Recommended Gifts for Travelers

Just like that, we’re one month away from the end of the year 2023. Time flew by and our spirits are filled with mixed feelings of anxiousness and anticipation for the new year. However, our travels don’t stop there – some of us may be enjoying a staycation or planning our last trip to visit friends and family. We hope that you are taking the time to enjoy each moment you spent with loved ones, as well as reflecting on the journey you’ve been on this year, in your TRAVELER’S notebook.

To help you pick out a great gift for this holiday season, we would like to share a few recommendations for travelers. From TRAVELER’S FACTORY seasonal items to special incense match sticks from Awaji Island, there’s something for everyone.


TRAVELER’S FACTORY Holiday items for travelers

Last month, we introduced the special seasonal polar bear-themed items from TRAVELER’S FACTORY that can be used to adorn your TRAVELER’S notebook or other accessories. The polar bears are not white but come in the form of tanned leather and polished brass.

The new Brass Bear Badge can be pinned on your favorite tote bag or be an accent piece on your sweater for the holidays.

The Little Bear Brass Charm and Leather Bear Tags add a whimsical charm to a wrapped gift and can also be great additions to your holiday décor.

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Scents and candles for travelers

Whether you are traveling or enjoying cozy moments at home, scents and candles can make your space feel pleasant and comfortable. We would like to recommend a few special items that can alleviate your journaling space when you spend time with your TRAVELERS notebook this season.

Hibi is a collaboration of incense from Awaji Island and matches from Harima. It is a palm-size portable incense that can be used easily without an igniter. Not just for travel, you can also use it as a refreshing ritual in the morning in the kitchen, while the family enjoys some downtime in the living room or a relaxing moment as a bedtime routine.

Simply light up the match, wait for the flame to reach the incense stick, blow it out, and place it on the burning mat included. For approximately 10 minutes to 30 minutes, a soothing aroma will spread and linger. We recommend a few iconic scents such as Ylang Ylang, Yuzu, and Cedarwood to complement your space.

Another new recommended tool this season is P.F. Candle Co., 100% domestically grown soy wax candles from sunny California. P.F. Candles Co. believes that fragrance is an extension of home design, directly impacting your mood and the way you feel. Their signature 7.2 oz Standard Candles are hand-poured into apothecary-inspired amber jars with kraft labels and a brass lid. Enjoy the warmth and soothing scent such as sunbaked Golden Coast, Ojai Lavender, and Spruce for this holiday season.


Creative tools and storage for travelers

We imagine a TRAVELER’S notebook user would have a few of their favorite things in their toolboxes. A simple pencil, your favorite fountain pen, or a watercolor palette to create drawings —these are all essential tools for documenting in your TRAVELER’S notebook. Here are a few of our favorite recommendations for gift-giving this season.

Enjoy painting and making art with the new collaboration between TRAVELER’S COMPANY USA and Art Toolkit. We created 4 special edition palettes: TRAVEL & SKETCH Bronze Pocket and Folio size, Limited Green Pocket and Folio Size. They fit easily into TRAVELER’S notebook Regular and Passport Size so that you can take the palettes on the go. These compact watercolor palettes hold just enough paint for you to create art anytime, anywhere.

Back to basics, Blackwing pencils are sturdy companions for all kinds of writing. Favored by artists, musicians, and writers, Blackwing pencils feature premium Japanese graphite and incense cedar. Enjoy using these reliable pencils to document your travels.

Toyo Steel makes high-quality metal toolboxes using a single sheet of steel, a style they pioneered from its experienced factory in Osaka, Japan. The T-190 Trunk-shaped toolbox without handles can hold small items like the BRASS clip, pencils, palettes, pens, and other small accessories. Because the toolbox is made of steel, you can even further customize your toolbox with decorative magnets.


As you settle in for the rest of the year, we hope you can enjoy spending time with your favorite tools and TRAVELER’S notebook. You may also want to recommend these special items to special people in your life. Just as you enjoy the moments throughout life’s journey, we hope that TRAVELER’S notebook is something you can share with friends, family, and loved ones.


Have a nice trip!

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