Limited TF Original Brass Items

*TRAVELER’S FACTORY original items are normally only available at TRAVELER’S FACTORY stores in Japan and selected partner stores. Periodically, TRAVELER’S COMPANY USA will offer these exclusive items directly to your door in a limited fashion. The TF Original Brass Items are only available from March 4th through April 30th while supplies last.

TRC BRASS PRODUCTS are characterized by the aging traits associated with solid brass. These distinct traits allow TRC BRASS PRODUCTS to become a deep antique color as they are used over time. TRC BRASS PRODUCTS are meant for daily use either on a trip or as a companion to your daily journeys. The more you use them, the more personality they will have, urging you to always carry them around with you. TRC BRASS PRODUCTS are not high-tech or high-class, but they are high-quality, carefully made items that you can use comfortably every day and that you will develop a relationship with over time. TRC BRASS PRODUCTS are made through trial and error, utilizing the wisdom of skilled craftsmen that provide the utmost attention to detail. Brass is the perfect material to complement the leather on your TRAVELER’S notebook because they both enhance over time. When used with TRAVELER’S notebook, the aging look of both materials can tell a story of the past. These are unique brass products meticulously designed to be used with TRAVELER’S notebook. Enjoy our stories behind the creation of our BRASS PRODUCTS.

In addition, The selection of TF Original BRASS PRODUCTS  are available for a limited time only from March 4 to April 30, 2021, to be used together with our TRC BRASS PRODUCTS.


BRASS Material

The appearance of brass is nostalgic and makes you feel a bit affectionate towards items that are made from brass. The longer you use brass items, the more texture of the brass gets exposed over time, making it an invaluable tool. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc that has a unique and beautiful luster and has been used since ancient times as a material for construction, furniture hardware, and arts and crafts. As brass items continue to be used, their surface oxidizes, changing to a soft and tasteful color tone, creating a unique atmosphere. To ensure these tools can endure a very long life, we have focused on a simple shape that not only takes advantage of the characteristics of the material but is also comfortable to use.


Made in Japan

TRC BRASS PRODUCTS’ writing instruments, pen cases, and rulers are made in Japan.
In addition to the texture and how comfortable they feel when held in your hand, the clicking sound of the fountain pen cap closing, the vintage car-like curves of the pen case, and the precise straight lines of the ruler are the result of precision adjustments made by skilled craftsmen and technicians at the factory. Using state-of-the-art machines along with vintage tools, the products are assembled through pressing and cutting processes, and finally inspected by human hands. Brass tools that have been used for years always have an interesting appearance. Imagine what these tools will look like in 10 years and the story they will tell.


TF Original Brass Items

The TRC BRASS FOUNTAIN PEN, introduced in March 2017, is a cartridge-type fountain pen. The cartridge type features a compact refill that is easy to carry around and convenient for travel.

The refill cartridges can be left alone in the pen case, but once you add other items and pens, they might not travel as comfortably. The whole idea started from the thought, “If only there was a case that could fit the cartridges perfectly…”.

The brass cartridge case is made of solid brass. There are two sizes available, S size fits one cartridge and M size that can comfortably hold two cartridges. The screw-on lid provides a tight seal, so there is no need to worry about leakage. The top has a ring on it, so you can attach it or carry it around like a key ring. If you keep it in your bag, you will never run out of ink again. It will help you realize that cartridge fountain pens are a perfect companion for traveling. The M size can also hold brass ballpoint pen refills and brass pencil refills.

In your favorite pen case that contains brass pencils, brass fountain pens, and other tools that you use on your journey, the eraser can be a bit of an oddity. Erasers are unique because when you are finished with them, they completely vanish. The TF Brass Eraser Case was created with the idea of covering an eraser with solid brass, which is intended to last a lifetime and evolve over time. The smallest size (PE-01A) of Tombow’s MONO eraser white/black, the standard eraser in Japan, fits perfectly in this case. If you keep this in your pen case, erasing letters written with a pencil will become a little more fun.

TF Original BRASS items can be used together to make your BRASS PENs more convenient and fun to use. Both items are made in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Be sure to keep them in your pen case.

The Brass Cartridge Case S-size holds one cartridge for a fountain pen. The size can hold two cartridges, or brass pencil refills, or brass ballpoint pen refills.
Put the cartridge in your pen case or attach it to your bag as a key ring.
The bottom of the case has the TRAVELER'S FACTORY logo on it.
The Brass Eraser Case fits the smallest type of Tombow’s Mono Eraser, the standard eraser in Japan and can also be purchased on TRC USA.
A brass tag with the original logo of Mount Fuji, a symbol of Japan, and a brass clip with an original design die-cut in the shape of an airplane, are engraved at a press factory in Japan. These brass items are designed to travel with your notebook.


You can easily carry them around with you anytime and anywhere by inserting them into a pen holder or tossing them into your pocket. The TRC BRASS PEN series has the appearance of a tough, easy-to-use craftsman’s tool, where a slight scratch will not bother you much, and in fact, you can enjoy its new texture. The more you use these items every day, the more you become attached to them, and they will become your companion on this journey through life. The body of the pen is made by skilled craftsmen at a factory in Japan that has specialized in writing instruments for many years. Every item in the TRC BRASS PEN series is finished with an emphasis on functionality and comfort as a tool to be used every day. You can appreciate all the details down to the clicking sound when the pen is inserted and how easy it will be to utilize this daily tool that was precision-made for comfort.

TRC USA offers replacement nibs for brass fountain pens and brass rollerball pens, and replacement wooden shaft parts for brass ballpoint pens. TRC USA also sells replacement parts such as replacement clips and caps that can be removed from the pen body.



This is a minimalist pen case with a lid made by pressing a solid brass plate. The beautiful lines, which gently curve like the body of a vintage car, are created by the long years of experience of the press craftsmen in Tokyo. If you carry it with you all the time without worrying about scratches, it will change its appearance to that of an antique tool.


TRC BRASS RULER is made by pulling, shaping, bending, and trimming a sheet of brass with 45 tons of force. Designed to draw a straight line and measure accurately, our rulers are simple tools that require delicate skill and craftsmanship that can only be found in Japan. TRC BRASS RULER will make it easy to pick up and draw a line with an ink pen as one side of the ruler is slightly raised for comfort.


In the days when computers and the Internet were non-existent, imagine a hotel in a foreign country. This clip was made in the image of the room plate that was displayed on the door of that hotel room. Use it as a bookmark or index in a notebook or book.


TRC BRASS BOOKMARK is not only a tool to place hold your spot in a book, but it can also be used as a template When you think of something, you can write the date or title on it like a signboard. The nostalgic texture of brass will add a little warmth to your life just by carrying it around.


These clips can be used to hold a piece of paper with a title or date written on it in a frame. It can be used not only as an index for notebooks, but also for organizing documents and business cards by attaching it to a mount or envelope. The frame itself is also a clip, so it can also be used as a label frame by placing it between covers.


TRC BRASS LABEL PLATE was created to resemble a brass plate that might be found on a drawer of a blackened wooden shelf in a letterpress factory that has been around for decades. Use the strong double-sided stickers that are included, to attach to the cover of a notebook or a box. Not only will it be useful as a title holder, but it will also provide a warm and nostalgic feeling every time you use it.


TRC BRASS CLIP can be used to comfortably hold your TRAVELER’S notebook in the open position.
The material, size, design, and strength of the spring were developed as a clip for TRAVELER’S notebook and made in a factory near Tokyo. Fasten it to the edge of a leather cover or refill to carry it along with your TRAVELER’S notebook, and you can use it conveniently for writing or taking pictures. You can also utilize the hole on the back of the clip to attach it to the wall with a thumbtack or other tool to display your notebook refills on the wall. It is made of solid brass so the more you use it, the more the color will evolve. When you write in the notebook or take pictures of your drawings, you can clip it to hold the TRAVELER’S notebook in an open position.

We initially imagined a rugged, simple shape suitable for a clip that would fit perfectly onto a TRAVELER’S notebook. The design process included coming up with the original shape from scratch, making molds, and negotiating the cooperation of several factories for each detailed process.
Is consulting with the craftsmen and repeatedly perfecting the prototypes over time, we realized the thickness of the brass plate needed to be changed and the size was slightly altered in pursuit of the perfect size and weight. We also changed the size and number of coils of the spring to get the right tightness to properly secure in a TRAVELER’S notebook. With the help of the press craftsmen, we sought the best way to make the engravings more beautiful. When the final sample clip was completed, we could feel the excitement as we realized we were able to create a brass clip that perfectly complements TRAVELER’S notebook.



Have a nice trip!

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