How to Assemble Different Elements into Your TRAVELER’S notebook

TRAVELER’S notebooks can change and adapt to fit its user and the user’s specific needs. There are a variety of notebook refills, accessory-type refills, and stationery tools that can be mixed and matched inside your TRAVELER’S notebook. Just like a backpack can be filled with your essential items, TRAVELER’S notebooks can also carry your essential items for your daily adventure.

Here’s an example of how to assemble different elements into your TRAVELER’S notebook to make it a multi-purpose daily companion.


Using a connecting band to hold more than one refill

We can fit many different inserts into a Traveler’s notebook Regular Size by using 021 Connecting Rubber Bands in our TRAVELER’S notebook. First, take two inserts and place them side-by-side with the spine of the inserts facing each other. Open both inserts to the center and carefully slip the connecting band through both inserts until you get to the center of both inserts.

Once the connecting band is securely fastened in the center of both inserts, slide both inserts into the center band of the TRAVELER’S notebook. The connecting band will ensure that both inserts are connected to your TRAVELER’S notebook while also giving you the freedom to add more inserts to the center elastic of your TRAVELER’S notebook.


Store tools and accessories in your TRAVELER’S notebook

Similar to a backpack, your TRAVELER’S notebook can also become a place to carry documents and important ephemera (paper pieces you encounter on your trip). You can add a 020 Kraft Paper Folder in your TRAVELER’S notebook to carry flat items, documents, and daily tools like your Plastic Sheet. To insert the Kraft Paper Folder, slide the Kraft Paper Folder containing your essential tools and documents through the center elastic of your TRAVELER’S notebook.

The slim profile of the Kraft Paper folder will also allow you to fit another refill in between, turning the Kraft Paper Folder into a makeshift cover for whichever insert you decide to place inside of it. You can slide any notebook such as the 027 Watercolor Paper refill into your TRAVELER’S notebook by opening the insert to the center and sliding it through the center elastic. This sandwiches the insert inside your Kraft Paper Folder.


Use Zipper Cases to create compartments to hold small items

TRAVELER’S FACTORY Limited Paper Cloth Zipper Cases can allow you can store smaller tools, business cards, and trip tickets in a secure zippered compartment. To place the Paper Cloth Zipper Case in your TRAVELER’S notebook, open the Zipper Case to find the center of the case and slowly slide it underneath the center elastic of your TRAVELER’S notebook.

What if you already have an existing insert in your TRAVELER’S notebook? Use the sandwich technique and slide the Zipper Case underneath an existing insert if you have inserts occupying the center elastic of your TRAVELER’S notebook.


Embellish the exterior of your TRAVELER’S notebook with a Pen Holder

Lastly, you can embellish your TRAVELER’S notebook with a 016 Pen Holder and BRASS PEN so that you always have a writing instrument on hand during your journey. Place the pen loop by inserting the metal clip of the pen holder into one side of your TRAVELER’S notebook.

For a seamless writing experience in your TRAVELER’S notebook, place the angled part of the metal clip of the pen loop on the exterior side of the TRAVELER’S notebook.


Your TRAVELER’S notebook is the perfect companion in your everyday journey because it can carry all your essential tools and documents. Enjoy configuring your favorite accessories and notebooks inside your TRAVELER’S notebook to fit your needs.


Have a nice trip!

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