Holiday Limited TRAVELER’S FACTORY Holiday Items and TO&FRO

The last two months of the year have quickly approached us, signaling for all of us to pause and savor the slight chill in the air. Even in sunny Signal Hill, California, where TRAVELER’S COMPANY USA is based, we can feel the signs of winter all around us. This is the time of the year most people travel, whether it is to be with family or visit friends in a different city. Maybe you will stay home for the holidays and experience your town with a fresh perspective. Don’t forget to bring your TRAVELER’S notebook along for the journey.  

TRC USA wishes you a holiday season filled with heartwarming memories and extraordinary moments, all accompanied by your beloved TRAVELER’S notebook. 

This holiday season, TRAVELER’S COMPANY USA is thrilled to introduce TRAVELER’S FACTORY Holiday Limited items and TO&FRO items. Whether you want to gift these items to your friends or family or treat yourself to celebrate another successful year, we hope you enjoy your travels with these new TRAVELER’S FACTORY items. 


Special Holiday Sticker

*11/16 Update: The special holiday stickers are all distributed with no restock

This special polar bear is here to help with your gift wrap presents this year. Surrounded by a lush wreath and wearing a red hat, it is ready to start the season with some festivity! You can use the sticker to secure a ribbon, attach a gift tag, or simply decorate the covers of your TRAVELER’S notebook refills!

For any order that is $50 or above placed between November 1st until January 4th, we will include a complimentary Holiday Sticker, while supplies last.


TRAVELER’S FACTORY Holiday Limited Items

Polar bears have been a long-standing motif in TRAVELER’S FACTORY holiday items. This year we see the polar bear design in different iterations and materials like leather and brass. Similar to how we put up decorations during this time of year, we hope the TRAVELER’S FACTORY polar bear will adorn your TRAVELER’S notebook during this festive season! 

TF Original Leather Tag Bear

This polar bear and cub duo have traveled from our factory in Chiangmai, Thailand to celebrate the holiday season with all of us. These two polar bear leather tags have been crafted from the same camel color leather as our TRAVELER’S notebooks.  

 Each bear tag will vary in color and texture, similar to how each TRAVELER’S notebook has its unique characteristics. You can use the larger bear to decorate the elastic on your TRAVELER’S notebook and the smaller cub can adorn your TRAVELER’S notebook bookmark. 

TF Original Leather Tag Bear – $12 

TF Original Brass Charm Little Bear

Say hello to the TF Original Brass Charm Little Bear, a cheery addition to our holiday collection. This charming young cub, set against a backdrop of falling snow and a serene blue sky, is ready to embark on its own adventure!  

You can decorate a special present by tying a ribbon through the brass ring of the charm, or attach it as an accessory to your TRAVELER’S notebook. Let this mischievous little bear bring a touch of holiday magic to your season of joy and celebration. 

TF Original Brass Charm Little Bear – $18 

TF Original Brass Badge Bear

The newest addition to the TRAVELER’S FACTORY Holiday collection is the TF Original Brass Badge. Artisans at a press factory in Tokyo use various presses to add the recognizable features and faces of the polar bear.  

There is a pin closure on the back of the badge so you can attach it to your clothes or bag like a brooch. Over time, the color of the badge will change due to its brass material. We hope you will enjoy accessorizing your outfits or bag with this festive polar bear badge. 

TF Original Brass Badge Bear – $22 


TO&FRO is a travel gear brand manufactured in Japan by a textile manufacturer that has been developing textiles since 1950 in Ishikawa Prefecture, one of Japan’s three major textile-producing regions. 

For years, TRAVELER’S FACTORY collaborated with TO&FRO to create items for travelers adventuring in the rainier months. This collaboration project was initiated to make travel more enjoyable while also protecting our travel tools. 

TO&FRO is renowned for its lightweight fabric, which is designed to flutter in the wind. This fabric was inspired by hummingbirds, as it shares their qualities of lightness and compactness. 

TF TO&FRO Organizer for TRAVELER’S notebook

The TO&FRO organizers for TRAVELER’S notebook Regular Size and Passport Size are a great way to transport your TRAVELER’S notebook regardless of the weather. These organizers use TO&FRO’s original fabric, which is called HUMMING BIRD – thin, light, and compact, fluttering in the wind.  


However, don’t let the lightweight feeling of this fabric fool you, as it is still strong enough to protect your TRAVELER’S notebook from the elements because of its water-repellent properties. We will be carrying the TF TO&FRO Organizers in two sizes: Regular size and Passport Size, and in two colors: Olive and Blue Gray. 

These TO&FRO Organizers for TRAVELER’S notebooks make the perfect gift during the chillier holiday months when rain and snow are more likely to affect our travels. 

TF TO&FRO Organizer Olive (Regular Size) – $25
TF TO&FRO Organizer Blue Gray (Regular Size) – $25
TF TO&FRO Organizer Olive (Passport Size) – $23
TF TO&FRO Organizer Blue Gray (Passport Size) – $23 

TF TO&FRO TRAVELER’S notebook Zipper Case 

The TF TO&FRO TRAVELER’S notebook Zipper Case for is made with a fabric called KITE which is moderately firm while remaining soft to the touch. Like the hummingbird fabric in the TF TO&FRO Organizer for TRAVELER’S notebook, these zipper cases are also water-repellent.  

These zipper cases are great for storing business cards or holiday cards. Alternatively, you can use them as wallet pouches for your TRAVELER’S notebook, allowing you to hold payment cards, shopping lists, pens, or bills for gift-shopping during the holidays.  

 We will be carrying the TO&FRO TRAVELER’S notebook Zipper Case in two sizes: Regular size and Passport Size, and in two colors: Olive and Blue Gray. 

TF TO&FRO TRAVELER’S notebook Zipper Case Olive (Regular Size) – $38
TF TO&FRO TRAVELER’S notebook Zipper Case Blue Gray (Regular Size) – $38
TF TO&FRO TRAVELER’S notebook Zipper Case Olive (Passport Size) – $30
TF TO&FRO TRAVELER’S notebook Zipper Case Blue Gray (Passport Size) – $30 

TF TO&FRO Backpack

We are excited to introduce the TF TO&FRO Backpack. This lightweight backpack is constructed in TO&FRO’s innovative KITE fabric, which is moderately firm, soft to the touch, and water-repellent.  

It has a simple and easy-to-use design, but don’t let that fool you because this backpack can be folded into one of its inner pockets! In addition to its pocketable nature, it is only 228 grams or 0.5 pounds, making it a perfect travel backpack. 

The outer zipper pocket is roomy enough to house your daily supplies and tools and the inner pocket of the backpack can store your wallet, mobile phone, or a paperback book. When you need to fold your backpack to a compact size, you can fold the entire backpack into the inner pocket! 

The TF TO&FRO Backpack contains a tag and top loop made of the brown TRAVELER’S notebook leather, which will age and patina like a TRAVELER’S notebook. 

The TF TO&FRO Backpack would make for a special gift for avid travelers who require a spacious bag that is durable but light enough to prevent any fatigue from carrying it! When you are visiting family or traveling to new destinations during the holiday, keep your TRAVELER’S notebook dry and safe with the TF TO&FRO Backpack.  

We will be carrying the TO&FRO Backpack in three colors: Olive, Blue Gray, and Greige. 

TF TO&FRO Backpack Olive – $158
TF TO&FRO Backpack Blue Gray – $158
TF TO&FRO Backpack Greige – $158 


This holiday season, enhance your travel experience with our recommended selection of analog tools from TRAVELER’S FACTORY. Whether you’re taking your TRAVELER’S notebook on a trip or enjoying a cozy winter afternoon indoors, we hope these tools bring you comfort and joy during this festive season. 

Have a nice trip!

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