Keep on Traveling in Your Mind with TRAVELER’S notebook

This spring, TRAVELER’S COMPANY brings a special limited-edition release—4 box sets of TRAVELER’S notebook items that are created through imagination of what the world of TRAVELER’S notebook would be like. While travel is still difficult in most places, we invite users to use their imagination to begin a journey within pages of your TRAVELER’S notebook. What kind of worlds would you discover? What adventure would you have if there is a TRAVELER’S HOTEL, TRAVELER’S AIRLINES, TRAVELER’S TRAIN, and TRAVELER’S RECORDS?

Enjoy the journey of your imagination with the limited design of TRAVELER’S notebook. If you keep imagining, one day it may come true. Keep on traveling in your mind with TRAVELER’S notebook!






Available from April 14th, 2022(Outside JAPAN)
*stock varies depending on the retail shop. Before purchasing, please contact the nearest retail shop.

Each set includes TRAVELER’S notebook foil-stamped with logos, original designed refills, and customization items such as charms and stickers. Let us take a look at the design details that goes into these Limited Sets and how they make the TRAVELER’S notebook experience more special!


Charms that glide on the elastic of TRAVELER’S notebook

One of the special points of the Limited Sets is the unique brass charms designed for each theme. Instead of a charm that hangs off the elastic of your TRAVELER’S notebook, the charms designed for the Limited Sets are interactive items shaped like a plane, suitcase, train, or a turntable record, that can glide along the elastic band.

Original design refills and letterpress techniques

Each Limited Set of TRAVELER’S notebook comes with a refill with an original design that fits the theme. TRAVELER’S AIRLINE set includes a refill that looks like a boarding pass—use it to document your past trips and new journeys. TRAVELER’S HOTEL refill features a large suitcase, the quintessential element to travel. Open each refill and discover some design highlights on the inside pages, such as a fun room service menu!

Some of the refills are printed with letterpress printing machines in our Nagareyama Factory. Each pressed design is filled with the warmth from the printer and is individually unique. Enjoy the taste of paper through the refill designs made with letterpress techniques.

Stickers that represent the TRAVELER’S notebook spirit

Each Limited Set comes with a pack of stickers designed for each theme. The theme for TRAVELER’S HOTEL stickers features imaginary hotel locations around the world. The stickers for TRAVELER’S AIRLINES look like luggage labels you can decorate your suitcase with. You can use them to decorate your TRAVELER’S notebook refills or adorn other items that you treasure.

Cotton bags for storing your TRAVELER’S notebook

Each TRAVELER’S notebook comes with a cotton bag to safely store your TRAVELER’S notebook when it’s not in use. In the Limited Sets, each notebook comes with a colored cotton bag and is screen printed with unique designs. It can be used to store extra refill notebooks or any other accessories you want to carry with you.

Unique stationery items that complement the theme

You must remember those pen and paper pad sets that are in hotels when you go on a trip. That’s why our TRAVELER’S HOTEL set features a TRAVELER’S HOTEL branded pencil that you can use to write in your notebooks with. As you fly with TRAVELER’S AIRLINES, use our pencil to fill out the customs forms or make notes on your pages.

Passport Size Limited Sets each include two wooden stamps that can be used on your notebook pages. From TRAVELER’S TRAIN set, we have the iconic locomotive design as well as a ticket stub design. From TRAVELER’S RECORDS, we see the nostalgic cassette tape design as well as round records in its sleeve. We think you will have a lot of fun using them in your daily entries.

There are many more fun things to discover through the 2022 Limited Sets. We can’t wait for you to unbox and discover them yourself.


Original soundtracks for TRAVELER’S COMPANY 2022 Limited Sets

The new Limited Sets are comprised of fictional dreams of TRAVELER’S HOTEL, TRAVELER’S AIRLINES, TRAVELER’S TRAIN, AND TRAVELER’S RECORD. We have compiled 4 playlists featuring soundtracks that will hopefully become great background music as you embark on the trips through each notebook. As we select each song, we can’t help but want to use the TRAVELER’S RECORDS stamps that are perfect for documenting these lists. We hope you can enjoy them too. From “Leaving on a Jet Plane” to “Sky Pilot”, each song inspires imagery in our heads that is fitting to the theme.

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