders it. On a clear day, you can see the graceful Mount Rainier towering next to the Space Needle, stark against the blue sky. On the day of the meetup, it is sunny with a cool breeze, a typical Seattle summer day.

The sketch crawl kicked off with a short demo by Maria from Art Toolkit on how to capture complicated scenes. Newcomers are welcome to borrow an Art Toolkit palette from the pop-up to use for their sketches. Over 40 sketchers and TRAVELER’S notebook users came together on this nice morning to enjoy TRAVEL & SKETCH.

Participants came from all walks of life. We were joined by professional artists, enthusiasts, and beginners who are trying sketching for the first time. Fans could also collect the TRAVELER’S COMPANY TRAVEL & SKETCH Stamp during the event in their notebooks or on their sketchbooks. As the day becomes warmer, the sketchers’ spirit did not dampen, and we were joined by more new friends as they look on to this sketch crawl event.

Close to noon, everyone laid down their sketchbooks and notebooks on a picnic blanket for an ending “throwdown”. It’s a good opportunity to admire everyone’s work and share stories. How is the same scene interpreted from 40 different perspectives? Although the view is the same, our individual stories make TRAVEL & SKETCH unique in our notebooks.

We hope these accounts of TRAVEL & SKETCH inspire you to start creating your accounts of your adventures. Whether you are itching to make art or use writing to document special moments of this summer, we hope you can enjoy exploring your creativity through TRAVELER’S notebook!


Have a nice trip!

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