How to use the TRAVELER’S notebook Repair Kit

The TRAVELER’S notebook Repair Kit features a set of tin metal fittings, six rubber pieces, and a string used for a bookmark. Over time the rubber on your TRAVELER’S notebook might get damaged or cut, and this kit will give you everything you need to repair back to newBelow, we will introduce how to change the rubber of the main body that is fastened with metal fittings. We also recommend customizing to change the color of the rubber. The feeling of your notebook enhances just by simply changing the color of the rubber. 

(1) Pass the rubber through the hole from the inside of the leather cover. 
(2) Attach the rubber to the lower cut, and then apply the rubber to the upper cut. 
(3) Pass the rubber and string (bookmark) through the two holes in the bracket. 
(4) Tighten the rubber and the string once and put it inside to make it hard to come off. 
(5) Hit the bracket with a hammer to fix the rubber and string.  * When using a hammer, apply paper or cloth to the bracket and hit it from above, as the bracket may be damaged. 
(6) Cut off the rubber and string that protrude from the metal fittings. 

Have a nice trip!

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