The Charm of BRASS items in Your Toolbox

If you are a TRAVELER’S notebook user, you inevitably understand the appreciation of good writing instruments to complement the experience. If you’re looking for stationery tools that pair beautifully with the natural leather of TRAVELER’S notebook, look no further than TRC BRASS PRODUCTS. TRAVELER’S COMPANY creates a line of brass analog tools that include pens, pen cases, rulers, and brass clips; All created to inspire your creativity and spur that spontaneous need to write and make a mark in your TRAVELER’S notebook. The texture and the experience of the brass material are what sets it apart from other stationery goods.


You can’t deny that the charm of brass lies in the way it changes over time. The way the material oxidizes with air and changes color remind us very much of ourselves who changes with the ebb and flow of time. The pristine gold looks when you open a new BRASS product represents a new start. Over time, the color deepens to the likes of antique gold, and it seems like the tools carry a part of your history. As you use it alongside other TRAVELER’S COMPANY analog products, it takes on changes and marking that belong to your unique journey only. When TRAVELER’S notebook users meet, they compare the aging of their BRASS pen tools and see how each other weather through their adventures.



The design of the pen is reminiscent of the curvature of vintage cars. The body of the pen is both a cap for the nibs and an extender for the grip section. As you remove the writing section and recap it into the body of the pen, the satisfying slide and click signal the beginning of a nice writing experience. The extra step also makes the act of writing a bit livelier. Each pen goes through a meticulous cutting and assembling process in our Japanese factories. It starts with a simple repetition of pressing the brass plate and cooling it until the cylindrical base is formed. It is not an easy feat and is solely reliant on craftsmen’s expertise to produce the final form.

TRC BRASS pens are portable and convenient for all kinds of journaling or documenting scenarios. We offer the BRASS pen series in four different types of writing experiences based on your preference: PENCIL, BALLPOINT PEN, ROLLERBALL PEN, and FOUNTAIN PEN. Each comes with a slim and stylish clip for all kinds of storage methods. You can clip it in your shirt pocket, store it in a pen case, or hold it securely with your TRAVELER’S notebook using the TRAVELER’S notebook Pen Holders.



TRAVELER’S COMPANY pays homage to the color of machinery and the floor mats commonly seen in factories by introducing the limited color Factory Green in our BRASS pen series.

Green is used for the floors, doors, and shelves in many factories because it’s easy on the eye and evokes a sense of safety that provides peace of mind. When you pick up our Factory Green BRASS pens, we hope it reminds you of the manual effort, state of art technology, and superior craftsmanship that goes into creating everyday products around you.



The BRASS pen body can be disassembled should you want to use the pen without the clip. Simply remove the unique ring cap at the end of the pen, and you can remove or replace the clip section. TRC USA also offers replacement nibs for brass fountain pens and brass rollerball pens, and replacement wooden shaft parts for BRASS ballpoint pens.

You can further accessories and add functionality to your TRAVELER’S notebook toolbox with TRC BRASS Clips. Through multiple iterations and many craftsmen’s knowledge, we sought to create the best form of binder clip suitable for TRAVELER’S notebook—from the number of coils necessary for the spring to ensure a firm grip to the design and thickness of the brass plate. Simply attach it to the edge of the leather cover or a refill insert to carry it with your TRAVELER’S notebook set up.

If you enjoy the charm of brass and want to see what other tools can complement the TRAVELER’S notebook, please consider the variety of TRC BRASS PRODUCTS such as TRC BRASS RULER, BRASS CLIPS Number, BRASS TEMPLATE BOOKMARK, BRASS LABEL PLATE, and BRASS INDEX Clip. All are designed so people can use these for a long time. Imagine what these would look like, 10 years from now? What stories would the aged colors tell?



Due to popular demand, we decide to bring back the TRAVELER’S FACTORY original BRASS Ink Cartridge Case for a limited time. Made of solid brass, the BRASS Ink Cartridge Case is designed to use with TRC BRASS FOUNTAIN PEN and store excess refill cartridges that you may want to carry with you on your travels. Especially when you’re going on a longer trip and are worried that your BRASS FOUNTAIN PEN or BRASS BALLPOINT PEN might run out of ink. This cartridge case is a secure way to keep the refills from getting lost amongst other items in your bag.

TF BRASS Ink Cartridge Cases are only available from August 19th to September 30th, 2021, while supplies last.

The BRASS Ink Cartridge Case S-size holds one TRC ink cartridge for a fountain pen or rollerball pen. BRASS Ink Cartridge Case M-size can hold two cartridges, brass pencil refills, or brass ballpoint pen refills comfortably. The screw-on lid provides a tight seal, so you don’t have to worry about the cartridge leaking in any way.

The design includes an elegant ring on one end so you can attach it to your keyring, or even secure it on the TRAVELER’S notebook’s elastic rubber band. Each BRASS Ink Cartridge Case has the TRAVELER’S FACTORY logo engraved at the end. Not only is it a beautiful accessory to your TRAVELER’S notebook, but it will also age gracefully along with all your analog tools. We hope that this cartridge will also be a reliable partner through your life’s journey.


TRAVELER’S COMPANY at San Francisco Pen Show 2021

We’re excited to announce the first pop-up event for TRAVELER’S COMPANY this year will be at the San Francisco Pen Show from August 27 – 29th, 2021. The San Francisco Pen Show is where lovers of analog and writing tools come together from around the country to enjoy the charm of pens and paper. We will be showcasing our selection of BRASS PRODUCTS as well as allow you to flip through the B-Sides and Rarities refills. We will also bring a limited amount of TRAVELER’S FACTORY original items for users to preview. If you bring your TRAVELER’S notebook, feel free to stop by and collect some stamps from our TRAVELER’S COMPANY Stamp caravan.

Most importantly, we invite TRAVELER’S notebook users to visit us and meet other TRAVELER’S notebook enthusiasts at the venue. It will be a great opportunity to share your TRAVELER’S notebook stories with other users. Even if you are not able to attend in person, stay tuned to our future blog posts where we’ll be sharing fun snapshots from the event!


Have a nice trip!

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