Nigel Cabourn Camel TRAVELER'S notebook

In this limited-edition release, we would like to introduce to you the Nigel Cabourn x TRAVELER’S COMPANY collaboration. Nigel Cabourn is a British designer who is also a world-renowned collector of vintage military and outdoor wear. In 2013, the “TRAVELER’S notebook Passport Size ARMY EDITION” was released as the first collaboration with the TRAVELER’S COMPANY and was well received. Now, as the second edition, we would like to introduce TRAVELER’S notebook Regular Size to add to our Nigel Cabourn collection.

The release includes a TRAVELER’S notebook Regular Size in Camel, a TRAVELER’S notebook Kraft refill with a camouflage pattern printed on the cover and the Nigel Cabourn logo stamped in gold, a pen holder, a brass ballpoint pen, and themed stickers. The leather cover is stamped with a mark called “Broad Arrow,” which originated from the coat of arms of the British government during World War II.


About Nigel Cabourn

Nigel Cabourn has been designing garments for more than 40 years, but the collections he creates rarely match the meaning of the word “fashion” in general. This is because his creations are not driven by trends, but by his long-standing passion for vintage clothing, fabrics, and design details. These elements have been the foundation of his creations over the years and have become an important part of his current collections. Nigel has been collecting vintage clothing for over 30 years, and now has a huge collection of over 4000 pieces.

The collection includes European and American military and work wear from the 1910s to the 1950s, including rare British military test samples, as well as valuable clothing worn by explorers, all of which he has scoured the globe for himself. It is this ever-growing vintage collection that forms the basis of his collections each season, and he is never driven by a particular trend or what the public wants. Each collection released each season is based on a real story, a sense of history, and what holds them together is the highest level of quality and attention to detail.




TRAVELER’S notebook Nigel Cabourn 2021 Camel

The Nigel Cabourn x TRAVELER’S COMPANY edition features a TRAVELER’S notebook Regular Size in Camel color. The corner of the front cover is stamped with a mark called “Broad Arrow,” which originates from the coat of arms indicating British government official supplies during World War II. The elastic band is customized in red color (the spare band is in army green).

The cover of the refill is printed with a camouflage pattern and the Nigel Cabourn logo is stamped in gold foil. The inside paper is made of DESIGNPHIL’s original kraft paper, which has a rough texture but delivers a good writing experience. You can also purchase the refill on its own. Just like how Nigel Cabourn went on a world-wide expedition to find the vintage collections he loves, perhaps you can also take your TRAVELER’S notebook on an adventure of your own passion.


TRAVELER’S notebook Refill Nigel Cabourn 2021

The special Nigel Cabourn x TRAVELER’S COMPANY edition refills are also available to purchase on its own. You can enjoy mixing and matching this unique refill with different TRAVELER’S notebook covers to suit your own style.


TRAVELER’s notebook Pen Holder Nigel Cabourn 2021 Camel

The TRAVELER’S notebook Pen Holder allows you to secure and bring along your favorite writing instruments. For this special edition, the clip part is laser engraved with a same “Broad Arrow” mark. The leather holder can accommodate pens up to 12mm in diameter. This is a must-have item along with the Nigel Cabourn collaboration of the TRAVELER’S notebook.


BRASS BALLPOINT PEN, Nigel Cabourn 2021

The BRASS BALLPOINT PEN is made in collaboration with Nigel Cabourn and will be a fashionable addition to your set up. The body of the pen is painted army green with the “Nigel Cabourn” logo. We hope you will use it for a long time and enjoy the change in texture, just like the vintage collection that Nigel Cabourn loves.


Sticker Nigel Cabourn 2021

Decorate and customize the covers of your refills with this set of Nigel Cabourn x TRAVELER’S COMPANY limited edition stickers. It features the “Broad Arrow” motif, Nigel Cabourn logos, and the camouflage pattern that is iconic of his collections. You can also accessorize other trustworthy tools like your laptop, binder, or anything else you carry around with you!


TRAVELER’S notebooks are available in Camel at TRAVELER’S COMPANY USA. A Black version is available, but only at NIGEL CABOURN OFFICIAL ONLINE STORE and NIGEL CABOURN THE ARMY GYM BEIJING STORE. Also, NIGEL CABOURN will only sell the entire collection as a set.


Have a nice trip!

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