Steam Clock and Coffee Shop Adventure with TRAVELER’S notebook

Do you take your TRAVELER’S notebook when you go on a coffee shop trip? The size of the TRAVELER’S notebook regular size is just right for your backpack or tote when you go on a short outing. Whether you are working, studying, or journaling at a cafe, the TRAVELER’S notebook can be a trusty companion in those moments.

The staff of TRAVELER’S COMPANY USA would love to take you on their adventures with their notebooks throughout the year. In the first of the TRC USA Staff’s Diaries series, let’s take your TRAVELER’S notebook on a COFFEE TABLE TRIP with us.


Steam Clock and Coffee Shop Adventure

Good morning! Today, my coffee shop exploration starts at the iconic Steam Clock in the heart of Gastown in Vancouver, Canada. This Victorian-like clock steams and whistles every quarter-hour, drawing hordes of tourists and sightseers. If you walk away from the hustle and bustle of Water Street, you’ll find yourself in the smaller streets of Gastown.

The coffee shop choice for today’s COFFEE TABLE TRIP brings us to Revolver, a Vancouver institution when it comes to good coffee! When I was starting my coffee journey and learning more about coffee, the first place I visited was Revolver. This cafe boasts a wide selection of coffee beans from around the world, in addition to coffee-making equipment and coffee-related merchandise like magazines, sweaters, and mugs.

The interior of Revolver is so cozy and I knew I had to spend some time writing in my TRAVELER’S notebook in this warm and inviting setting. The smell of the coffee wafting through the narrow galley-like cafe reminds me of being in the dining area of a quaint ferry boat.

I ordered an oat milk latte since it was a pretty brisk winter day. I was extremely excited to capture the lovely barista crafting my latte because the baristas at Revolver are always so kind and knowledgeable about coffee and are patient with me and my questions or queries. The time and care they took to create a beautiful cup of latte with latte art made me smile.

The main coffee shop space was quite full, but thankfully, the narrow cafe extended to another space next door called Archive. The Archive is a roomy space with community seating and lots of coffee merchandise if you fancy doing some shopping whilst drinking your coffee.

My perfectly poured latte was silky smooth and the espresso complimented the neutral but creamy oat milk. I was ready to do some writing alongside my latte.

I spent a large chunk of my time at the coffee shop writing about my past travels to Seattle, Washington a few months past. My TRAVELER’S notebook helped transport me back to my travels as I flipped through my inserts filled with travel ephemera, tickets, and photos.

With TRAVELER’S notebook, I’m able to document my past trips while enjoying my current coffee shop trip. I truly enjoyed sipping my oat milk latte while writing and I knew I might need a second cup at the rate I was drinking my coffee.

After a few hours, it was time to head home. I had an enjoyable experience soaking in the sights, sounds, and smells of a busy coffee shop. It was great having the opportunity to slow down, sip some coffee, and write in my TRAVELER’S notebook.

Are you planning to go on a COFFEE TABLE TRIP? Just remember, if you are drinking a cup of coffee while documenting it in your TRAVELER’S notebook, you are already at TRAVELER’S CAFE. Please enjoy a wonderful time with a good cup of coffee and notebooks.


Have a nice trip!

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