Postcards and Airmail with TRAVELER’S notebook

How often do you write letters, postcards, or any kind of correspondence? In the modern digital world, it is refreshing to sit down with pen and paper and write down something thoughtful to people you care about. There’s something quite personal and invigorating about leaving ink marks on paper, an archival commitment to your words that is not as easily erasable as you could in an email. That’s why people love writing letters by hand.

Letters are also a great way to record events happening around you. When you are writing correspondence to a friend or a family member, you want to share tidbits of the world as you see it, hoping it could be refreshing or relatable to the recipient. They could be fun and playful memories or somber thoughts and observations about world news. When we look through the history of famous people, it is often through the words of their letters in which we experience their journey and growth.

Through writing letters and sending postcards, you can connect with people who live in other parts of the world. Isn’t it wonderful to know that your thoughts can travel so far away? Even if you don’t have a pen pal available, you can also transcend the dimension of time and write to yourself, in the past or the future. It’s an opportunity to reflect on your growth or write encouraging words to your future self!

TRAVELER’S notebook not only captures your experiences in the moment of your travels and daily life, but it can also be a vessel to store pieces of correspondence that are sent your way. As valentine’s day approaches, maybe it’s a good opportunity to write a note to your loved ones. Here are some items we recommend that will help you enjoy letter writing and correspondence!


TF Mini Cards – Airmail

Add some color to your pages or your correspondence with TF Original Mini Cards. These are standard business card-sized memo cards with design on one side, and a blank space at the back for custom messages. You can use it as a message card that can be attached to a gift or add it as a thoughtful note card to your letters to a friend. You can also keep it for yourself and decorate your page inside your TRAVELER’S notebook. Store them in the pockets of your zipper cases so you can use them spontaneously during a trip!

*TF Limited Items are available until March 31st, 2022, while supplies last. 

Create postcards with TRAVELER’S notebook refills!

When you are visiting a new place, sending a postcard home or to a friend captures the memory and the characteristic of the new environment. Aside from buying postcards from a souvenir store, you can also personalize the experience by making your own postcard to send home!

Did you know that TRAVELER’S notebook 012 Sketch Paper Notebook and 027 Watercolor Paper are both perfect mediums to design your postcard? Both are made of thicker paper than the regular refills and could withstand the journey to the destination.

The 012 Sketch Paper is great for mixed media like brush pens, colored pencils, and even watercolor. The texture is smooth and flexible for most art medium. The 027 Watercolor paper features a heavier weight cold press paper that shows the granulation of watercolor pigment beautifully. Enjoy painting with your favorite medium on these sketch-friendly refills on-the-go.

When you are traveling, take a moment to sketch the scenery and write a custom message. You can also collect stamps and collage together ephemera from the trip! Whether you are sending this postcard to yourself or a friend, it is bound to be a special experience.

Each page is perforated so you can easily remove the page from the refill. Keep in mind that in the United States, to qualify as a postcard, a mail piece must be no more than 6” long. Simply trim the length of the postcard, put a stamp on the backside with the address, and it’s ready to send!

During February and March, we recommend some useful tools for you to easily customize and make your postcards! Tombow Dual brush pens can be used to create vibrant lettering designs or fill up large parts of your illustration with color. We’ve curated three colorful sets: Pumpkin Spice, Sweetheart, and Wonderland Sets. Please choose your favorite color schemes to add to your creative routine!

If you enjoy playing with watercolor, we recommend using Uniball’s Fineliner drawing pens to create the outline of your sketch because it is waterproof! The assorted pin set allows you the flexibility to create different line strokes and shades. The Tombow watercolor set includes a convenient water brush to pair with your Dual Brush Pens to create vibrant washes for your drawing.

For those who enjoy quick sketches with colored pencils, we recommend Tombow’s Irojiten Colored Pencils Tranquil Set. The soft color pencil lead works beautifully with any of TRAVELER’S notebook refill and can add color to your travel log! If you’re looking for vivid and vibrant colors, we recommend Blackwing Colors (Set of 12).  If you haven’t tried it before, colored pencils and Kraft Paper Refills are also a match made in heaven!


Storing snail mail and correspondence with SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOK

Do you feel joy when you open and read a letter from a friend or loved ones who live far away? Don’t you want to treasure that feeling by storing your correspondence in a special place? A good way to save precious letters and postcards is to store them in SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOK.



SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOK PAPER POCKET Series is designed with a convenient pocket to store ephemera and ticket stubs during your travels. It is also a good place to store letters and notes you receive from friends over time. The cover is embossed with a little kangaroo because the paper pockets resemble the pouch of Kangaroos that carry its precious cargo!

SPIRAL NOTEBOOK PAPER POCKET in A5 Slim and A6 Slim sizes are perfect for storing letters. The B6 size is great for storing postcards. The pockets are made of our iconic writing paper, so you can also add doodles and labels to describe each correspondence, the time, and the location it came from!



SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOK Window Envelope features a window envelope on every page. It is the best way to preserve postcards and ephemera from your correspondence exchange with friends. Through the clear window, you can enjoy postcards as if flipping through a photo album! You can also decorate the borders of the window with memorable quotes and words from the sender!


For the month of February, we selected 20 romance movies recommended by TRAVELER’S FACTORY. The moment you fall in love with someone is similar to the beginning of a journey. All the scenery becomes fresh and lovely. Your heart can’t help but beat faster even if you’re walking through the familiar scenes of your city. The longer it lasts, the more we deepen our understanding of each other– discovering new charms, gaining a comfortable sense of security, and may also lose our freshness and excitement.

We hope you can enjoy a moment of LOVE AND TRIP by watching these movies. Read the list here >>


We also curated a playlist of love songs under the theme of LOVE AND TRIP. Love songs not only evoke memories of heart-pounding first love, but also stir up feelings of bittersweet goodbyes that we have experienced in our life’s journey. Each time it teaches us important lessons about understanding each other and the meaning of life. We hope you enjoy these selected tunes with a casual heart!


How do you record your correspondence in TRAVELER’S notebook?

We love seeing how users use their TRAVELER’S notebook to document snail mail, letter writing, and postcards during their travels and everyday analog adventures. Please share a picture of how you use TRAVELER’S notebook to keep a record of these special connections to We’d be happy to feature them in a future post on the blog!


Have a nice trip!

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