TF Original Mini Cards and Gift Bag for Your Valentine

*This product lineup is only available from January 28th, 2021 through February 28th, 2021 while supplies last.

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching in the middle of February, the season to show affection to the people in your life that you admire most, has officially begun. This Valentine’s Day, who will be in your thoughts and what kind words will you gift to those who mean so much to you? It is the perfect time to think about your partner who has chosen to enjoy the voyage of life with you. Not only a romantic holiday, but it is also a good time to give some encouraging words to a friend who will embark on a new journey, or a family member that you have not seen in a while. We all have very important people in our lives that contribute to our daily happiness and this is the ideal time to send them a heartfelt gift and to wish them a wonderful journey.

TRAVELER’S notebook makes a wonderful gift. Your loved ones can carry it wherever each day may take them. The more you use it on your daily journey, the more you will fall in love with it. TRAVELER’S FACTORY Original GIFT BAG – HAVE A NICE TRIP is the perfect gift bag that can store TRAVELER’S notebook and later can be utilized as a carrying bag for their important travel tools. TRAVELER’S FACTORY Original Charms will even add a little accent on their TRAVELER’S notebook. Complete your gift with an affectionate message using a set of TRAVELER’S FACTORY Original Mini Cards. Send your loved ones on their daily journey with a heartfelt message that will ensure they know wherever they may travel, you are thinking about them.


Valentine’s Music Playlist

We have curated a playlist of love songs with a theme of LOVE & TRIP. Love songs evoke memories of a heart-pounding first love or remind you of a time spent with loved ones. Love songs also teach us important lessons like how to deal with sad goodbyes that we have experienced on our life’s journey. Some songs may encourage you to dive into a new love, others may motivate you to rekindle an old flame. Most popular music tends to be love songs because they help us understand each other and comprehend the meaning of life.

We wish the best for you and your loved ones and hope you can enjoy this playlist while navigating the wonderful journey of life together. 

Product Lineup:

TF Original Mini Cards – HAVE A NICE TRIP
TF Original Mini Cards are standard business card sized gift cards. This set includes three cards with different travel motifs. A train, bus, and hot air balloon all incorporate a nostalgic design that will evoke feelings of travel. Gift them to a friend or loved one with a simple message to celebrate a new journey.


TF Original Cotton Gift Bag – HAVE A NICE TRIP!
TF Original Cotton Gift Bag printed with the design “HAVE A NICE TRIP! ” is a perfect gift bag for someone who will walk the voyage of life with you, or gift to a friend who is about to embark on a new journey. Send them off on their journey with a gift bag full of items that they will be able to utilize while traveling. The bag itself is a drawstring type, so it can be used to hold a multiple assortment of small items and notebook. You can also fill this bag and store it in your backpack for daily travel.
*TF Original Cotton Gift Bag is the perfect size for TRAVELER’S notebook Regular Size (without original packaging) and TRAVELER’S notebook Passport Size (with or without original packaging). You can fit TRAVELER’S notebook Regular Size (with packaging) in the Gift Bag, but the top drawstring will not close completely.


TF Original Charms are the tools to customize and personalize your TRAVELER’S notebook. We selected charms that incorporate the theme of travel to ensure your loved ones will have a great journey. These charms are made of tin, same as the metal fastener on your TRAVELER’S notebook’s rubber band.


Have a nice trip!

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