My Journey: Job Airam (Educator, Stationery Collector)

Job is a special needs educator, a curious traveler, and an avid stationery collector.

Job started documenting his journey because of a casual encounter with a TRAVELER’S notebook in a Vancouver lifestyle store. His heart skipped a beat the moment he picked up the notebook. What caught his attention was how he can use it over and over again, customizing refills according to the purpose and archiving completed refills. He was convinced that it was the perfect notebook for him because it was a way to gather his diverse interests all together in one place. Almost eight years have passed since that encounter,


“I was so fascinated by the refillable nature of these notebooks. With the TRAVELER’S notebook, this piece of leather and all my inserts have traveled with me all over the world and has so many memories inside of it.”


and Job’s original black TRAVELER’S notebook is still his favorite. Writing and drawing in his notebook every day has become as natural to him as brushing his teeth. It mirrors his inner passions and helps him through rough times. It has become an indispensable part of his journey. Let’s take a look at his journey together.

Naturally curious, Job loved learning and wanted to pass the joy of learning to others. He studied Geography and History in college, but only realized his deep passion for teaching after he graduated. After completing his teaching degree, Job was presented with an opportunity to teach English in South Korea. Job loved to travel and decided to start a new life there without hesitation. It was a dream come true to live in Seoul and travel around Asia, experiencing various cultures firsthand and learning from people from different cultural backgrounds.


“My life in Korea has been carefully written down in my TRAVELER’S notebook, and it is still an important part of who I am today.”


In the beginning, TRAVELER’S notebook system helps Job keep student evaluations, small notes, and daily schedule all in one place so that he can simply focus on teaching. He can go to the notebook to see everything that’s important and look back on them. He had mainly used it as a tool for work, to write down his daily experiences and feelings in words. While traveling, he met other TRAVELER’S notebook users and saw how they filled their notebooks with amazing drawings and collages. It triggered a passion for drawing that had laid dormant inside him. The idea of drawing in a notebook was fresh and free, and he could not help but draw in his notebook as well. From there, Job’s notebook and life become more colorful. He enjoyed drawing and collaging, and also fell in love with watercolor painting. TRAVELER’S notebook became an indispensable tool for self-expression, without boundaries between work and private life.


“TRAVELER’S notebook reminds me of my childhood when I was purely enjoying drawing on paper. TRAVELER’S notebook allows me to express myself through drawing, water coloring, and collaging on the multi-functional refills.”


In 2017, his life in South Korea and his dream of traveling Asia freely was coming to an end. For a while, Job felt a sense of loss as he had a hard time accepting his return to Vancouver. During this time, what helped him the most was his TRAVELER’S notebook. As he reflected on his precious days abroad, he saved all of his emotions down on paper and felt strangely calm. Job gradually sorted out his feelings and found the strength to start a new journey. He returned to Vancouver and decided to pursue something that he can devote his life to.


“During that time, I was very sad, and I wrote a lot in my TRAVELER’S notebook to document and try to make sense of all the emotions I was feeling. Journaling my daily life really helps overcome things but also lets me reflect on my amazing time in Asia.”

After returning to Vancouver, Job gained experience teaching students in various grades, including elementary and high school. Now, he teaches special needs children every day to give them the wisdom they need to shape their own future. The daily progress of his precious students is inscribed in his Passport size TRAVELER’S notebook that fits neatly in his chest pocket. Teaching has a special meaning for Job. Children are the hope of the future. With the brightest smile, Job declares,


“I have always hoped to provide the tools needed for kids to be successful in the world but now it’s a little more specific: helping out students with learning disabilities and special needs be successful in a world that is a little bit harder for them. “


How many of us are able to devote our limited time to what we love? Job’s TRAVELER’S notebook is filled with his passions, his favorite things, and things that are dear to him. His face is full of smiles as he earnestly pursues what he loves every day. By being honest about what you love and focusing on it as Job does, you can make your daily life a journey full of joy and discovery.


Have a nice trip!



Job Airam  –special needs educator, a curious traveler, and an avid stationery collector

During the day, Job is a teacher for special needs children, and at night and on weekends, he loves spending his time on creative activities such as art journaling, calligraphy, illustration, photography, and editing YouTube videos. Traveling around the world, baking bread, brewing coffee are all hobbies that Job is passionate about. See his artworks on Instagram: @jobsjournal

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