Introducing TRAVELER’S notebook OFFICIAL GUIDE

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Each TRAVELER’S notebook OFFICIAL GUIDE comes with a commemorative bonus refill, only available through TRAVELER’S FACTORY and in limited quantities.

TRAVELER’S notebook OFFICIAL GUIDE is the first official guidebook about TRAVELER’S notebook, made with KADOKAWA. This book was created as TRAVELER’S notebook celebrates its 15th anniversary. We believe that the world of TRAVELER’S notebook has expanded, and its appeal has deepened as many people have written down their favorite things and customized them to their tastes. We believe that this book is also filled with the likes of many users and that it has become a book that is typical of Travelers.

In this book, you’ll find an introduction on how to use TRAVELER’S notebook and customization ideas. We interviewed and featured 20 TRAVELER’S notebook users and their life with their notebooks, from musicians and broadcasters to people from all walks of life.

You’ll learn the history of TRAVELER’S notebook, past collaborations, the Chiang Mai workshop where leather covers are made, the Nagareyama factory where notebook refills are made, and the origin stories written by staff. The book is full of stories about how TRAVELER’S notebook came to be.

TRAVELER’S notebook OFFICIAL GUIDE is only available in Japanese, but we hope you can still find inspiration through demonstrative photos, illustrations, and content about how people use TRAVELER’S notebook!

Here’s a look at what you’ll find inside the book:

CHAPTER 1 Learn about TRAVELER’S notebook

CHAPTER 2 Rich daily life with TRAVELER’S notebook

CHAPTER 3 Where TRAVELER’S notebook is born

CHAPTER 4 The appeal of our products

CHAPTER 5 Customize your TRAVELER’S notebook to make it even more fun to use!

And more!

This book also talks about the joy of analog and how it enriches our lives—enjoying the calm and serenity that comes with the act of “writing”. This is a book not just for TRAVELER’S notebook users, but for those who love hand-writing and its tools.

Inside each book is a special set of stickers that you can use to customize your TRAVELER’S notebook!



To commemorate this special occasion, we are including a special refill for those who purchase the “TRAVELER’S notebook OFFICIAL GUIDE”. For those who want to try using TRAVELER’S notebook after reading this book, and for those who are already using it, we made a special refill at the Nagareyama factory.

The cover features an original design stamped in foil for this refill.

These refills are bound with the same papers used in TRAVELER’S notebook standard refills: MD paper white, MD paper cream, DW kraft paper, lightweight paper, drawing paper, and watercolor paper. You can try to find your favorite paper by comparing them with various writing instruments, or you can try to use it in an interesting way as a refill with a slightly different paper for each page. We hope you will enjoy discovering new ways to use your TRAVELER’S notebook with this Official Guide.


Have a nice trip!

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