How to Add Charms to Your TRAVELER’S notebook

TRAVELER’S notebooks are an expression of you and your creativity, style, and passions. Similar to how we get dressed in the morning, our TRAVELER’S notebooks can take on different characteristics and stories based on how we accessorize them. Adding charms to your TRAVELER’S notebook can be an easy way to add individuality and personality to your notebook, just like wearing your favorite outfit or jewelry.

Here’s a step-by-step on how to add charms to your TRAVELER’S notebook!


Step 1: Prepare your TRAVELER’S notebook for the charm

 First, untie the knot on the TRAVELER’S notebook closure elastic and remove the elastic from the TRAVELER’S notebook.

Step 2: String the elastic through the accessory

 Then add your desired charm by stringing the charm through the elastic. The 2022 Limited Sets all comes with unique charms that matches the theme of each set. For example, this airplane charm is unique to the TRAVELER’S AIRLINE Limited Set.

You can add multiple charms to your elastic, but be mindful of the weight and bulk you are adding to the closure of your notebook.


Step 3: Re-fasten the elastic for your TRAVELER’S notebook

Insert both ends of the elastic through the hole on the back of your TRAVELER’S notebook.

Tie a knot using both ends of the elastic. Check to see if you can fasten your TRAVELER’S notebook with the elastic. If it seems too loose or too tight, retie the knot closer or further away from the ends of the elastic to achieve a perfect fit.


Accessorizing TRAVELER’S notebook bookmark

 Do you know that charms can also be added to the TRAVELER’S notebook bookmark? Adding a charm to the bookmark is a great opportunity to add some flare to a part of your TRAVELER’S notebook you use daily. To start, choose a charm and string it through the bottom of the TRAVELER’S notebook bookmark.

Tie a knot to hold the charm in place. Ensure that the charm is inside the knot when you tie it.

Tie another knot to ensure your first knot is tied and secured, similar to how you would double knot your shoelaces, so they do not become loose!

Trim off the excess length at the end of your bookmark for a cleaner look.

Personalizing your TRAVELER’S notebook with charms is a quick and easy way to infuse your personality and style into your TRAVELER’S notebook. To many users, the TRAVELER’S notebook is an extension of their story, so let the notebook shine.

Have a nice trip!

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