LOVE & TRIP 2023

Valentine’s Day is soon upon us, and love is in the air. We may not be able to see each other when we want to, or it may be difficult to travel far to see each other. However, it is times like these that we should cherish anniversaries that become milestones. TRAVELER’S notebook can be a comforting place to write about those feelings. When you finally reunite with your loved ones, sharing those pages can be a heartwarming activity to do together.

Whether you like coffee, music, or drawing, we have something to suit your recipient’s taste. Please treat your partner to a TRAVELER’S notebook, someone who always supports you, that special someone, and of course, yourself for all your hard work. Even if you can’t visit your loved ones, it would be nice if your feelings of love and care for someone can reach and spread to them as if you were on a journey.


Love songs not only evoke memories of first love, time spent with loved ones, and sad goodbyes that we have experienced on our journey through life but also teach us important things such as understanding each other and the meaning of life. Please enjoy this special playlist that we created with songs that you can enjoy under the theme of LOVE and trip.


Have a nice trip!

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